Kit lens pictures?

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  1. Sorry if I am out of my lane, but I haven't done photography since I sold my 10D eleven years ago. I bought a Canon 7T last week, with kit 18-55 IS II lens and I am amazed by how much improvement has been made since then. I love abstract photography, and this combo seems so freaking great for just the weird stuff I see PSX_20200714_183118.jpg PSX_20200714_183118.jpg PSX_20200714_183118.jpg . Please let me know what you think about the composition and how well I "see" images. Thanks
  2. I like number 2
  3. Agreed.
  4. Another vote for picture 2. A note on kit lenses: most kit lenses both for digital as well as film cameras can do a surprisingly good job, especially at medium apertures. And even wide open, the shallow depth of field often will mask most aberrations that might be present. I probably use the kit lens 90% of the time on my EOS Rebel and Pentax digital SLRs.
  5. Its the same picture guys, just size different.
    But, as they said, "size matters':)
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  6. Thats why "crop" is my favorite tool.
  7. Crop and resize are different tools. Nothing been cropped here.
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  8. 16/50 mm NikonZ 50 kits lens Z Savannah-33.jpg
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  9. The kit lenses from most of the mainstream producers have been usually much better than they had any right to be for the money.

    I think they were aware that crappy lenses on their entry cameras would discourage people with the brand.

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