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  1. i have a extra karden-master tl 8x10 back ( meaning film holder and ground glass ) only i am not sure what other cameras this could fit in the linof line , but i would like to offer this to some one in the classifieds but not sure any one would want it or even its value any body have a suggestion?? , i sold the camera as a 4x5 unit and just found this after 7 months but need to pass it on , as you know i tried looking every were for info including the linof site hummmm any help thanks guys and i do hope your enjoying the summer light as much as i am
  2. I found a 8x10 Linhof back on ebay, and was thrilled at making my 4x5 to a big camera. I paid 100-200 for it, and has since added 2 bellows and a longer rail. Ebay migth be the correct place to get rid of it. I am curios if you mean a Lisco-type filmholder, and a single screen, or the hole back down to the shift mechanism.
  3. So you do not have the Kardan 810 rear standard L arm? You only have the ground glass frame and the ground glass?
    That will also fit a GTL, and a GT 810 camera as well as all other Linhof 810 cameras back to the B. So that would include the original Super Color, Standard, L, TE, etc. It would not fit the original Kardan cameras with the rail the diameter of your wrist.
    You also do not have enough parts to convert a 45 or 57 Linhof Kardan B or later to 810 since you are missing the rear standard, the bellows and the base support for the rear standard and a long rail.
  4. no it is all there , the film holder the ground glass and the L shape arm with the adjustments and gear , all that is need to make a linof 4x5 to 8x10 is mount this arm on to the rail , i have the bellows also
  5. To use this complete back, as you have it, you will need a 810 TL back base support. That is different then the one for the 45 and 57 as they are smaller in diameter. You would also need the long telescoping rail, front standard and the 810 bellows.
    You might also be able to mount the L arm to a modern GTL 810 body but you would not have the continuously variable assymetric moventens of the GTL on this back.
    If you unlatch the 810 GG frame from the L standard then that part would fit the other Kardan 810 cameras like the TE and TL.

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