Keeping the camera turned on all the time

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by nishnishant, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. 2010 might be a new record for resurrected threads.

    [Name removed] may I ask how you found this thread? Since the site redesign we've seen lots of ancient threads being replied to, and I've never been sure why.

    For what it's worth, I turn all my cameras off whenever I'm not actively shooting, mostly so that I don't accidentally mush the shutter release and take excess shots. Although it's not as serious as with an F5, where you can have a sad little noise from the back seat of your car that tells you you've just wasted a £5 roll of film in four and half seconds. It's more of a good idea with mirrorless, since they tend to be burning more power when they're on.

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  2. Well, that's what the archives + a search function are for, are'n't they?
    Spam aside..
    I love old threads coming back (like the one on the 400/3.5 a week or so ago).

    On topic: I Always switch off.. But in a loose bag, my D800 sometimes gets eehh.. 'turned on', with the central button being pressed continuously, draining the battery...
  3. At the risk of encouraging the resurrection men.
    There was this quote in the linked Canon thread:

    "I only turn my cameras off when I'm changing lenses (to try and reduce the attraction of dust to the sensor)..."

    Where does the idea come from that a powered sensor attracts more dust than an unpowered one? Behind a closed shutter and dropped mirror to boot!

    Maybe if the sensor was charged with a few Kilovolts the idea might have some merit. As it is, I don't see any evidence of dust attraction to low voltage components at all. Otherwise every 'chip' inside a piece of electronics would have a thick coating of dust after a few years use, and it doesn't.
  4. We always had a search function, although it was always awful. Thread resurrection seems to be a thing since the site redesign. Or maybe old threads were always resurrected, but because they were listed by when the thread was posted in the old system we never noticed.

    Joseph addressed the electrostatic thing a little earlier in the thread, and claimed he'd actually tried to measure any electrostatic charge (just in case) with an appropriate bit of kit, without success. That said, plenty of my old electronic equipment is coated with dust (it's been suggested that most ZX Spectrums that still work are somehow using dust as a semiconductor - although Acorn once built a computer with steel RAM pins that rusted...)

    There's a related theory that you should turn VR off before removing the lens so that the VR elements are parked for transit. I can't say I always remember to do that.

    Mostly I'm trying to disable the interface when I turn the camera off, though. I'm perfectly capable of running the battery flat by having the buttons mushed while in a bag. Although my Eos 620 was quite good at flattening its battery even in the "off" position, given a week or so on a shelf.
  5. That, exactly! ;-)

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