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  1. Evening everyone,

    A few weeks ago I got in a shipment of b&w film from one of the large NYC stores and won't bother to say which one. I am interested in trying out a few different film brands as I've been using Tri X and other Kodak products since the beginning of time. I've used Iflord products as well and have a few rolls of HP-5 ready to develop. This time I got in some Kentmere Pan 400 and finally got around to loading a roll of it this afternoon. It will be a day or two before I get out and do some shooting but while I was looking through the developing instructions I noticed that it was mostly Ilford chemistry. Is there a good Kodak developer that works well, something like the old standby, D-76? Can this film be simply processed as I would a roll of Tri-X or HP-5? I have two rolls of the 100 speed Kentmere still waiting to be processed as well so it's going to be interesting to see what I get. I have discovered that no one locally has the first clue about this film or any other film really. Too bad.

    Rick H.
  2. They say that tmax developer is a good one for Kentmere 400...
  3. For close to 6 years now I have been using the Kentmere 35mm films and the Ultrafine Xtreme (UFX) 400 & 100 emulsions, which I believe to be rebranded Kentmere products. The advantage to the UFX materials is that the emulsions are also available in 120 format. 2k20-006-001 ces3 bc bm.jpg Currently, I use either Pyrocat HD or Hypercat, both cathecol (pyro) staining developers. Base time is 13 minutes with films rated at 80 or 250 asa. I realize you are asking about D-76 or another ready available developer, so my above introduces more questions. If you have D-76, I would give it a try at 1:1 dilution for the times printed for FP4 or HP5 and work from there.
    I find the film(s) excellent in tonal qualities and very forgiving when the developments are past 11 minutes or so. Good luck & Aloha, Bill Fed-2 / Jupiter-8, UFX400 & Hypercat
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  4. The Pyrocat HD is available in the glycol mix from Formulary. A small set of two bottles (A & B) will develop about 25 rolls of 135-6, so it is very economical. It will also keep for ages. . . my bottle is now over 3 years old. The Hypercat is a DIY effort. Using my developers, I see no difference if the films are mixed in a two (2) roll Nikor tank. Bill
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  5. I wonder where 'Kentmere' film is actually made? Because Kentmere, before it was swallowed up by Harman/Ilford, used only to make printing papers - and very good paper it was too.

    I can't imagine that today's film market has given Kentmere the income and financial confidence to invest in a new film production facility. So my guess is that Kentmere is simply a re-badged Ilford film. That's if Harman want to 'keep it in the family'. Or maybe it's imported from China or a former Eastern bloc country?

    The chances of it being made by a tiny company in the Lake District are pretty slim in my estimation.
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  6. Hey, we could make a print from it, and see if we can tell what film it is from that!;)
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  7. One can ponder the source of these films forever! My work leads me to state it is not Chinese in origin. Who can remember the horrid emulsion quality control of the Shanghai materials ? A beautiful emulsion destroyed by all kinds of lockness monsters & debris. The same "qualities" of the current FOMA materials, or rebadged Arista, keep my credit card in the wallet. Now and then I will AGAIN try them, but I AGAIN look like Charlie Brown awaiting Lucy with the football.
    What ever the source, the emulsions arrive without any built in problems, and as long as Kentmere / ? keep the supply chain full, I will use them until the next Mystery Emulsion pops up. Aloha, Bill

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