keep d810 or upgrade to 850 or z7ii?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by John Di Leo, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. For heavens sake just do it. John, it's your Diamond Jubilee - 65, 75, 85, 95, 105, or 125 does not matter. ;)
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  2. ShunCheung

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    Mary, watching a lot of Nike commercials lately? :cool:

    Seriously, we all only live once. At least I find the Z bodies easy to use.
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  3. or wait for the Z9... and cash in all of your 'spare' bodies....:D
  4. right!
    I am comfortable waiting, and that seems like the best thing to do based on the discussion here.
    Have to admit surprise at the love for the d810 vs the 850 and z 7 shown here...happy surprise, indeed.
    Right now what I'd REALLY like is an ES-2 copier. I have an ES-1, but it does not handle single negatives well. I've been on the list ay B&H for months.
    What was semi-retirement became FULL retirement today. IN an auspicious start to that, a local gallery owner contacted me to ask if I had any pictures of Live Oaks, as she is doing and exhibit of same. "Why, yes I do," was my answer and printed out a couple on my Canon Pro-10 in 13x19. They will be shown in her exhibit (shot with my 810 in St Francisville, La.).
  5. Mmm, if waiting for the Z9, are you sure that you want an ES-2 , or could it be that Nikon will come up with a copier especially designed to fit the Zn series better, with features that fit the Zn or it's lenses in one or another way ?
  6. Well, I think that Z9 reference was sarcasm of the grass is greener variety. I'll have to wait through the z8 and then the z8ii, then the z9, and probably would want the z9ii; but if I needed to use the 55/3.5 with the FTZ to use the ES-2, I would do that.
  7. About 50% right...yes! :D

    However, it's going to be the camera spec. that drives all the future FX cameras.

    Upgrading now, or not, is at an interesting time when ML tech. starts to mature into something that can challenge/or better, the D6.
  8. What's ML tech?
    Unfortunately "interesting time(s)" never end. Isn't there a Chinese curse about interesting times?
  9. Mirror Less...:D

    Technology wise, progress isn't linear, time wise. There are big steps....:)
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