K10D w/Metz 54 MZ3

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by neil_swanson, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Hi all. I have the above flash. I use it on a Canon, an M6ttl Leica and I'd like to use it with the K10d. The
    Metz website lists the K100D as the closest camera to a K10D. They list their 3702 as the SCA adapter to
    use. Seems the 3702 is the choice for most every Pentax camera. Anyone tried this? Am I gonna smoke
    the camera? Thanks
  2. My understanding is that it will work, it won't fry the K10D, but it does not support P-TTL
    flash metering. Metz has been quoted elsewhere as working on a new SCA adapter that
    supports P-TTL flash.. This from a recent note on DPReview.com:

    "The new version of the adaptor SCA 3702 M2 for Pentax digital-cameras probable will
    emerge in the course of next month. With this adaptor also the P-TTL-flash-control with
    this cameras can be used in combination with the flash guns mecablitz 54 MZ-4i, 45 CL-4
    digital and 76 MZ-5 digital."

  3. Why Not Not call or e-mail Metz and pentax and see what kind of an answer you get :: good luck\\\Lauren
  4. What I posted above was indeed a response from Metz to an email query.

  5. I also saw the post on DP about no P-TTL on the K10D just minutes after posting here. So
    the 3702M SCA would allow TTL on a K10D? Just not P-TTL? I could live with that.
  6. The K10D doesn't support TTL, only p-TTL (yeah, try to figure that one out).
  7. Neil

    The K10D does not support simple TTL flash metering ... there is no sensor in the mirror
    box to read flash exposure off the focal plane while the mirror is up and shutter is open.
    P-TTL works with a pre-flash prior to the mirror lifting so the sensor to read flash is
    behind the focusing screen along with the ambient light sensors.

    We just have to wait for the 3702M2 SCA adapter. Hopefully, it will be along pretty soon


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