Keystone Americana K-773 8mm film camera

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  1. I recently bought this video camera (Keystone Americana K-773) from an antique store but I can't seem to find much of anything about it online. (For the record, I know very little about 8mm film so please bear with me.) Most of the controls seem pretty straightforward but I do have a few questions that maybe (hopefully!) someone will have the answers to. (Sorry if any of these questions have been asked before in immediately obvious places.)
    1. Does the camera take 8mm film or Super 8mm film? (I don't really know what the difference is.)
    2. On the right side of the camera in front of the winding crank there's a horizontal bar that can be moved up or down, kind of like a lever. What is this?
    3. On the front of the camera, next to the viewfinder, there's some text ("Electric Eye Turret") and underneath it says "No filter" and then "Type A" and you can switch between the two. I'm not sure what "Type A" means.
    4. Is there any way to manual focus with this camera?
    Thanks in advance for any information!
  2. I can't give you specifics on this camera, but I can try to fill in a couple gaps:
    • 8mm and Super8 are very different and not cross compatible. The original 8mm film was actually 16mm wide that was only exposed down one side, flipped, and exposed on the other. During processing, the film was split down the middle and spliced together. Super8 was 8mm wide with smaller sprocket holes for more image area on the film. If it takes Super8, it will say so.
    • Back in the day, you bought color film for indoors or outdoors. The indoor film was typically called tungsten film as it was balanced for tungsten light as there is obviously no opportunity for color correction when you use this process. The Type A filter should be a warming filter so you can use indoor film outdoors.
  3. I'm sitting here with mine on the table RW.
    1. The camera will take 8mm film, not super8. I only know of one type available, its a nice black and white from Fomapan.
    2. That lever is the shutter release. Push it up for single frame, down for continuous running.
    3. See Matthew's response above.
    4. Nope. You can select one of the three lenses but that's it.

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