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  1. Complete specs have leaked, a huge disapointement.
    Nothing inovative, just attempt to follow nikanon HD video, live preview train... lame...
  2. From ricehigh, his countdown beat out everyone else ;^)

    Me? I think it looks intersting. its been what , years since Pentax had a 5 frame per second camera right?
    Now what's the admission price ???
    Tuesday, May 19, 2009

    The Pentax K-7 is Here! Finally!

    The Countdown in My Unofficial Teaser is Now Over! The Pentax K-7 is Here! Finally!!


    Above: 7 Photos of the K-7, Kit and Grip! ;-D

    K-7 Specifications:-

    Camera Name: Pentax K-7
    Body Material:
    Magnesium Alloy Outer Shell on Stainless Steel Chassis
    Body Reliability: 77 Places Sealed, Cold-Resistant: Can be Operated under Temperature at -10°C
    New Version of Samsung 14.6MP CMOS APS-C Imager in 23.4 x 15.6mm (Aspect Ratio 3:2), 4 Data Channels Readout
    Dust Removal: New DRII System, Low-Pass/Anti-Aliasing Optical Filter Placed in Front of Sensor is Capable to be Moved in High Ultrasonic Frequency; Featuring also the Dust Alert System to the User
    ISO Speeds: ISO 100-3200, 6400 Available on Expansion (to be Set via Custom Function)
    Image Processing:
    Newly Developed PRIME (Pentax Real IMage Engine) II Image Processor for High Performance and High Speed Still Image and Movie Data Processing; Better-Quality Images with Richer Gradation and More Accurate Color Rendition
    Pentax KAF2 (Crippled K-mount, Support Both Body Driven "Screw-Type" AF KAF and SDM KAF2/KAF3 Lenses)
    Optical Type, Glass Prism, 100% Image Coverage, 0.92X Magnification
    Focusing Screen:
    New Natural-Bright-Matte III Focusing Screen, Improved Manual Focusing Accuracy
    1/8000th second Top Speed, X-Sync=1/180s, 100,000 Shutter Actuations Durability
    Continuous Shooting Modes: Continuous (Hi):-
    JPEG: 5.2 FPS: Until 40 Frames;
    RAW(PEF): Until 15 Frames;
    RAW(DNG): Until 14 Frames

    Continuous (Lo):-
    JPEG: 3.3 FPS: No Limitation, until Card Full;
    RAW(PEF/DNG): Until 17 Frames
    Live View: Yes: Real-time, On-display image Confirmation, Activated by One-touch Dedicated "LV" button at the Thumb Position; Continuous Shooting Possible Under the LV Mode (Without Breaking the LV Mode and Exposure will be Adjusted Automatically and Continuously Via Automatic Diaphragm)
    Live View AF Options:
    Contrast Detection AF with Face Recognition Option
    Other Preview Options:
    Optical Preview; Digital Preview
    Movie/Video Recording:
    Movie/Video with Mono-Audio Recording (with Built-in Microphone), Supported Video Modes: 1280 x 720 Pixels (16:9 Standard High Definition), 640 x 416 (3:1.95), 1536 x 1024 (3:2), All Modes at 30 Frames Per Seconds
    Top Monochrome Status LCD:
    Yes, with Electro-Luminescence (EL) Backlight
    Rear Colour LCD Monitor:
    3.0", 640 x 480 Standard VGA Resolution, Approximately 920,000 Colour Dots, 170° Degrees of View both Vertically and Horizontally
    e-Wheels Control:
    Front and Rear Wheels
    Green Button:
    Yes, Directly Under the Rear Wheel
    Exposure Modes:
    Green Mode, Hyper Program (P), Sensitivity Priority (Sv), Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Shutter-Aperture Priority (TAv), Hyper Manual (M), Bulb (B), X-Sync (X), User and Movie
    Metering System:
    New 77-Segment Multi-Pattern Metering System, which Divides the Frame Equally in 7 x 11 Segments, Vertically and Horizontally Respectively; More Advanced Algorithm for Higher Exposure Accuracy
    Metering Modes:
    Evaluative, Centre-Weighted Average, Spot;
    Selected via Dedicated Metering Mode Level at Camera Top
    AF System:
    New SAFOX VIII+ AF System, Layout Same As SAFOX VIII (11-Point, 9 Crossed); Improved in Speed and Accuracy
    Focusing Modes:
    AF-S, AF-C, MF; Via Dedicated Focusing Mode Selector Level
    Dedicated AF Button:
    Dedicated AF Point Selector:
    Yes: Central, Auto and User Select
    Built-in Flash (RTF):
    Yes, Manual Pop-Up
    Built-in AF Assist Light:
    Orientation Sensor:
    Shake Reduction: Pentax Original SR System which is Capable of Compensation Shakes in Up/Down, Left/Right and Rotational (Clockwise/Counter-clockwise) Directions
    SR Activation:
    Preset by Camera in Different Modes or Manually Activated/Deactivated by the User via System Menu
    Image Tone Modes:
    Seven Modes: Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Monochrome, Muted (for Delicate, Subdued Colours); Actual Effect Previewable under LV or Digital Preview Mode
    Image Parameters:
    Saturation, Hue, Contrast, Sharpness, Filter Effect, Toning, Key and Contrast Highlight/Shadow; Actual Effect Previewable under LV or Digital Preview Mode
    White Balance Presets:
    Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light, Tungsten Light, Flash, CTE (Emphasizing the Colours of Sunset Scenes) and Incandescent-Tinted Fluorescent Light
    Manual White Balance:
    Yes: Manual Measurement, Presets and Fine-Tuning (for Green Vs Magenta and Blue Vs Amber)
    Supported Colour Spaces:
    sRGB (Default) and AdobeRGB
    Other Features: HDR (High Dynamic Range) Mode (One Composite Image from 3 Exposure Bracketed Images), Dynamic Range Expansion, Auto Distortion and CA Corrections, Multiple Exposures, Copyright Credits Attachment, Dedicated RAW Button, 16 Digital Filters
    Controls Around Shutter Release:
    Optical/Digital Preview; Two Separate Buttons for ISO Speed Selection and +/- EV Compensation / Top LCD Panel Backlight/Illumination
    Direct Control System for Basic Functions:
    With the Four Ways / "OK" Buttons for WB, Flash, Drive and Image Tone Mode / AF Point Selection Activation
    Standard Digital Controls:
    Play/Delete (at Upper Left), Info/Menu (at Lower Right)
    Dedicated One-Touch RAW Button:
    PC Sync Socket: Yes
    IR Remote Control:
    Yes, Front and Rear Receivers
    I/O Ports:
    Left: DC In, PC/AV, HDMI Out, Mic In; Right: Cable Switch Connector
    Battery: New Type High Capacity Rechargeable Type D-LI90, 7.4V/1900mAh (Nominal), Support up to 980 Shots Without Flash
    Storage Media:
    SD and SDHC Cards
    130.5(W) x 96.5(H) x 72.5(D) mm (5.1 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches)
    670g (22.9 oz.), Body Only (Without Battery and SD Card)
    750g (26.5 oz.), Loaded and Ready (With Battery and SD Card)
    Software: Pentax Photo Laboratory (with SILKYPIX RAW-data processing engine developed by Ichikawa Soft Laboratory), Pentax Photo Browser and Two Other Utilities
    Kit Lens:
    DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL WR (Water/eather Resistant)
    Optional Accessory:
    Vertical Battery Grip D-BG4, Weather-Sealed and Cold-Resistant, Support Either Another D-LI90 or Six AA Batteries, Provision of Extra Shutter-Release Button, Preview Lever, e-Dials, AE-Lock, Green Button and AF Button
  3. Can someone explain what the view finder deal means. In other words, when I look through it, will i have a field of view like my D700? If it does, I will buy one, but if it does not, I will not because nothing else in these specs matter to me.
  4. No but it'll be bigger than K20D viewfinder Javier. K-7 is still a aps-c crop body so its still smaller view than D700, 5D Mark II, Sony A900. I wonder if its same size as 2x crop Oly E3 as Oly E3 sports a larger than 100% viewfinder. Off the top of my head K-7 may be as big as Nikon D300 viewfinder which is a crop body. Isn't D300 a 100% viewfinder Justin? I think it is. Justin would know how D300 compares to K20D loaner. Or you can Locate a D300 locally to see how it compares to your K20D and your D700 viewfinders.
    Anybody got a solid price point on K-7 in USA ?
  5. the "me too" camera?
    I really think you're missing the point - what have we been realistically waiting for that Pentax hasn't delivered?
    Don't forget that it...
    1. Is bY FAR the smallest camera in that class (with a sensor bigger than 4/3 size)!
    2. Has the FIRST EVER weather sealed kit lens!
    3. Has an AF button on the grip! - massive gripe for many!
    4. The grip will take AA's as well as your rechargable, on top of the new higher-spec battery!
    5. Comes with 5fps in RAW!
    6. Magnesium Alloy shell!
    7. 100% viewfinder coverage!
    8. 1/8000 shutter!
    OK, Pentax have not given people everything that their dream camera might contain, on the other hand, they have given us A LOT. And it's not just HD video. I have not even mentioned the exposure and AF improvements, or the in-camera HDR because they have not been tested yet, but I think you are being manifestly unfair Renato.
  6. Me to? You must be joking. It's the most compact pro-spec DSLR ever, and with the excellent Pentax lenses, this is a camera that will probably make me buy a Pentax body.
  7. Renato,
    What were you expecting? Seriously, what shooting requirements do you have that are unfulfilled by this spec?
    Let's use your logic for a second here: since Pentax invented AF, is everyone's implementation of that function simply uninnovative and lame?
    I like incorporating HD or even non-HD video. As one who has kids, some situations are simply better suited for moving pictures, and if I can get a few minutes of that without shlepping another camera, then I'm all for it. I've been turning "burst-mode" frames into 1-minute Quicktime movies (it's so easy) and it's just fun for everyone.
    Finally, it's just a camera body. The relationship between my best work and what camera body I use is far from 1:1. Now I may or may not purchase a K-7, but at this point the choice has as much to do with economics (resale value of my K20D, tax breaks etc.) as it does functionality. For pure photographic excellence the next body I purchase will be a 4x5 and they haven't had many radical improvements in quite a while.
  8. apparently RiceHigh's specs may be innacurate anyway, so I'm going to calm myself down again and wait for the 21st, like a good Pentaxian!
  9. I'm with JP, I think the camera is quite a hot piece of metal in a small package. I would have liked a 100% coverage + 1.0x magnification VF (or better still, 1.5x magnification), but I know that's a lot to ask. Having an AF button on the grip and the option to use AAs is great. And maybe the 5fps will shut some of those machine-gunners up. Oh, and they've also buttoned functions that were in menus before. How many people have complained about having to go into the menus for WB or drive mode? Not anymore. Rereading the specs I see there is also a 1.6MP video option available. While I don't care about video, that's a pretty cool feature, especially at 30fps (similar to the K20D's burst mode, expcept faster and longer).
    Now all I need to know is how much it will cost in 6 months :)
  10. I want it! I want it! I want it!
  11. "huge disappointment"? Really? I guess anything less than the holy grail FF is a disappointment? I think this is great, though I no way can afford it anytime soon... though it might make the k20d even cheaper ;)
  12. Funny, how we all seem to have a different need. I feel sorry for Pentax as they have quite a few big babies, me included. Speaking for myself, I could really care less about the 5FPS, (1 more than the K20D) etc, etc, but for me the only thing that matters is the view finder. In all honesty, the K20D is perfectly fine for me, but for the view finder...
    Lindy, My daughter has a D300 and the view finder is basically the same as the K20D. Maybe a tad more FOV but nothing earth changing.
  13. 50/50.
    X sync sucks, no other way to describe that.
    Yeah, 5fps, not sure I will be buying one.
    Well let me rephrase that, it's unrealistic to expect my K10D to last forever, and if the price is right I might buy it sooner but, I see nothing ground breaking.
    That said, as Javier noted, both the K10D and K20D are perfectly fine for most of my needs so again this camera appears to be incremementally improved on an already good camera platform with excellent IQ.
    Still it falls short of my expectations by just a little bit, on the flip side the layout looks interesting, although problematic since it changed from the K10D/20D meaning buying one and using the K10D/K20D as a second camera/lens combo is much more complicated. Then again, I shoot 2 different systems with different layouts side by side with minimal issues so perhaps I'm again being a baby about minor issues.
    I guess it remains to be seen if the Nikonesque control layout is superior to the old K20D layout!
  14. These aren't the final specs
  15. How's this for an analogy?
    Canon 20D is to Canon 30D
    Pentax K20D is to Pentax K-7
    No big changes but the line continues. Are these the radical changes that were whispered on this forum not long ago?
  16. jtk


