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  1. Has anyone had hands on experience with low light autofocus speed comparing the
    K10 and the K20? I'm upgrading my DL, but I'm not sure the K20 is worth the
    extra cash. Low light AF speed is my main concern. I would rather add to my
    collection of fast glass with the savings of a K10 over a K20. I guess what
    I'm driving at is the AF speed of the K20 considerably faster than the K10 in
    low light?

  2. The K20D hasn't been released yet!!!

    Only a few people, who are tied to Pentax have one (that I am aware of). I think it's released in April.

    I'm doubtful the AF speed will be that much better. The system is the same system (SAFOX VIII I believe). They added a few tweaks like being able to turn off the pentax stutter verification (that makes it so accurate) and also the ability to fine tune focus on individual lenses.

    I'm sure the firware will be updated as well, but I'd assume they might release some new firmware for the K10D too (well I hope they will and probably will when more SDM lenses are released).

    Anyway, IMO, the K20D might be worth the upgrade at $800-900 but at $1300 it seems like you'd be better off with a K10D, and $800 towards a lens or two.
  3. "The K20D hasn't been released yet!!!"

    I'm well aware. I was asking the few fortunate souls who have had their hands on one.

    I'm thinking it may not be that big of an upgrade to justify the cost.

    I read an interesting article lately in Pop Photo that basically said lenses are the main investment, and that the bodies are secondary and replaced often. I'm starting to believe it.
  4. Christopher, believe it.
  5. Christopher, the article you read was written by one of the great writers and experts in the industry, Herbert Keppler, who, unfortunately, recently passed away. The upcoming issue will be on the stand within a very few days, and is scheduled to include a test of the new K20D, which comes already optimized for the new SDM lenses.

    However, be aware, that there are some new K10D stock still around at bargain closeout prices, and if you are patient, the price of the new K20D will most likely fall considerably before the end of this year.
  6. I just checked, and the test is already posted on POP's website, popphoto.com, which indicates improved performance not in AF, but in image quality at ISO 1600. The test does not address dynamic range, but there is a new circuit to enhance DR.

    It seems, though, the Nikon D300 definitely outperforms the K20D at 3200 ISO, where noise is a major factor. The Sony A 700 is a major competition at the K20D price range.
  7. I just compared the two POP tests, showing noise measured slightly higher over all on the new K20D!!
  8. Pentax rep had K20D, K200D and 200mm 2.8 and 300mm f4 at the local shop yesterday. I missed getting to handle them. Pentax rep "said" pentax lenses will be more expensive from now on. So this "new" marketing strategy will be something for Pentaxians to look foward to: Better pro level telephoto prime glass and higher prices than the competetion.

    It would have been nice to handle these items yesterday to tempt me but I'm tapped out now so its likely best I didn't get to testdrive the 2008 goodies.

    I have a feeling that the price drops we've grown accustomed to seeing with pentax system may become a thing of the past. We'll know for sure in another 10 months...

  9. Hmm, I assume Pentax realizes that to keep market share it must be competitive?

    And I wasn't aware the current lenses were cheap. I haven't seen a lens that I thought was lower priced than it should be. The 16-50 and 50-135 seem fairly priced, but not low bearing in mind they are DA which was promised to be "cheaper and more efficient to build" and the limiteds seem priced fairly as well, considering nothing by the japan makers comes close in build.

    Of course if they are talking Olympus prices, well, that's too rich for my blood!!!

    But on the flip side, better glass = more money, that seems to make sense!!!

    But we'll see, I think Pentax Rep is getting a little cocky, or maybe Hoya is getting a little cocky! Maybe they want to be a player in SLRs more than you thought!

    But have no fear, seems Tamron and Sigma are now getting into the kmount full blast again.

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