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  1. Jeez, I feel all sort of wicked. Nobody loves me anymore? Do you still love me, Sam? Do you think if you love me lots of folks will also love me?

    Again look at the reality of the facts, How simple is that to do? Fairy tales are nice, but just fairy tales..

  2. "When you set yourself up as the outsider, who knows better than everyone else, who feels entitled to call the conversations of others banal" Sam.

    Call me sad, but I do believe in Democracy and Free speech; regardless of populist thoughts. If I want to call other folks thoughts banal so what. It is called free speech.! Hello.

    Sorry, if I have disturbed you with my thoughts and not following YOUR party line. Hey Ho I could not care a monkeys.
  3. It's not your thoughts that disturb, it's your lack of them. You call our conversation about Kant banal but have nothing, yourself, to say about Kant or Wittgenstein and photography, which is what was being discussed. Perhaps your accusations of banality could be taken seriously or understood if you bothered to offer an alternative about Kant or Wittgenstein and photography that was something other than a generic platitude that showed no knowledge or understanding of Kant. I believe in free speech, too, which is why I've felt free to call you out on this. Free speech is not speech that gets no response. And intelligent speech can back itself up. Show us you know something about Kant that's different from the so-called banality of our words or your free speech is free of substance and value.
  4. And, I'm not going to argue back and forth about free speech, loneliness, banality, or whether or not I love you, which is clearly all you want here. I'll only respond if you have something of substance to say about Kant and photography.
  5. " His journey was a lot about deeper philosophical thought than a simplistic strict mindset" Allen

    This is the point I was making. Hence the vid. Sort of saves me writing a thousands words without the need to Understand, look, reason, open your mind.....and not write silly banal comments which you have not properly researched.

    Not that I mind the drama queen stuff, It's a fun cool thing.

    But if you want to discuss Kant in a serious way....I'm here.
  6. Sublime or pretty? to start the ball rolling.
    Cannot be pretty also be sublime...or, are we talking boxes?

    Personally, I would argue the flower and the storm are both sublime; both having a unique perceptive, a subtly, in the eye of the viewer.

    Much like a photograph.

    The sublime exists along with the beauty, both being subline in their own way....without the mis guided perception of the obvious of beauty and sublime.
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  7. Great. Here's what I said on the matter. Respond to it specifically and tell me what you find banal about it.
  8. These are all very obvious thoughts for anybody. Yes, the grass is green I get it.

    In that sense they are banal.

    His thoughts on beauty and sublime are more interesting. And are challenging to understand.

    Sam, just like you he sits on the bog every day...he is not a messiah. You can question his thoughts.
  9. "Our perceptions, for Kant, bring us a representation and sometimes an enhancement and sometimes a restricted or even false view of reality. Photos can do the same"

    Really. do you have to be called Kant to state the obvious? Or, Duffy Duck.

    Obviously he has the third eye;).
  10. Describe some of his thoughts on beauty and the sublime, in your own words, that you find relevant or interesting.
  11. You see, it's very easy to knock and name-call others without offering anything of substance to show you even have the vaguest idea of the subject at hand. To relate that to the photographic process, it's pretty transparent.
  12. "ffering anything of substance to show you even have the vaguest idea of the subject at hand"

    Jeez, obviously you(;)) and Kant are above us simply folks, a superior form of humanity;) Lets have a look what he is actually saying rather than the words of a tax declaration....a honest declaration;)

    " Our perceptions, for Kant, bring us a representation and sometimes an enhancement and sometimes a restricted or even false view of reality. Photos can do the same"

    Holy Maceral Batman , I cannot believe photographs, sometimes give a restricted or even false view of reality., Deep thought man.
  13. Kant is a Philosopher and his thoughts go deep as he struggles to understand humanity.

    Sam is a surface skimmer, hence, my humor in responding.

    Hey, a debate nothing else.
  14. OK, I see you know nothing about Kant or are willing to offer nothing about him, which is what I surmised originally, so you have a good night and don't drink and drive.
  15. "so you have a good night and don't drink and drive."

    There you go.

    Classic response.

    Anyway, good night and God bless all.
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  16. I've mentioned this before, but my wife had a huge Irish Setter bitch who would get two other dogs to fight, and then stand aside and watch. She was, overall, a swell dog. aside from this flaw.

    Why did I think of this, I wonder?
  17. "Why did I think of this, I wonder?"

    I'm just full of wonder;)

  18. Press the damn button already!
  19. pj, do you think the Philosophy of Photography forum was set up to be an aid in finger dexterity or is it possible another purpose might have been contemplated? According to at least one great button pusher, the most important part of the camera isn’t the button. It’s the twelve inches behind it. Regardless, pushing the button and philosophy/discussion aren’t mutually exclusive.

    Have a nice day!

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