    Magnesium shell is more likely to show handling damage than the current plastic, contributing nothing. Too bad the chassis isn't magnesium...would shave some weight.
    I hope the new image processing system contributes to B&W converted from RAW...not making it smooth/unsharp like 5D (not true of 5DII), just a bit smoother than K20D.
    Maybe the new bright screen will be available for K20D ?
  17. I think it's a stunning achievement. Mis and JP reflect my thoughts. I just hope the NR user control is still there. Pentax' other innovative features are carried forward, along with now dedicated controls for WB and ISO! The K7 now replaces the old *ist-D as the smallest, and best-built advanced/pro-style APS format model, having a built-in flash, ever made by anyone. It is near the size and weight of my K200D, within and ounce or so, in fact about 1/10 inch less in width. I also like the fact it can use AA batteries, using the grip, and the grip with a body of this size will be a definite plus when using larger lenses.
    So those preferring the feel of a larger body, and shooting with the K10D, this would indicate upgrading to a K20D very soon might be a good idea, and at a great price. Actually, with this new model as the compact companion, together with the K20D would be a formidable duo!!
    The VF spec is being confused again between 100% coverage and magnification. As Lindy says, it cannot be as "big" as a FF VF because the sensor is smaller, until you get up around 150% magnification! And too much of that can result in causing other problems. In fact the magnification given for the new VF is just slightly less at 92% than the K20D's excellent spec of 95%. The K200D is rated very good, having 96% coverage and 85 % magnification. Having a mirror prism necessitates a drop in magnification to preserve good brightness. Sometimes magnification is cut back slightly due to there being more info in the VF, needing more relief for the eye to view easily. The 100% refers to coverage- what you see is exactly what you will wind up getting in your frame. If you crop something out at the edge, it will not be there.
    Next thing to wait for will be the official announcement where some remaining questions may be answered, and then forthcoming test results, probably this fall.
  18. Yawn,........same again then........
    ..........If pentax think that hamstrung video with MONO SOUND (??!!) and no articulated screen is going to hack it then they are seriously mistaken........
    Only good thing is that hopefully the k20 will ahve to drop in price to get rid of it.
  19. What about auto focus speed? Is that improved?
  20. What about auto focus speed? Is that improved?​
    That's anyone's guess, Javier. Pentax say "[AF] Improved in Speed and Accuracy", so we'll have to wait for the tests.
  21. Accuracy has never been a problem with me. Not even the speed really, but if it can improve :)
  22. trw


    I think the continued pretense that an electronic shutter camera has a max X-Sync (and disabling the flash contact above that speed) is a mistake. They could add so much functionality for some users by what is a free (firmware) change.
    The built in AF assist light makes me very happy... I often shoot in low light with either no flash or manual flash.
    The video modes may not seem like much to the average still art photographer, but I can see a few markets that it could flourish in.
    Parents would welcome the compact go-anywhere weather resistant still/video combo
    Iff the audio quality is good with an external microphone, mixed-media reporters just had their kit shrink to something that fits in an attache case rather than needing an entire van. With a K7, 16-50, 50-135, Shoe mount LED array and flash, microphones, monopod, and an ultramobile PC with 3G connection the only time they'd need to haul out the van is for doing live reports.
    Iff the video mode allows manual focus, aperture, and exposure compensation control and a reasonable amount of footage fits on a card, I think there might be a lot of amateur and independent movie producers chomping at the bit to get one. The resolution modes should be adequate for almost any use short of cinema release.
    If you look at this camera as an evolution of everything else on the market... Meh.. just another advanced amateur camera... But if you throw in that it's weather resistant, including the kit lens, and the control layout and picture quality, it looks like a top-end APS-C Pro camera for all but the bird and motorsport photographers. Take into account pentax's usual pricing... WOW!
    If you look at this camera from the perspective of motion picture cameras... It's a weather resistant, interchangeable lens, FULL FRAME (for motion picture cameras) high definition, compact, ergonomically designed digital video camera. If the video quality is anywhere close to the K20d's still quality... AMAZING! If it's introduction price is within a few hundred dollars of the K20d's introduction price, and add in the fact that really high quality lenses are available new for a few hundred dollars (not multiple thousands) at any camera shop, JUST STUNNING.
  23. The Nikon groundbreaker DSLR offering video, the current Nikon D90, is a nice camera, but not near the apparent quality of the K7, and the Nikon's video quality is reported to be quite dismal. The K7 may offer decent performance for doing a video clip when otherwise shooting stills. These are DSLRs not camcorders. Live view appears to have been improved. Other than the mentioned hoped-for higher standard sync speed, and swing-out screen panel, I don't know what else could be expected.
    Maybe those upgrades coming in the K7n?
    The aspects of more immediate interest- performance. A modified Af system, new metering system, and a DR feature combining 3 shots are interesting to me. Only the testing and comparative images will reveal meaningful differences, if any.
  24. trw


