Kameraleder cases?

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  1. Anyone got a Kameraleder case? What do you think? Good quality? How
    do they compare with the old M3 cases from Leitz?
  2. I used one for my M5 a while back (the OEM ER case for the M5 seemed impossible to find at a reasonable price), and I have used the ER cases made by Leitz for the M3. The quality is comparable, although the Kameraleder cases are probably marginally the better product. They're also substantially more modern-looking; it emanates a different affect. I found my Kameraleder case to be slightly more rigid than my M3 cases, but (a) I didn't have the Kameraleder case long enough for it to be broken in in any real sense, and (b) the M3 cases were over 40 years old and were quite well broken in.

    They're pricey, to be sure -- but (a) as lots of Leica owners know, you never regret buying quality, and (b) if it's for a special camera that you'll anticipate keeping for a while, it's likely worth it. Of course, while I got rid of that old M5 in a paroxysm of gear-shedding (together with the case), I don't particularly pine over the case -- though I do so over the M5.
  3. doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en"> I can only tell you about half-cases.This may, of course also apply to full-cases. kameraleder cases are of excellent quality, maybe even better than Leica's own cases, the originals thereof being hard to find today.
    Even better, however, IMO are those of Luigi Crescenzi, in Rome, Italy. See under
    The reason I prefer my Luigi half-case to the kameraleder half-case
    is that Luigi's has its own strap, and the bottom part (the case itself) is belted over thecamera lugs. kameraleder's case is screwed in from the bottom of the camera. Too much trouble to remove and reapply. Especially during film change. There, Luigi's case is a "shelf in itself" -- ideal for film changes -- which kameraleder's case is not.
  4. I'm in agreement with what Michael is pointing out. As well, Luigi is down to
    earth and a nice business man to work with. It is more likely that you will get
    the case you want from him more quickly that you will from the more aloof
  5. Of the various M everready type cases that I own and use including the Kameraleder, Luigi and Leica M6/M7 models, the Kameraleder is, by far, my favorite. It is perfect for black paint cameras if you wish to use them without marring the black paint finish. I especially appreciate that the neck strap is attached to the case instead of the camera lugs. I have well used M6 and M7 cameras but for some reason (most likely the cost!!!), I handle my MP very carefully.
  6. To enlarge on the last two responses, (a) Luigi is truly a really nice guy. Answered all my mail questions within an hour or two, built exactly the custom job I wanted and sent it to me (by fedex or whatever) all within 8 days. I've heard (but can't substantiate) that kameraleder was much harder to deal with, took longer to get things done, was more difficult as re payment transfer, and more expensive. We've been told, here on the forum, by Leicophiles in the U. S., that it was quicker and easier to do business with somebody in Rome than in LA. Even if Luigi is, like now, gone off scuba-diving, he still has his own assistents.

    (b) Luigi also has several different types of stap-conditions. Mine is with it's own strap, meaning of course that "case off" also means "strap off". "Case off but strap still on" -- as was the case with the bottom half of my Leica 14870 really peeved me.
  7. I have both Luigi's cases and one from Kameraleder who I thought was now out of business. I think, with due respect to Luigi, who is a great guy, the leather on the Kam.. case is much softer and all around nicer. It also snugly holds the camera, much better than the Leica cases. The strap seems to mesh with you. Only complaint would be its for everready users, as you have no strap if you take it off. I really only use the cases to travel and toss in the car, otherwise, I take them off. For me, than, Luigi's are really more practical. But, if your an everready user in use, Kameraleder is the best.
  8. I own compact Kameralander cases for a minilux and a Nikon 28ti and I have
    to say the workmanship is truly incredible. I actually had a very good
    experience dealing with the company ... so much so I am ordering an M5 case

    That said Luigi is, as stated above, a terrific guy to deal with.
  9. I've put a Kameraleder case on every Leica body I've owned. The construction and fit are superb, much better than any of the Leica ER cases I've seen. That said, I wish the Kameraleder cases had the tripod hole in the screw that the ones from Leica have.
  10. I like the compact nature of the ever-ready case, but how does using one compare to using a small shoulder bag? That is, doesn't it impede changing film, and doesn't the top half get in the way when taking pictures (especially verticals)?

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