Kiron 105mm f/2.8 macro for D200 a mini review

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mbrennan, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. This is not a question - more a mini review of the Kiron 105mm f/2.8 macro MF
    lens with Nikon mount. I had previously shot with the Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 AF D
    macro lens - shooting mainly botanical close ups and occasional insects. I
    required a tighter field of view but could not afford the current Nikkor 105mm
    VR macro lens and was losing bidder twice on ebay auctions of the older manual
    focus Nikkor 105mm macro lens. I happended to stumble upon this Kiron model
    (on eBay as well) and won it at auction for (what I happen to believe is) a
    miserly AU $179.50! The Kiron 105mm macro lens is circa 1980's , manufactured
    by Kino precision in Japan who also manufactured lenses with the Vivitar brand
    on them.
    The unit I purchased is in excellent condition and is quite a revelation to me
    at least! As I shot vitually always in manual focus mode 100% with my prev.
    60mm macro Nikkor the lack of AF on this lens is not missed by me for the type
    of macro work I do. In fact, this has to be the very best lens I've used for
    ease of manual focusing. This lens has a beautiful slowly graduated barrel
    twist action which rotates a full 1 and 3/4 turns to run through it's
    reproduction ratio begining at 1:10 winding through to 1:1. The manually
    adjustable aperture ring allows adjustment of settings from f/2.8 max to f/32
    When coupled to my D200 and the necessary on board menu non-CPU settings dialed
    into the D 200, this lens meters just fine in Aperture/Shutter and Manual modes
    making this old beauty a geniune pleasure to hook up and shoot with. The Kiron
    105mm macro lens is razor sharp from left frame to right and can deliver some
    good bokeh given some distant backdrop to bounce light off. I understand that
    the older non-Ai and Ai Nikkor lens range will perform similarly with the
    D200. I can recommend to any D200 shooter who is hamstrung with budget
    constraints or just likes good things in small (older) packages to seriously
    consider searching for the older manual focus lens range which are so
    compatible with the D200 - my old Kiron is a gem and has boosted my
    appreciation and enjoyment of photography (and my budget) no end!


  2. Matthew,
    I've been shooting with this lens on a Nikon D70s for some time now & all I can say is I LOVE it!!...I have recommended this lens to many people that are looking for a macro lens...If you look at my Flickr photostream ( you will see many photos taken with this lens...Most ,if not all , of the insect photos & many of the flowers were taken with this lens...

  3. Hi Scott, your floral macro shots have a lovely perspective to them, some of the facets you cover are quite unique - I'ts always refreshing to see same old subjects in a totally new light! Of course i expected the Kiron macro lens to be old hat to many but to the un-inititated such as myself, these older lenses are the key to enjoyment, I mean not only quality of image (yes I've tried a print or two with the Kiron - and yes, they are nice photos in the flesh) but also talk about value for money - it's a joy to make a real world 'find' every so often. All power to the older lenses!
  4. I have one of the vivitar series 1 macros. It is a 105 2.5 and has the serial # starting with 22 which indicates kiron build. I love this lens with my kenko 25 unitube. Happy (closeup) shooting!
  5. I have the Lester Dine version. It's so good I have 2 of them. Sharpest lens I own and great boheh to boot! :)

    Check out my flowers at the above link.
  6. I have many macro lenses but this one is used most often. Go figure why...
  7. I have yet to hear anyone say something bad about the Kiron 105mm (or its Vivitar or Lester Dine equivalents). It is an incredible lens.
  8. matthew

    We, in the Kiron Klub have been using that lens for years now. It's sharper and better built than the Nikon equivalent. It's one of the finest macro lenses ever made,by anyone! Congratulations on your purchase, you're going to really like it.

  9. I love my Lester A Dine on my D200. Shots can be seen on my Zenfolio site. Most macros are shot with it & most of my flowers...

  10. Thanks to all who replied - Lil, you have a glorious portfolio of macro images to your credit! Shoot early and shoot often- enjoy!
  11. Thank you Matthew,

    Very kind. I shoot often, but early is not my time of the day. ;-) I suffer from chronic headaches & mornings are just not good for me as I end to walk around in a daze then. But I shoot when I can & what I can. :)

  12. Hey Lil- early is a matter of perspective - horses for courses - Cheers M.
  13. LOL OK Matthew. I was thinking you meant early in the day - I'm in a vacuum/daze - early in horses is a different story. Though I just recently read that a sports photographer says that in order to get the shot you want - start shooting for the shot you want & follow...


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