    If pentax think that hamstrung video with MONO SOUND​
    My video camera has stereo sound... but the microphones are right next to each other ... the result is mono sound...
    The specs say mono audio recording (with built in microphone). Do you KNOW that the external mic jack is mono? If you're that concerned about sound, wouldn't you put mics on each person and run them into an external multichannel audio recorder?
  25. So far, based on what we have, I am with Renato. Why? because we were told this is a "new concept" camera that has "soul" and is made for real photographers. What do we get? Feature catch-up with other brands.
    Do I care about video? No. Do I care about grip features that will make a smaller body bulkier again? No. Do I care about more frames per second? No. Sure these might be nice incremental updates to what we have now, but they are not a new concept.
    I am glad for 100% coverage in the viewfinder, but we lose magnification -- it is worse than the K20D. Gone are the nice latches for the SD compartment and battery. Gone is the one-touch bracketing. Many of the features we get are only icing. But where is the cake?
    This is definitively a "me too" camera, at a premium price (1300-1500 euros). This does not feel like Pentax; I think we are in Nikonland now. They make good cameras too, and cram in as many features as possible.
    HOWEVER -- I look forward to seeing the IQ and reserve final judgement until then. It's all about the light.
  26. Hi,
    I agree in many ways with the OP.
    I like Pentax, both the lenses and the K20D. However, Pentax are in several fundamental & basic ways anywhere from 12-24 months behind Nikon & Canon. The three obvious examples being af speed, processing speed and rear LCD size/pixels....even the Canon 40D is very much ahead of the K20D...and the K-7 may not even match the 40D in af speed etc.
    This new camera in many ways is just keeping up with competitors models released over a year ago, or more.
    I too, along with Javier REALLY wanted a larger VF, but although the VF has gone up to 100%, the more important item, the VF magnification has actually reduced! This is very disapointing to me. The end result will be a VF that is no different to use than the K20D. If Olympus can manage a VF mag of 1.15X with the E-3, then I was hoping for Pentax to at least manage 1.0X....even if the pentaprism has to be that little bit larger.
    cheers Steve.M.
  27. I am looking forward to this camera. The fact that it can shoot video as well stills. I was looking for a video camera that would shoot decent stills. That was a disapointment. Now a top of the line still camera that can shoot decent video that will be a break through.
    What is missing in the video market is decent lenses that are affordable. If the video quality is there this is a twofer. Looking forward to some real life testing.
  28. I just want to know what the price tag is going to be! Does anyone know?
    I am debating... Should I buy the new aka Pentax K7D or soon to be old stock Pentax K20D? The price will make a huge difference in swaying me.
  29. Michael, nobody knows for sure, but expect the release price of the K-7 to be $1,300-1,500. The K20D was released around March 2008 for $1,300 and is now closer to $700. If you want a camera right now, and price is a concern, then go for a K20D.
  30. What I am looking forward to is a very high-caliber, extremely well-built metal body in a compact, pouch/big-pocket carrying form. And having advanced features with advanced controls, and even decent video-capable. That is the new concept.
    I don't believe a difference in VF magnification between 92% and 95% will be noticeable. The $1,800 Nikon D300 VF magnification is 94%. As I said, often the magnification is limited some to accomodate VF info, which otherwise would require moving the eye around to see all of it, especially if wearing glasses.
    Yes, I would welcome the 1/250 sec standard flash sync. Although that would be better, it is less important for me since I can boost it a little with HS mode without losing much distance range, so the 1/180 sec is generally adequate for most of my needs. I would also like to see optional switch to standard TTL instead of P-TTL only. The swing out screen would be welcome only if it does not increase bulk and weight. The introductory price, if true, seems quite fair for alll that it is, in a most unique form of a metal compact body.
    With a new version of the Samsung sensor, new metering, new faster AF, now we will have to see how it will compare in terms of performance and IQ!!
  31. Nothing to get all that excited about, I guess - hey, it's another new DSLR... :) - but OK, I like it. Feature-wise, it would make for a decent upgrade from my K100D/K200D cams, without the rather irritating (to me...) size penalty of the K20D. And on a fairly superficial note, I much prefer the more angular styling to that of the existing blob-like Pentax DSLR offerings...
    But... :) I ain't payin' 1000€ or more for any DSLR... And I'm in no great rush to buy a new one, so I'll be waiting 'til this thing comes down in price. Let's see how quickly those all-important numbers come down... :)
  32. For whoever queried my criticism of the 'disabled' video capability..........;
    I would like to use twin camera mikes to supply stereo sound for use in covering stage drama, as i curently do with SVHS/DV camcorders but this camera is less than useless for this as there is mono only sound capture.....
    The Panasonic GH1 will knock this into acocked hat as it launches imminently and has full HD video capability with stereo sound and video configured zoom lens. Image quality will be equal enough to be indistinguishable.
    Pentax is going away if they can't do better than this.........this is not the time to let the cat out of the bag a hair at a time......
  33. Sorry Bob, I don't think the absence of stereo microphone capability on a new DSLR is going to be the cause of the demise of Pentax.
  34. I just noticed- auto distortion and CA corrections. That would be a plus if effective!! 16 digital filters, too! It seems to represent a very high level DSLR, especially for being a compact model.
  35. Seeing as I am starting from scratch this does look like my next Pentax though I am not a big fan of video on a DSLR but these days it seems to be nedded to keep up with the Jonses. Alot of the other features do seem an improvment and it looks like it will be a great street walker.
  36. Hmm, is that a sensor plane reference mark I see, to the right of the top LCD...? How agreeably geeky is that...? :)
  37. How credible is the source of these specs?
  38. good catch, Paul!
    As for the rest of the machine, we'll all have to wait and see.
    Pentax were never going to please everyone!
  39. Bill, no-one really knows how creditable RiceHigh is. Many people have STRONG opinions about him.
    Wait for the 21st and the official specs.
  40. This reminds me of the lead up to new Apple products. Wild speculation, followed by impossible expectations, then disappointment because the product doesn't live up to the impossilbe expectations. I've gotten over waiting with baited breath for new computer announcments, and instead I'm doing if for new camera announcments. The more things change, the more they stay the same...
    I was looking forward to a spiritual successor to the *ist D: an nice compact, dual control wheel camera, with benefit of wheather sealing. I'll wait for the acutal specs before jumping to any conclusions.
  41. Well
    From RH
  42. What's the knob to the upper right of the RAW button?
  43. Patrick Vesterback wrote:
    What's the knob to the upper right of the RAW button?​
    It's not a knob -- it's the same socket cover as on the K20D.
    Paul Wilkins wrote:
    Hmm, is that a sensor plane reference mark I see, to the right of the top LCD...? How agreeably geeky is that...? :)
    So far, that is my favourite feature! ;-)
  44. I can't believe I didn't notice that the K10D / K20D doesn't have a sensor plane mark... I always assumed it was there because even my bottom-dweller former Canon 350D had it.
  45. Gotta say after reading the specs carefully I am probably more like 70/30 optimistic about this camera.
    Few things, the LCD is killer but like others noted just a catchup to the other cameras.
    The live view appears to be finished now. As I noted in the K20D review the live view was a beta throw in. Nice, but largely useless for anything but fine tune focusing (where it was rough but worked). The better LCD should make that focusing a breeze.
    Being able to copyright my photos out of the camera is a nice touch (again a catch up).
    The kit lens and the mag alloy body are keepers, and were on my wish list.
    Anyway, the bottom line to me ix I use a camera simply to capture images. I don't need filters, and in camera tricks (like HDR), HDR is best done on a full size computer monitor, and it's best done with 5+ images at about 1-2 stops apart. Then you need to fine tune adjustments. The really good HDR you see on the web took some effort to create. I don't believe this can be accomplished on a 3in LCD in camera. So all the software hacks they add in really mean nothing to me.
    The video mode is cool. I don't care about it, but I would certainly use it at times.
    Overall, this looks like a decent camera, the control layout remains to be seen as a pro or a con though. I believe this guy is definitely going to find it's way into my bag over a old stock K20D!
    So for the people saying should I go with a K20D over a K7. I'd have to say, assuming the K7 pans out equal to the K20D in all areas I'd wait for it to drop a bit on go K7, if you need a camera at the time of the K7 release and cost is a factor then the K20D should be a good deal, Just the finished live view and the improved LCD seem like a decent reason to go K7 in my opinion, plus the build SHOULD be even better. Downside, I did prefer the latchable SD door on the K10/20.
  46. Oh, and the grip.
    They added an AF button and AA battery support (both things I was begging for).
    Really, this camera only falls short in sync speed, and perhaps they can release a firmware upgrade to boost sync via electronic shutter.
    Now I'm a little disappointed just because it looks like I not only need another camera, but Pentax screwed me with the grip (you might remember I swore to never buy another grip without the AF button).
  47. guys, look at the photos in this thread...
    in one of the photos half way down you see the LCD on the back with a +- 5(!) stops meter readout. I hope that's real, if so yhat's going to put a smile on my face at least!
    Also the 50-200 WR makes me wonder if we can really expect WR ltds and other lenses? I know the 50-200 is the 'other' kit lens, but I have dreams that if they seal their cheapest lenses it just makes sense to seal the rest too...
    the slow shutter speed NR is switchable again too...as are very nice custom settings on the same photo that shows that to do with fine tuning what kind of NR the camera does...
    Have a look at those images!
  48. Ok, now that is impressive!. Thanks JP. You may have just sold a K-7 for Pentax. :)
  49. Thanks for that link, J.P. The DA 50-200 WR looks very beefed up, making me doubt they'll start weatherproofing the Limiteds.
    Yes, that does say +/- 5 stops. Wow!
    Still no mention of custom AF adjustment. This might sound rash, but I will not purchase the K-7 if it doesn't incorporate this feature.
    The battery is different to the K10/20D's. While not a dealbreaker, it's certainly very annoying, as it means I would have to purchase more batteries and then carry two sets of different batteries with me if I take the K-7 as a main camera and the K10D as a backup. I hope the new battery has better endurance.
  50. I'm reading J.P.'s linked page through BabelFish...and this might be the most important part (especially for Javier):
    viewfinder's coverage fraction indeed elephant, the fable was equally 100%.​
    Elephant, guys, it's coverage is elephant . But this might be a fable... :-(
  51. The big question is whether it still has the Pentax jaundiced white balance indoors?
  52. I'm of mixed mind about this one. The only two real complaints I have with my k20d is I want the larger clearer view finder that full frame cameras like the d700 have; I wear eye glasses and have trouble seeing the camera settings through the view finder on my APSC Pentax bodies where on the Canon / Nikon full fames bodies everything is very clear to me through the view finder. The D700 is easy to adjust to me while looking though the view finder where I almost always have to take the k20d from my eye and adjust using the top lcd panel. I'm going to have to hold one of these to see how improved the view finder is. That is going to be my make or break deal on this camera and the feature that if it's not up to snuff will eventually have me adding a second system.

