Kodafix solution blast from the past

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by p._jeffrey_ungar, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. I went to pick up some fixer for film yesterday. Last time I needed
    this, I purchased Polymax T Fixer concentrate in a silver plastic
    quart bottle, but now in this size it appears to be repackaged as
    Kodafix solution in a white translucent plastic bottle -- no mystery
    there. (It is still called Polymax T when sold in a 1 gal. collapsible

    What caught my attention is the vintage text on the otherwise (c) 2003
    label. On the front it says it is for "Films, Plates, and Papers", and
    on the back it gives special fixing times for Panatomic-X and the
    fixing capacity as 120 rolls of 620 film or equivalent per gallon.

    I had a vaguely warm and fuzzy feeling for hours.
  2. I've always thought they were the same thing, just a different bottle.
  3. "I've always thought they were the same thing, just a different bottle."

    Yes, they are the same thing. It was the cut-and-paste of vintage text on to the new label emphasizing items more common 30+ years ago (glass plates, Panatomic-X, and spools of 620 film) that I enjoyed. Perhaps they just updated the copyright on an old label.
  4. I noticed the label as well. It was annoying trying to determine the film capacity of 1 liter of Kodafix when they use rolls of 620 film as an example.

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