K-x locked up - ever see this?

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by mattb.net, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. I was out in the yard doing some macro shots (using live view, green button metering). I had just viewed some of the photos on the lcd, and was flipping across images and this came up. I had to pull the battery to reset it and it's been fine since.
    The one recent change is I got a new SD card, a 32GB class 10 which I believe I needed the latest firmware to support on this body. I've been using the card/firmware for a month or so and the camera for 18 months with no problems. Any ideas? My plan is to just keep on keepin' on and hope it doesn't come back. If it becomes reproducible then I should be able to isolate the scenario that causes it.
  2. Ouch....No idea. Never seen that on any of my Pentax bodies.
    It could be an isolated glitch, bad card read maybe, corrupt image/sector on the card.
    Oh, and I think you mean a new SD card...I'll fix that for you!
    If you crammed a CF card in there, I'm sure that is part of the issue, but then I suspect you'd have bigger issues.
  3. Ha ha, oops. Yes, SD. I have too many acronyms and abbreviations in my life! (TMAAIML)
  4. Matt, if pulling the battery helped, I'm sure it's just a bug. If you're outside again and using the green button and it locks up again I'd be concerned. Isolated stuff happens though.
    Humans are flawed, so anything they design will also be flawed. :)

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