    My other real limitation with the k20d is the xsync with studio lights and outside flash off camera, HSS off the hotshoe does not cut it for creative lighting. But this "MAY" not be an issue. Several of the older C/N cameras had electronic shutters and by using a radio trigger you could effectively get much higher sync speeds than their published ttl syncs; like in the order of 1/800 or so. So if the k-7 has an electronic shutter, just maybe it can be "tricked" into higher sync speeds with off camera manual flash.

    The in camera HDR processing sounds interesting to me. I've played with HRD, but the post processing and additional software is a bit a pain. If it can be done in camera that's a feature I'd occasionally use, but it's strictly a nice to have. And live view would be much more useful with an articulating LCD, but that is also just a nice to have.

    My last consideration is how different are the controls from the k10/ k20 if switching between cameras at an event. When shooting a wedding it's nice to have a wide plus tele or fast prime on two bodies to save seconds in lens changes for critical moments. Ideally you have two identical bodies. I gave up using my k100d in combination with my k20 because I had to think about the control differences. But the new k-7 looks more similar to the k10 / k20 so it might not be so much of an issue.

    Deal is I want to hold one and play with it. The problems is even though I live in one of the largest metropolitan areas in the states (Dallas / Ft. Worth), we no longer have a pro shop that carries Pentax. While I have no trouble getting my hands on Sony, Oly and C/N my Pentax gear has to be ordered and I really want to touch this first before dropping the bucks. Hopefully we'll have some quick reviews that can answer my questions. True to Pentax's heritage it looks like a solid evolutionary camera to me.
  53. Yeah, IMO, the K7 is not a camera you would use with the K10/20 as a dual camera setup for travel. Likewise it's a different layout so probably not a good camera to use in conjuction with the K20D for events.
    For instance for travel you now need duplicates of the batteries, and dual chargers. This could become annoying and defeat the advantage of the smaller K7. I'd probably pack a K100 or ist series as a backup, or toss in a small film SLR if you use FA lenses anyway.
    Or just use Lithium AA in the K7 and forget the charger. I was hoping Pentax would keep using the same battery but the AA support should make everyone somewhat happy, even AA haters. As you will eventually forget spare batteries or accidentally pack uncharged ones (all Mike Ks negativity came to fruition for me on a trip a few weeks ago, took 3 batteries all were almost dead, but managed to still squeeze off almost 150 bad shots. No offense Mike K, it's just that you've been exclaiming the fact that this could happen, and I've been telling you it could but probably wouldn't...however, I doubt it will ever happen again. I hadn't charged my batteries since before death valley and got a few of the 6 NP400s I have mixed up, since I had the 645N I wasn't too worried either).
    BTW, for a backcountry camera I'm really happy with the AA support, AAs are superior in extreme cold and once again all my equipment (headlamp, GPS, 2 way radios, flash) runs on AA lithiums. This saves weight since I'm not carrying spares of multiple batteries on long trips (and lithiums weight significantly less anyway). For day to day shooting and weekend trips, I'll stick with rechargable lithium ion though.
  54. Roger, I find it ineterstig that the view finder is like super important to many, including myself and so I really hope Pentax did something about this...
  55. An APS-C viewfinder will always be smaller than an FF, by a huge margin.
    I have tried the O-ME53 on a K100D, and it does what it's advertised to do. Why not use the same thing on a K10D or K20D? (haven't gotten one, myself, yet..)
  56. More pictures from a hands on K-7 tester:
    ANYBODY got a credible price on this K-7 for USA market ???
    I'm reading some crazy stuff, upwards of $2,000 for K-7. True the long rumoured Nikon D400 is suppose to launch at "$1999" but I also think thats an insane launch price for aps-c. Well unless nikon and canon are going to scuttle the $2369 and $2699 full frames. Maybe the days of $2000 full frame dslr are slipping away?
  57. 2K? WOW, I paid $2200.00 (after rebate)for my D700 and I can see through it. ;-)
  58. Orlando, for under $40 I should give the maginifier a try. I've thought about it before but after buying an Olympus Varimagni right angle view finder for macro stuff and finding it a real tunnel vision pain to use; I discounted using any view finder add-ons. It's not so much magnifing the image as is it getting a similar view with eye glasses as without them while looking through the view finder. If you take the camera with out eye glases and move it an inch or so from your eye you then have to tilt it up and down to see either the full capture frame or the shooting info at the bottom. Where the full frame larger view finders allow eyeglass wearers to see the whole thing at once. It's just much easier to work and compose with, so view finder improvement is a significant thing for me. It's not the 100% coverage it's the larger window. But you just talked me into it I'll give the O-ME53 a try. If it works you may have just saved me $1300 give or take on a new k-7 :)
  59. Lindy,
    Now that the K7 is here (almost) how much longer do you think your K20D is going to hold it's value?
    Oh, and it looks like you will be happy to see the orange gasket on the kit lens. I know that was also an issue for you on the sealing. Although the sudden need for a gasket is now an issue for me (gaskets fail over time), but I'm wondering if the gaskets aren't intended to bring the sealing up another level rather than were actually needed in the first place (since the K7 claims improved sealing).
  60. Not particularly exciting. Feature wise it pretty much just catches the prosumer Canon 50D that has been out for nearly a year.
  61. I think the VF will be a good one, but a bit much to expect APS VFs to be the same as FF VFs. I recall years back that some pros made a big deal over the few camera models that had VFs with 100% coverage. Interestingly, some of those high-end cameras did have somewhat reduced magnification.
    It is interesting to see the widely differing concerns as to what is important for various people.
    Yeah, that is my idea too. Smaller bodies for easier travel kits for getting around. Can take along say the K7, K100, and a compact film body- MZ-S, or ZX-L, which can also use AAs with the little grip. I have been using AA lithiums a lot lately and not being bothered with a charger, except for the K20D. The little CR-2s take up no room. But when going to a venue where lengthy getting about is not an issue, and with bigger lenses, out comes the K20D and the PZ-1p. The controls do vary some between these models, but it has not been a bother to me. Someone said they were hoping for a super advanced form of the old *ist-D... the K7 seems to be it! I love the idea of upgrading new kit lenses to WR!
    I think the "catch-up" improvements, plus these being added on top of the Pentax special features, then adding new special features, and pouring the whole thing into a superbly-built compact form is what makes this camera different. The sum total of what it is, taken together. Will be potentially great combined with Limited lenses!
  62. what exactly is small about it? This thing weighs much the same as Canon 50D or 5D, neither of which is particularly sveldt.
  63. No DSLR of any good build, of my acquaintance is truly a lightweight in my book. Not like carrying the MZ-S, let alone the ZX-L! But I have found, being a recently new owner of the K20D, that just a few ounces makes a noticeable difference. This new K7 camera weighs about the same as my K200D, which is only about one ounce more than my K100D Super. But the K20D at 4 ounces more is very notably weightier in a holster on my hip. Then there is the physical size. As to putting the K20D into a large coat pocket or a belt pouch with a small lens on it- forget that!! And yet it is smaller than the Nikon D300. But this CAN be done with my K200D and K100D models, and will also be possible with the K7.
  64. Actually Geoff, it pretty much matches the E3, which if you remember anything I've written for a year is pretty much a model camera for me. And no offense but I'd rather have an E3 than a 50D. If Pentax is going to produce a me too camera as some people (including myself) have said, why not a BETTER E3? Better in terms of image quality of course. The rest of the E3 seems about as sorted out as possible.
    Thus, other than the VERY VERY VERY disappointing flash sync this is pretty much the camera I've been asking for.

