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  1. I can see the Kiev lenses are dead cheap comparing them to the Hassel. ones, I am interested for the 40MM and the Fish Eye, the question do Kiev lenses fit the 500 C/M and the 503CW, pls ?
  2. No,
    they do not fit the Hasselblad cameras. The mount is different and the lenses have no shutter which is required on Hasselblad 500 series cameras. The Kiev lenses are cheap for a reason. Hasselblad lenses are significantly better regarding resolution, flare control and built quality. And Hasselblad lenses are relatively cheap on the secondhand market.
  3. Thank you dear Ulrik Neupert , I have the 80,50,150 and the 250 Hassel. lenses, I was aiming for the 40MM and the 30MM, they are more expenssive than the other 4 ones I have.
    The 40MM is also not avilable with adorama and b&h, only with ebay,, the 30MM with b&h used around 3200 USA dollars and more to that the shippment and custom duties.
  4. The 30 mm Arsat fisheye is quite good, even if it's not quite up to Zeiss standards. It might be worth buying one of those along with a Kiev body for thousands less than a used Zeiss 30. Note that a the Kiev 60 is likely to be considerably more reliable than a Hasselblad-like Kiev 88.
  5. Jamal,
    There never was a 40mm Kiev lens...I presume you mean the 45mm? That will not be much wider than your Hasselblad's 50mm, and it almost certainly won't perform as well as it.
    The 30mm fisheye, on the other hand, can be quite stellar if you get a good multicoated (MC) sample. I have one. Central sharpness is superb, even wide open; the edges sharpen up well by f5.6-f8; and the flare is negligible - remarkably low even when the sun is in the frame. Use it on a Kiev 60/Arax 60, Pentacon Six TL, or Exakta 66 and you'll get some great 6x6 shots. If you're happy with 6x4.5cm cropping, then use it on a superior camera like a Mamiya 645 or Pentax 645.
  6. Thank you dear Ray Butler , I will go for the hasselblad 40MM Lens, may be I do not need the 30MM at the moment specially where I do have the Mamiya RZ67 fish eye but never used it before, the 40MM will do a good job for me with the landscape.
    I intend to spend my next long holiday not too far from here, it will be Oman, a place called Nizwa :
    May be I stay there for two month as I will drive to Oman and I can have my tent, electrical generator and so on, this way I can spend more time photographing landscape.
    Thank you again dear Ray Butler , I like the Your Milky Way, very nice image indeed.
  7. You're very welcome, Jamal, and I'm glad you liked my image.

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