K1 teething problems; Adobe converter and Sigma compatibility

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  1. Well I finaly did it. I got a K1 for a good price last week. So far really like it. Lot more functions than used to with the old K5 so a lot to learn. Seems to have about 4 ways to select any one feature! I like the "switch to crop mode" feature; it has stopped me worrying about "losing" the extra reach of the 1.5x crop sensor for wildlife. The K1 works well with 100mm macro and my 120mm 400mm Sigma.

    Unfortunately it does not like my 24-70mm F2.8 DG Sigma standard zoom lens and will not operate with it at all. I was told and I hope it's true, that this can be fixed by a software upgrade on the lens. Does anyone have experience of this particular camera/lens combination?

    The second less severe issue is that Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 does not support the K1 PEF files, nor can it be upgraded to the latest Adobe Camera Raw which is suppoed to support the K1. It will accept the DNGs so it is not a major problem but does anyone know what the difference in usefulness and quality is between PEFs and DNGs?


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    When Pentax made DNG available as a choice for raw files on the K10, I compared them and found no practical differences in file quality, and have continued to use the DNG format with my succeeding Pentax DSLRs--K20,K7, K5 and K3. It is wonderful not to have to worry about compatibility problems with Photoshop, etc., and I have never seen anyone demonstrate any clear superiority for PEF over DNG. As for your Sigma lens, I have used a number of Sigma lenses on my various Pentax DSLRs without any issues, but not the 24-70 that you are referring to. Perhaps a software update will do the trick.
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