    Javier said it best, we are a bunch of babies. I didn't get my sync speed so I started crying like a spoiled 3 year old. The worst part was the rest of the camera is my wish list.
    I'm curious though, what were you hoping for? I mean you know why I was (am ever so slightly) disappointed, but why are you so disappointed? What did you expect?
    As far as the weight, well, the stainless chassis is heavy, and while magnesium might weigh less than plastic (i don't know), the chasis isn't the lightest material. Stainless is durable, but fairly heavy compared to some other metals. The upside is it's fairly inexpensive and that is also important. I suppose in a perfect world it would be a titanium or magnesium or maybe ceramic chassis but then in a perfect world I don't have to go to work to pay bills, too bad the world isn't perfect.
    I'm with Michael on this size issue, the K10D was a nice size IMO, but if the controls were properly laid out could have been a bit smaller like the ist D was. There is a major difference between the K10/20 and the ist D, so if the K7 is sized closer to the ist D it will be very portable when it's feature set is factored in.
  65. E3 has been bouncing around, now its $1250, heres specs link:
    And 50D has gone up since the holidays to $1200, specs link:
    & Heres the reason why K-7 could launch higher than anticipated. Recently Nikon punched up their D300 to $1700. Kinda funny story , a friend bought his over a year ago new for $1350. Count the days or weeks before D400 replacement launches for $2000.
    Nice to see the weather seal gasket. So lets guess 50-200 WR lens launches at $350 plus or less than $350? I'll guess $350, so it and K-7 could start for more coin than Javiers D700 full frame, which has already proven to be weathersealed on the antartic trip that killed off so many 5DII. But we'll all know in a day and 8 hours if official specs include usa pricing.
    Will K20D drop in value, why not every dslr become about worthless in 3 years or so. K20D announced on 1-23-2008. Dude its almost 16 months old !
    K20D is about half way to being just another $250 dslr on used market.
  66. Haha Lindy, I was just proving my point when you were criticizing the K10D price drop (actually less than the K20D loss of value from release BTW). My point of course was the K20D was only holding it's own because there was no successor. Perhaps this time Pentax will keep the K20D in the lineup rather than cancel it. I always thought the K10D should have remained, especially considering the K20D really wasn't that much better. but had enough features that the two really wouldn't compete with each other.
    I'd have had K100D/Km, K200D, K10D, K20D. With $450, $650, $750, $1000 price points. I'd have upgraded the K10D firmware as well and renamed it the K10DS. But hey, I only manage camera companies from my recliner, I'm sure there is a reason all this logic wouldn't have worked in the real world.
    I will disagree with one thing though, I am VERY VERY doubtful the K7 will be anywhere near the price of a D700 body. And if you want to add lenses into the cost I am doubtful the K7 and a weather sealed kit lens will cost anywhere near the D700 and a sealed lens. I'm guessing if the E3 sells for $1250, the K7 will debut above that but settle around $1000.
    If the K20D never dropped much below $750 I don't see a metal body (more costly to produce) selling for less than $1000. But at $1000-1250 this camera sounds like a good deal. Pentax stuff is always released way above where it settles. I mean the 35mm DA was released at $599 IIRC and it now can be picked up for $290-350 pretty often. It's only 1 year old! Same with the 50-135mm debuted at $1000, settled below $700.
    Of course I've been wrong before, but that is what makes life interesting.
  67. Justin
    I am not dissappointed at all in the feature set. Its an incremental improvement of the K20D which is good. I was a bit surpised at some posts that described this as a ground breaking camera. Its feature set is comparable to the prosumer Canikon models.
    If it keeps the price point of the K20D at about $700 in six months it should be a big seller.
    I am not sure why this is a K7D instead of a K30D. Presumably the single digit number is supposed to mean its another level up from the K20D, but the main difference just seems to be the metal body and uprated shutter speed.
  68. The feature set is comparable to the 40D / 50D... but with in-body stabilization and weather-proofing in a smaller form-factor (40D / 50D is almost the same size as K20D).
    If the price is identical to the 50D people should be all over it... but Pentax doesn't have Anna Kournikova or whoever it is to flog this camera..
  69. Geoff, the K-7 was not called "K30D" because it's a new concept for a camera. The specs are an improvement over the K30D, but the body is very different. Pentax have not been very clear about whether they intend to put out a K30D with a larger body (than the K-7) in the Autumn or if the K-7 will become their flagship from now on. It's Pentax, so who knows!? :)
  70. Reading this discussion, I'm rather relieved. It seems like most of the upgrades are of more interest to advanced shooters and marginal in terms of my hunt & peck shooting style so I can take a leisurely approach to upgrading--how leisurely really depends on how much the viewfinder is improved.
    I have to say, btw, that the video option does interest me--for sports coaching purposes.
    I'm with Geoff on this, though:
    I am not sure why this is a K7D instead of a K30D.​
  71. 2 more days. It does look quite nice spec wise but this is one body I want to handle B4 buying and I want to see it side by side with a K20. The sensor and VF are of interest to me.
    The dollar is very weak and that means the price will be high. :)
  72. jtk


