Kalloflex TLR - The differences on 3 models ??

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by coconutjoe66, Jul 1, 2001.

  1. I have been collecting mostly Rolleiflex TLR for a while and I've
    just purchased Kalloflex TLR, mainly on the advice of my friend who
    had one. According McKeown's 2001 reference book, there are 3
    different models. Kalloflex ('54), Kalloflex Automat ('54) and
    Kalloflex Automat K2 ('56). Looking at the brief descriptions, I
    can't really tell the difference between Kalloflex and Kalloflex
    Automat, except for the price. Does anybody know idea why Kalloflex
    is much more expensive than Kalloflex Automat?? And how can I tell
    which model Kalloflex that you have?

    Is there any good internet site for Kalloflex??

    Thanks for all your help!!

  2. Go to:..www.google.com...and key in:..Kalloflex Automat, andyou'll find a few sites dealing with it including one offeringowner's manuals for sale.
  3. There is precious little information on this camera Joe...be it from vintage photo magazines or surfing websites. From what I have been able to gather, there is little or no difference between the Automat, K2 or just plain Kalloflex, as all of the camera's are simply badged as "Kalloflex" I have three of them (I need help, I know) with varying serial numbers, and they are identical: Prominar 75mm taking lens and a Seikosha "MX" shutter. I have a photo magazine ad from 1958, and the camera shown in the ad matches every Kalloflex I've seen, and I believe this was near the end of the production run. As for price differences, I'd say that would have to do with overall condition, the quality of the auction presentation, or the number of real Kalloflex attachments that are included. I assume your talking about the prices found on eBay?

    The last one I found came with a "Automat K2" box, but again, it's the same camera. Maybe I have 3-K2's? I doubt it, but who knows? If anyone has more information about the Kalloflex I'd love to hear it.

    For what its worth, it is a great unit with superior optics and a ruggedly built chassis. Probably the nicest quality production TLR ever.

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