Kayakers, On Urban Reservoir, Paddle Towards Mount Evans

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  1. [​IMG]Kayakers, On Urban Reservoir, Paddle Toward Mount Evans by David Stephens, on Flickr

    Once again, any and all critique welcome.

    I took this in 2015 and it's appeared in an internationally know magazine, in an article about travel to the Denver area. In my past critique sessions I realized that the title does, in fact, steer people as to what to expect from the image. My original title didn't mention that it's urban. Back then, I thought that the office buildings made that clear. Is my new title redundant?

    I did reprocess this 2015 image with the 2019 version of my software, DxO PhotoLab. I tightened the crop, although the magazine printed it pretty much as in my original, but that doesn't matter now, since I think this is even stronger than the published image.
  2. A very good image, well balanced, interesting and pleasing to the eye. Great natural colours which help to emphasise the three layers on view, background, middle and foreground. The choice of a title is a very personal one, perhaps a shorter one may help ? one suggestion is "Looking towards Mount Evans" and let the viewer find the details on show. BR Ken.
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  3. Thanks Ken. My original title was "Paddling Towards Mount Evans". That didn't keep it from selling. ;-)

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