    Les L, by comparison to Euro and many other currencies the dollar is STRONG, amazingly so considering the ultra-low US interest rates. When interest rates eventually rise in the US (when real estate prices convincingly begin to rise...maybe 2010) the dollar will strengthen even more, making many imports even cheaper...it'll be a good time not to be a US auto manufacturer.
    To another point: K20D is a LOT better than K10D... FAR higher detail resolution, lower noise, higher useful ISO, pc plug, and various subtleties. Looking only at tiny prints (eg letter size) and posts online, K20D's superiority isn't as obvious...
    My only beef with K20D (I need another) is weight (same as Canon F1!) and B&W moire. B&W moire reduces detail resolution to less than film's potential if one post-processes to reduce it.
  73. From the Flicker link posted by Lindy:
    Aperture control in movie mode
    Contrast detection and face detection AF in live view and movie mode
    EV compensation during movie mode
  74. Weight comparison:
    K2000 - 20.8 oz w/lithium batteries
    K100DS - 22.8 oz w/battery
    K200D - 24.3 oz w/lithium batteries
    K7 - 26.5 oz w/battery (according to rumours)
    K20D - 28.2 oz w/battery
  75. I'm surpised there is disappointment on these specs - talk amongst Sony photog's is that it looks great.
  76. Thanks for the inside intelligence, Rich. Now please go back to the Sony forums and spread some misinformation. Tell them the Pentax forum is not filled with a bunch of whiney babies and that we're all really ecstatic with the new camera and cannot wait to put in our orders. Tell them we're banging at the doors of Pentax Colorado so we don't have to wait 24 hours to buy the new camera.
    Or you can tell them the truth: The we're a big bunch of morons and that a few weeks from now we'll all be defending what a ground-breaking camera the K-7 really is :)
  77. 21 hours to go when unofficial K-7 specs get replaced with real specs, & price.
    Kudos to Pentax, I've enjoyed K-7 prerelease buzz
  78. Miserere Mei wrote:
    Geoff, the K-7 was not called "K30D" because it's a new concept for a camera. The specs are an improvement over the K30D, but the body is very different.​
    Mis, looks like you've bought into the marketing speak. "Very different" body? No, some controls are moved around, some missing -- no bracket button but we have an info button. To change focal points we now must hold down a second button. Green button moved. The body is tweaked and maybe for the worse. But not a radical change either way.
    "New concept"? Where? I must have missed it. Looks like feature catch-up to me, which is super good for everyone who wants more features and boring for those who want a better photographic tool. Yep, this should have been the K30D.
    I'm still waiting for the new concept camera. Maybe Samsung or Fuji or Epson or someone will deliver it first.
  79. How soon after the launch date will it take before the cam is available? Any ideas?
  80. jtk


    Robin P, the "new concept" might be the fantasized mini 4/3 Olympus (see the Oly-4/3 Forum)...better ergonomics (maybe) than Panasonic GH1, pocket sized assuming pancake lens. IF it materializes it'll beat Sigma DP1/2 at its game.
  81. I actually like heftier cameras...makes them feel more "solid" :)
  82. Thanks for the inside intelligence, Rich. Now please go back to the Sony forums and spread some misinformation. Tell them the Pentax forum is not filled with a bunch of whiney babies and that we're all really ecstatic with the new camera and cannot wait to put in our orders. Tell them we're banging at the doors of Pentax Colorado so we don't have to wait 24 hours to buy the new camera.
    Or you can tell them the truth: The we're a big bunch of morons and that a few weeks from now we'll all be defending what a ground-breaking camera the K-7 really is :)
    LOL! I think both sides of the story are relevent :p
  83. Robin: New concept is a camera with high-end features in a compact body. It used to be that if you wanted a small camera you had to buy the K2000...and live with its reduced feature set. Justin, myself and others have been asking for a small fully-spec'd body for a long time. A lot of people agree; a lot of people don't agree.
    The green button is still there, "Directly Under the Rear Wheel". Some people will like the new position, others won't, the same way some liked the older location while others didn't. Personally, I would have prefered the AF button to be in the place the green button occupies now, but that's life. Same for all other gripes: Some people will be pleased WB has its own dedicated button while others will be annoyed that changing focus points now requires an extra button push. You can't please everyone, Robin.
  84. "I actually like heftier cameras...makes them feel more "solid" :)"
    I agree. The worst thing that every happened was when cameras started looking like small silver cigarette lighters.
  85. Hi folks, what a nice surprise this K7 is!
    Looking through the previous posts, there are lots of arguments on whether this K7 is something which we all want. Those already owning a K20D seem to be "neutral", those with a K10D seem more likely to "want" the K7.
    Personally, I would love having a faster AF, faster shutter speed, a better viewfinder, faster continuous shooting modes and better weather-resistant features. Pentax has also finally got rid of that SR switch (which has been a scourge for me several times!) and made it accessible from withing the camera. Better rear monitor too. All that is great.
    Now, I don't need/want a "camescope" (read: video camera). I am also surprised to see that the batteries are now different from what we are used to with the previous models. Couldn't they come up with the same format/size with more power? Not sure but that would have been nice.
    That said, this new baby would certainly find a good home here in spite of the "personally-useless" video thing. But when the price starts dropping, in about six months time, I am sure I will get the itch! No kidding, this K7 has great features which would surely make my life a little easier when going out to photo-shoot birds and other sorts of wildlife creatures! For the moment, I am happy with the K10/K20D's and I will "soon" be able to test one or at least read soon-to-come comments from those here acquiring it. Frankly, I can hardly wait to see some reviews from Photo.Net members.
    One thing I was wondering (remember ... I am not a teckie): the Sensor Aspect Ratio of 3:2 ... how does that really compare to the existing K20D sensor in terms of "magnification"? We presently have a 1.5X magnification with the K20D sensor, so when we shoot at 300mm, doesn't that give us the equivalent of a 450mm focal length? If the magnification is now reduced to a 3:2 ratio, will the pics be "better" and compensate for the difference?
    OK, so that is all for now ... I am going to keep reding this thread until it runs out! (which is likely to take months).
    Cheers to all and have a great day.
  86. Miserere Mei wrote:
    Robin: New concept is a camera with high-end features in a compact body.​
    Oh is that all? So all that hype about "soul" and a camera for photographers was just a smokescreen for a body not even as compact as previous Pentax models? That's not a new concept to me. Guess I was expecting Pentax to be different.
    Ah well, I'm sure it'll be a nice camera just the same. Though with Pentax hiking their prices skyward I won't ever be able to buy one.
  87. Robin, why don't we go have a beer after work and chill out? :)
    Jacques, the K-7 sensor is the same size as on the K20D, and on all other Pentax DSLRs, for that matter: 16x24.5mm. So the crop factor is still 1.5x. 3:2 refers to the aspect ratio of the sensor and has nothing to do with it's physical size. A full frame DSLR with a 24x36mm sensor also has an aspect ratio of 3:2.
  88. Robin, worry not, here are the latest specs...
    Dedicated AF Button:
    Dedicated AF Point Selector:
    Yes. Central, Auto and User Select
    Built-in Flash (RTF):
    Yes. Manual Pop-Up
    Built-in AF Assist Light:
    Yes. (To be set via Custom Function)
  89. Price:
    Conforms to Pentax DSLR Standard. Automatically reduces to 50% over 18 months.
  90. Jacques, the aspect ratio is what we have been used to, as with 35mm film. It is the image shape. Width is 3x of the factor that hight is 2x of. What you are referring to in the 1.53x conversion is the difference in image circle size of the sensor, which will be the same as before.
    I am with Jacques in being positive, and I think Mis hit the nail on the head, understanding the size difference being at the root of this new concept. And it is a metal-body design, compact, and having video capability. Then it comes out with WR kit lenses(!). On top of that, its high-quality/smaller size complements the unique attributes of the fine Limited series lenses. All taken together can be seen as a unique concept.
    For Pentax, I see it as an advanced state of an old new concept. The *ist-D was the K7's grandfather, and the MZ-S the great-grandfather. The MZ-S remains the most compact metal-body pro-style 35mm film SLR design ever. When I go about with that camera, especially with say the 43mm Limited lens on it, and shoved into a large coat pocket, one can look across brands and find nothing else comparable. It was designated an MZ because it was part of the compact MZ design concept begun with the MZ-5.
    The same will be true with the K7. Going about with this metal-body, weather-sealed advanced design with either a 43mm or say a 21mm Limited on it, and shoved into a large coat pocket, there will be nothing else truly comparable. Same also if having a WR kit lens! I think it is a very cool concept and I can understand why it would cause a stir in other camps.
    And yes, I too will sometimes find the video useful and fun. For instance, when I took shots of the fast-moving ice flow in March, I could also have gotten some clips of it in motion, and even the crunching and grinding sounds!
    Due to the compact design aspect and metal construction, it is NOT a K30D. Just as the MZ-S is NOT a PZ-2, even though it has power zoom function. A K30D would be an upgraded K20D, of similar size, design, and build type.
  91. it's probably unwise to get excited over any companies marketing hype... they're supposed to try and get your attention and will do anything short of outright lies to get it.
    that being said, I'm excited for the possibly false specs we've seen.
    Smaller with two wheels, AF assist, and hopefully faster lowlight AF and a better viewfinder were all I was hoping for.
    hopefully the viewfinder is 92% coverage and 1x magnification instead of the other way around=)
  92. Imagine if they released a K-7 in "Industrial Warning Sign Yellow/Black"... Awesome...
  93. for those of us with kids and grand kids, the video is a really neat feature. The video is the reason I have bridge and point and shoots. For those who want to become journalist, Video is as much if not more of a requirement than still photos are these days, with u-tube and all...
  94. A nice gentleman from Norway was kind enough to create this size comparison between the K20D, K-7 and K200D. See other comparisons with Nikon, Canon and Olympus cameras here .
  95. Looking at the three together like that I don't mind the size of the K-7 but think I will have to handle one to see how it feels I don't like the fact that the locks for the flashcard and battery are not there but it looks like I have found my next Pentax does anyone know how it looks and handles with the battery grip as I am sure alot of people will be useing it with the Grip.
  96. Mis, thanks for the explanation..
    As I mentioned, I am no teckie and that sort of baffled me a bit.
    By the way, what exactly does a "Built-in AF Assist Light" do?
  97. I did other comparation. Red is K20D, Blue is K7, Green is K200
  98. can't post picture first time...
  99. Seems to me that this is exactly how my dealer described it to be a couple of weeks ago. Imagine a K20D, keep the sensor and refine everything else. So its a bit smaller, its gets kudos because its now magnesium, slightly better viewfinder (which may be the most significant improvement to many), improved AF (again this is arguably a wanted upgrade fro many), push the speed up for the machine gunners amongst us, bring the lcd at the back to current class levels and add the all important WB button for the magazines and review sites. I'll be keeping my K20D a while yet ;-), at least until I get an 85 A* F1.4 and maybe the 31 Ltd.
    It does look like a lovely camera, maybe I could still be tempted around Christmas time :)
  100. Renato, thanks for the RGB image :)
  101. We all know that the K-7 will make the K20D look fat, stupid and ugly... But at what price? Hmm...?
  102. There are only a few more hours left before Pentax takes the veil off :-D
    I am seeing this as a possible future upgrade from my K100D - not that I don't absolutely love the performance and small file sizes my K100D delivers, it is at some point there will be good SDM-only lenses which I shall be lusting over but unable to use with my current body. And a hundred other factors including more manual controls and a newer CMOS sensor :)
    However price is a big factor for me. I don't think this will be cheap. On the other hand I am not in a hurry to buy another body, I just know that any body which won't take my 35mm Limited is not going on any wishlist of mine - a bit irrational I know, choosing a body based on the lenses.... oh wait that's why I bought Pentax :D
  103. I'm frankly surprised at only 5 fps, if that spec is indeed correct. 3.5 fps cooled my ardor for getting a K20D. Could the grip also be a voltage booster that improves the frame rate? Have to say my LX Motordrive seems to crawl at 5 fps, compared to the 8 fps of my two F5's, and my D300 at 6 fps without the MB D10 grip and 8 fps with it. It's one of those things that you don't know what you've been missing until you you've used it. But it's certainly a significant advantage for wildlife, action, and sports to have a 60% or greater improvement in frame rates. It may be a sticking point for some if Pentax tops out at 5 fps when other pro and semi-pro brands offer considerably faster.
    Incidentally, not everyone machine guns, aka "spray and pray" at these higher frame rate speeds. The mirror recovers faster for the next shot-- this can be the difference between getting one decent shot or two of a fleeting subject. The subtleties between one frame and the next are often the difference between a great shot and a merely good one.
  104. Michael, I am glad you refreshed my memory about the 3:2 Aspect ratio ... sort of forgot that it was all about that and not about the sensor!
    One thing for sure I like about this new K7 is that we still can continue using the "old" lenses and all of the third-party ones made for K mount. Let us hope Pentax will continue the trend with all future releases, be it K30D, K8 ... etc.
    Ivan, I thought you had switched to Nikon a while back? (read that in one of your previous postings) Do you still own Pentax products or are you completely converted to Nikon? Would that new K7 appeal to you at all, considering all of the improvements?
  105. Miserere Mei wrote:
    Robin, why don't we go have a beer after work and chill out? :)
    Hey, I am drinking beer... Paulaner at the moment.
    Paul Wilkins wrote:
    Robin, worry not, here are the latest specs...
    Soul: Yes. (To be set via Custom Function)​

