Kameruka Estate.

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  1. Kameruka estate was set up in the late 1800's just inland from us, and was designed around the country estates in England. Fully self supporting with it's own small village and several houses where the tenant farmers lived and worked the estate. There is a large house that the owners built, they were the Tooth family of Tooth Brewing fame.
    The farm was, and still remains, a dairy and wool operation...although no one lives in the big house anymore, and the farm is quite low key now.
    The reason for the history lesson is that we hired the estate for the weekend for my daughter's wedding, and I thought that this would be a good opportunity for some classic camera action. But alas, my duties got in the way and I only got a very short break to take some pics....better that nothing!
    I used my Rollei 2.8E with Xenotar lens for these. So here is the camera and a few pics.
  2. Thanks for looking again. Film was Across in Pyrocat HD, no filters and scanned on an Epsom V700 @ 800DPI.
  3. Tony,
    How did you get the dark sky and the moon to stand out in shot no. 5 if you used no filters? Was it a long exposure near evening? John W
  4. John,it was late afternoon and with a clear sky. The building was near white, so to get detail there the remainder of the image became quite dark. I normally would use a yellow filter on a shot like this but I didn't have it with me!
  5. Rollei's are just beautiful instruments to shoot. They're the medium format equivalent of a beautiful Contax. Even if you
    are not out actually shooting film, it's a kick just playin' with it, winding and firing and these are some very nice images you
    captured with your limited time frame.
  6. Quite right Greg, and I'm glad that I'm not the only one who just "plays" with cameras :)
  7. What a lovely camera and fine pictures from you. Much happiness to your daughter and her husband.
  8. The 2.8E with the Schneider was the first medium format camera I used. I was in High School and I already had my Konica Autoreflex T2 with the 57/1.4 lens. The 2.8E belonged to my 9th Grade science teacher. About a year later I had my own TLR. It was a Yachica Mat 124G. The Yashinon lens was quite good but while I was in college the camera became mechanically unreliable. I would wind up selling it and buying a Minolta Autocord, which I still have. I was able to use my Bogen 22A Special for both 35mm and 6X6 negatives. I don't think I would want to be 14 again but I would love to have a fresh supply of Verichrome Pan. Your photos are, as usual, very nice.
  9. Frustrating, when a daughter's wedding intrudes upon a proper photo opportunity... Nice work Tony, with a beautiful example of of the Rollei 2.8E. The quality of the camera and the photographer shine through. Love the dunny pic; we tend to call them "longdrops" down here in NZ, but the architecture is much the same.
  10. Quite the coincidence, as I just happen to have a roll at the processor's that I shot while taking a break from a wedding as well. It was a friend's wedding in my case. Neither of my daughters will be getting married anytime soon. I'm sure my results will be quite inferior to your's, though. I'll wait to see if I have enough decent images for a post before explaining further.
    Your images are definitely up to your usual high standard. I'd have to say that I like the last one the best, but they all show the quality of both the equipment and the photographer. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks everyone, we had a great day with perfect weather. Rick, I have heard the term "long drop" around here too. Whatever it is called, it is a real "loo with a view".
    We did have "proper" toilets for the wedding you will be pleased to know :)
  12. Great Shooting with a Great Kamerarucka... The other day a youngster exclaimed in a post "Wow you
    have a Rolleiflex" and while mine is a tidy Hmm mmm "T" model.. I thanked him politley... But now I get
    say "Wow what a Rolleiflex" with a 2.8E you don't get any better .. Great shooting all around loved every
  13. As always Tony, nice shots !
    I especially love the "Dunny" image...

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