Kodachrome Revisted - Northern Michigan Shots

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by randall_pukalo, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Okay, I got a few kodachrome slides scanned, to give others a sense of the type of look this film has in woodland scenes. Scanned an an Epson 4870 flatbed scanner, so sharpness, rsoultion, dynamic range, and color are not the best. But the color is close. You will note that this film gives subdued color. It will give "deep" colors, but "bright" "pop", and "punch" are not terms I would ever use to describe Kodachrome. It excels at mood and or sudued scenes and colors. Use it when you want to capture such a mood. But avoid it for times when you want maximum "pop" like Fall Color scenes, IMO.
  2. Ok, another shot
  3. the final one
  4. Also, I should note that these were all taken using an Olympus Stylus Epic loaded with Kodachrome 64. the Epic
    has no ISO 64 setting, so it shoots it at ISO50. Still looks good to me though.
  5. downsized I
  6. Randall. Looks good. I have a roll of kodachrome I have not used yet. I even clicked on your pics to make them bigger and they seemed pretty clear as well. Nice work.
  7. It looks good. I'd turn off the date stamp, though.
  8. Ya, I realized too late about that. Great of pics of the kids, but ruins a landscape shot!
  9. Good shots. Never thought to put K64 in my Epic. May have to try that sometime.

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