  106. Oh, and one more thing .... What's that F1.0 showing in one of the pics of the K7 ???
  107. ouch, didnt notice the bracket button was gone, so they added iso to appease the reviewers and magazines, but dropped bracketing which i use all the time. actually the autobracket on the k20d (brought back from the pz1p) is amazing. i bracket a lot for hdr and for digital gnd filters. i just pray i dont have to menu dive every time i bracket . believe it or not that actually could be a deal breaker for me. ironic, almost the perfect camera killed because of the stupid iso button that was perfectly easy to use on the k10/20!
  108. From the camparative pictures, doesn't look like nuch. But I can say from my experience, the K20D's difference of near 1/2 inch of width and 1/3 inch in height over the K200D has made a substantial difference as to which commonly available space each will fit into or not fit into. And the handling feel is different. Actually, the K200D has an unusually deeply formed grip, which is very helpful for grasping, especially for larger lenses on a smaller body.
    Hmm. The auto bracket control! Yes, I don't get it. The OK plus dial does well for setting ISO, but not as obviouis in your face- something one has to get used to.. The PZ-1p was indeed a great camera design.
    Perhaps tomorrow complete specs for the K7 will be listed on the Pentax website, along with the official announcement.
  109. In movie mode there is an electronic level...can we have one in the VF for still mode please, Pentax? (see here .)
    "Composition adjustment" , this must be that moving sensor that was rumoured. What this will be useful for, I'm not sure. Will shift lenses be history? How about a "tilt sensor"? I would fork out good money for that camera!
    Bracketing is indeed in a menu . I've heard rumours Pentax will call it the Justin Menu . Interval shooting and HDR are on the same menu.
    Battery select option . The grip can take AAs, but can it take the proprietry battery too? I doubt the camera can take AAs, but there's a useful idea just waiting to be implemented :)
    Menu option #32 , one of my favourites.
    The camera mount is still crippled , while the new DA WR lens has a slight Sony vibe to it.
    You guys thought we were excited? There is already a Flickr group for the New Pentax K Model . A nice selection of photos. I especially like the first one, with the flash up; it seems a lot taller than my K10D flash. Or maybe it's just happy to see me.
    Anybody want to guess what lens is on this photo ?
    Best spy pic ever . Sexiest camera pic .
    And now I'm off to bed. (Pentax really should be paying me for this...)
  110. Perhaps tomorrow complete specs for the K7 will be listed on the Pentax website, along with the official announcement.​
    What do you mean "perhaps"? It's fo' sho'! 8:33:21 left...
  111. Now I'm really going to bed.
    PS: Anybody noticed I am back to 3 canisters? Wonder why...
  112. And now I'm off to bed.​
    Hmmm, I though all you east coast folks went to sleep at 3:00am?
  113. Guys ... get a good night sleep and see what's in store tomorrow.
    I'm hitting the hay too!
  114. Ooops ... before retiring ... one question:
    Why is my AF now quite slow on the K20D, coupled with a DA*300 ??? I have just upgraded to the new firmware version recently. Would that have anything to do with it?
  115. I have enjoyed your posts, Mis! Have a good night.
    If I really needed 8 fps I guess I'd be shooting Nikon too. I met a pro once who made his living shooting car races and needed that. Myself, I rarely use even 3 fps. I have been using my Pentax stuff for fast hockey, getting many good shots with puck in mid-air, etc and its good enough for me. 5 fps will be quite adequate for my needs. But people have different needs.
    Justin, I notice what appears to be a new drive mode button on the back. Maybe a quick access including bracketting options? We will just have to wait and see.
  116. JP, per a recent thread, there seems to be a full or low battery charge issue with SDM. This could be it. I also have that lens, and used it about 2 weeks ago after having installed the firmware update. Have not noticed a problem, but tomorrow I'll give that a try. My K20D battery has not been charged in quite some time.
  117. jtk


