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  1. I checked Kameraleder site and there is only the welcome page, no links or any other pages
    active. Did they stop making cases? Anyone bought something from them recently?
  2. I just visited the Kameraleder site. At the bottom of the page I clicked on "George Elanjian, Jr." and that went to the products page.
  3. Oh dear...<br>
    I feel like an idiot, I should have clicked on it but I thought it was only his email
    Thanks Doug.
  4. No need to feel embarrassed. It is a poor web page design and I recall there use to be links at the top of the page.
  5. please let us know how this turns out. i also would like to know the status of kameraleder. best cases ever IMO. have two.
  6. Best cases ever, I absolutely agree.
  7. They better be for the price. I spent less for a slightly flawed Polo leather in Houston, seen at retail in Gigbraltar for 500 GBP, and was tempted.
  8. Early this Summer I purchased a full case and strap for my Hexar RF. The workmanship is first rate and the case was delivered very quickly after my order was placed. Excellent service for a "made to order" product. Best regards, Bill

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