    I'm ordering another K20D. One will wear 21/3.2 full time, the other will risk dust changing lenses. Lightroom/CS can squeeze more from K20D files than I've learned so far...hell of a good camera...I'm sure good photographic craftsmanship can beat Pentax's engineering/marketing..
  118. I might be able to solve the autobracket issue. USER MODE.
    I have to check, but I am pretty sure you can set it to bracket. Actually, this is what I used my user more for on the PZ1P, it was my bracketing mode.
    Not ideal, but I'll just set it to 5 shots at 1EV interval as a default and it should be good enough. I suppose I will menu dive to fine tune it for HDR .
    The in camera HDR feature is the biggest gimmick ever, oh how I can't wait to start seeing tons of bad HDR posted to the web. At least now you need to buy/borrow/steal some software to give it a go, and there is still a 100:1 ratio of bad to good HDR floating around cyberspace. HDR is the modern equivalent of the wide angle lens. Everyone loves it for a while, then they realize just because it was new to them, didn't make the images any better to the rest of us! (yeah, bad HDR is a thorn in my side).

    I wish there was a custom button somewhere on there.
  119. I wish there was a custom button somewhere on there.​
    It is essential. User mode has yet to work for any setting I wanted to make sticky. And it's not the same as providing quick access to a toggle mode.
    Bracketing is gone from the body but we have ISO (again... OK worked fine for me), image mode (will never use as I shoot RAW) and info. Three useless buttons. I do however agree with SR being off the camera. Yep, we need a custom button or the full flexibility to override some of the others. That way we can all have our favourite function near to hand.
    The in camera HDR feature is the biggest gimmick ever, oh how I can't wait to start seeing tons of bad HDR posted to the web.​
    Start seeing this? There is so much already I doubt it will make a dent.
  120. Looks like Pentax USA changed their mind and set the clock back 3 hours. Or maybe they couldn't do their math right in the first place? 10:00 ET (15:00 GMT) is THE time. Unless you're German.
    I'm off to the gym...so see you then!
  121. Jacques Pelletier,
    I started out with a Pentax ME bought new in 1977 and I stayed with Pentax until about 4 years ago. (My migration to Nikon gear was as much due to the upper tier ED lenses being so much more ubiquitous and available. The 200-400 VR-G was the hook.) I'm spread across several systems and formats now. 35mm and 645 film Pentax, 35mm film and APS-C Nikon, 60 year old Meridian 4x5 technical field camera.
    My continued interest in Pentax 35mm gear is based on LX bodies and several primes that I built a career upon, some of which still keep ticking along. Not to say they're not quirky-- I've had to engineer some flash cord workarounds, and have done some body repairs and a lot of Motordrive LX surgery to keep them going. It's worthwhile only because the LX system has unique advantages like a dialable frame rate for nighttime remotes where animals trigger the flash-lit shot by tripping a sensor (Even when using fast recycling Quantum Turbo 2x2 battery packs, there's the need to adjust the speed to match the flash recycling). Too, an LX body with the twisty R/A finder (FB-1 + FC1) is unmatched for low angle and macro portraiture. I've got a system built around the 100mm SCM-A f/2.8 Macro that includes an on-axis pivoting macro rail (Nikon PG-2) that's pretty slick.
    Have to say that Pentax bringing out something along the lines of a digital LX is intriguing. Awaiting the K7 with baited breath.
  122. Looks like Pentax USA changed their mind and set the clock back 3 hours. Or maybe they couldn't do their math right in the first place?
    No, MM, I believe they may have underestimated the response they'd get with this because I was able to access their site about 7:30 a.m. CDT US; haven't been able to get back in at all for the past hour. It just sits there, "loading"........ but never does. So I'm pretty sure they're being overwhelmed with site traffic. That's a good thing, BTW.
  123. Pentax Canada works:
  124. Found an initial review here, too.
  125. Pentax Canada works:​
    Not anymore :)
    We're a needy bunch, us Pentaxians.
  126. Still can't get into pentaximaging.com, either. Now it says "Service unavailable".
    Wow. Just....wow.
  127. "The in camera HDR feature is the biggest gimmick ever, oh how I can't wait to start seeing tons of bad HDR posted to the web"
    First thing I thought was "groan...now I'm going to have to vote off tons of badly HDR'd PPG images" :p
  128. Michael, thanks!
    Well, I am not sure about the battery charge issue because I usually have it charged up on a regular basis, at least every couple of days. I will wait and see what you have to report.
  129. Ivan,
    I also started with Pentax back in 1976 with a ME model. Then, it was off to university and being broke most of the time, I had sold a lot (almost all) of my stuff. Back to Pentax during the late 80's with a MZ-6 and a couple of chep lenses. Took me over 20 years to decide to upgrade ... to a K10D!
    I did think of "switching" to Nikon, but as a satisfied customer of Pentax products, I decided to stick with the brand. Granted, maybe not as many lenses as opposed to Pentax, but at least some great 3rd party finds.
    I am also eagerly waiting for the REAL specs for the K7 ... seems to be quite a hype! By the way, the Pentax Canada site does work well with all of the available descriptions. Phyllis had just pinted that out earlier, I am repeating her link here:
  130. I have a K10D with the 7Omm and 35mm limited's, but I haven't yet begun exploring the camera and lenses full potential. I bought the K10D as it was the best price / quality out there when it was first introduced, and, the fact that the first camera I used was a Pentax ( P 30 ) might have played a role also...
    I also use Nikon's ( not my own ) and was thinking about first getting the D5O for it's video capability, and then eventually the D700 with the D50 becoming the back up... Now with the K7, with videocapability and lot's of other useful features, I'm seriously considering staying with the pentax system, even for commercial use.
    The HD feature, if it works well, isn't gimmicky to me, as I can see it's practical purpose in high production interior shoots : having images straight out of the camera with clearly defined details in both dark areas as in lighter ( window ) areas is a boost in productivity.
    Also, the added video capability, making moving images, intrigues me more and more for personal work....
    But after all the tech talk, John Kelly said it best : " I'm sure good photographic craftsmanship can beat Pentax's engineering/marketing.. "
  131. Both my K20D batteries have not been charged in several weeks, at least. I am absent minded regarding such matters, a reason I am not very agreeable to proprietary regargeable-only battery requirements. With my other DSLRs, I can just reach for a set of AA lithiums.
    My DA* 200mm would not AF at all!! I last used it about 2 weeks ago with no problems. Furthermore, it will not even meter properly!! It just flashes "MF" when set on AF, and the meter goes crazy! Now the battery shows down 1/2. Yesterday I did some shots with another screw-drive lens, no problems. So I put on the DA* 50-135mm f/2.8, and the AF, metering worked fine, even with the depleated battery! If the SDM lenses are so finicky and power-hungry, no more for me!! I will give Pentax a call on this issue. I have one of the batteries on the charger now.
    I'll post again after testing with a fresh battery. Maybe Pentax DSLR battery spec should be with flash, without flash, with SDM and with SDM plus flash!!!
  132. I've been away for a few days and have a bunch of catch-up reading to do but adding a 1/8000 shutter without bumping X-sync to 1/250 at the same time is a pretty big disappointment. The smaller dimensions are welcome but I wish it could have been thinner as well.
  133. Well, aside from appearing to be a troll, feel free to point out the Nikon that has built in image stabilization, a 100% viewfinder, weather sealing, and in body HDR for the same, or even close price.
    It appears it's Nikon's move to be the Me Too camera
  134. Jacques, I did my test again with freshly-charged battery, and the DA* 200mm now works perfectly!! Evidently, this lens requires more juice than the DA* 50-135mm!
  135. Is that flash snoot less obnoxious? Might I be able to clear the focal reducer on the observatory telescope? Can I mount a Pentax bellows set without a song and dance? Can Justin FINALLY shift his lens without opening the dust collector?
  136. Your huge disappointment is my dream DSLR for my many K-mount and 6x7 Pentax lenses (w/K-mount adapter). It will be a huge upgrade from my Pentax *ist DS2.

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