K-7 on Sale at B&H...with Specs

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  1. Not in stock yet, obviously, but it's listed. And the price as of May 20, 2009 at 07:55 is...$1,199.95 !!!!!
    I wrote that correctly: $1,200 minus change. Wow, I am impressed. Expected release date: July.
    Here are the specs. I think some people are going to be pissed off at the fps...and I'm still not seeing anything about custom AF adjustments. If anyone cares, the external mic is stereo (I think the internal is mono).

    Effective: 15.07, Recorded: 14.6MP
    23.4 x 15.6mm CMOS
    Bit Depth
    File Formats
    File Size
    Not Specified By Manufacturer
    Color Spaces
    sRGB, Adobe RGB
    Image Stabilization
    Crop Factor
    Lens Mount
    Pentax K Mount
    Focus Type
    Auto and Manual Focus
    Focus Range
    Accessory Lens/Filter Mount
    Shooting Controls
    ISO: 100-3200 (expandable to 6400)
    Shutter Speeds
    1/8000 - 30 sec, bulb
    77 Multi Segment, Center-weighted, Spot
    Exposure Modes
    Auto, Program, Manual, Shutter-priority, Aperture-priority
    White Balance
    Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent (4 Settings), Tungsten, Flash, CTE, Manual
    Mirror Lock-Up
    Burst Capability
    High-speed continuous: 5.2fps, Low-speed continuous: 3.3fps
    Self Timer
    12 seconds or 2 seconds
    Interval Recording
    Remote Control
    Yes: Pentax Cable Switch 205, Remote Control F
    Built-in Flash
    Effective Flash Range
    Up to 42' (13 m)
    External Flash Connection
    Hotshoe, PC terminal
    Dedicated Flash System
    Pentax P-TTL series
    Max Sync Speed
    1/180 second
    Built-in Memory
    Memory Card Type
    Still Images per GB
    RAW: 40
    JPEG: High Res:73 - Low Res:2518
    A/V Recording
    Video Recording
    Video with Audio, HD & NTSC Output
    Video Resolution
    1536 x 1024 @ 30fps, 1280 x 720 @ 30fps, 640 x 416 @ 30fps
    Video Clip Length
    Not Specified By Manufacturer
    Audio Recording
    Audio with Video only
    Viewfinder Type
    Eye-level Pentaprism
    Viewfinder Coverage
    3" LCD
    Connectivity/System Requirements
    USB 2.0, A/V Out, HDMI (Type C), 3.5mm Stereo Mini Input
    System & Software Requirements
    Windows XP, Vista
    Mac OS X (10.3.9 or later)
    Operating/Storage Temperature
    Operating Temperature: 14-104°F/-10-40°C
    Not Specified By Manufacturer
    Not Specified By Manufacturer
    Battery Type
    D-LI90 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
    Power Adapter
    D-AC50 AC Adapter Kit (optional)
    5.1 x 3.8 x 2.9" (129.5 x 96.5 x 73.7mm)
    22.9 oz (649g) body only
  2. shame there is no pre-order button!! I would order today! As long as AF speed is really improved and 5.2FPS good enough for me! Just a shame on the x-sync. Also this seems to be price for body only?
  3. I looked yesterday and called and it wasn't there yet. Im seriously considering it.
  4. "As long as AF speed is really improved"
    Amen to that brother. My biggest gripe is AF speed in low light.
    May be time to upgrade the K10
  5. There's no more TAv and Sv modes?? I thought I saw those on the dial on one of the pictures...?
  6. My K10D is getting a little long in the tooth now that I see the new K7... I did not see either of the new WR kit lenses on the site yet. Wonder how much they will be?
  7. Somanna, they are both there. I just checked.
  8. Electronic Level Indicator
    Finding the perfect horizon is fast and easy using the K-7's built-in Electronic Level Indicator.
    Is it sad that I think this is the most interesting thing?

    It is an unusual feature though. I don't think I've heard of any other camera having this.
  9. Douglas, thanks for the link.
    Brian, I think its great and really wish I had it right now on my k10! I suck at keeping level horizons...
    and yea the pentax website is not loading.... interesting... probably the first time that their website has had this much traffic all at one go!
  10. Yvon's got the specs up. Pentax site still down.
    Oh, the level thing isn't new. My Nikon D700 has it. I agree its quite handy.
    If the K-7 offered an articulated viewscreen I'd get one. HD dslrs should really have this feature. I'll guess K30D will.
    Anyways heres the K-7 specs and 15% off coupon link for extras from Yvon:
    " Hi Pentaxian friends.

    It's finally here. Let me first list the new features, then you can read all the details.

    1. New smaller Magnesium alloy body
    2. New 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor rebuilt from the ground up
    3. New 77-segment metering system
    4. HD Movie capture (1280x720) with stereo sound capability
    5. Dedicated AF assist lamp
    6. Electronic level function
    7. In-camera lens correction of distortion and Chromatic aberrations...imagine that!
    8. Dedicated mirror lock-up
    9. New High Dynamic Range (HDR) capture mode...in-camera...A fulfilled dream!
    10. Composition adjustment in Live View
    11. Real live view with AF
    12. New 3 inch LCD with 921,000 dot resolution
    13. 5.2 frame-per-second shooting with the new PRIME II image processing engine
    14. Top speed of 1/8000 sec

    15. 100% field-of-view viewfinder
    16. Improved focus algorithm providing faster and more responsive AF
    17. Shake Reduction (SR) updated to compensate for rotational sensor movement
    18. New higher capacity battery (D-L190)
    19. Advanced image capture settings including digital filters and aspect ratio flexibility, + more...
    20. New optional battery grip (D-BG4) using new D-L190 or six AA batteries
    21. New AF button on battery grip
    22. New optional weather-resistant 18-55mm and 50-200mm lenses
    Now the Official Pentax release.

    New Camera Boasts Variety of Technological Firsts and Major Improvements
    Over Previous K Series Cameras


    GOLDEN, CO. (May 20, 2009)…PENTAX Imaging Company announced today the launch of the PENTAX K-7 digital SLR camera.
    This latest PENTAX K series camera is designed for advanced photographers seeking high-end design and features without the cost of a professional DSLR system. The PENTAX K-7 features a rugged, yet compact new body design, a new 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor rebuilt from the ground up, and advanced features such as HD Movie Capture and new, unique-to-PENTAX camera controls. Compatible with every PENTAX lens ever made, the high-end K-7 features an abundance of long-anticipated new and improved features that are exclusive to the camera and combine to make it a tremendous photography tool.

    “The K-7 will appeal to many current PENTAX SLR photographers who have been asking for more advanced features, but in a smaller, solid, comfortable-to-hold body,” said Ned Bunnell, president, PENTAX Imaging Company. “We also believe the combination of the K-7’s smaller, high quality construction coupled with the growing line-up of our Limited compact prime lenses will appeal to serious shooters who currently don’t own or previously hadn’t considered adding a PENTAX to their camera bag.”

    The most significant features of the PENTAX K-7 that have never been offered before in any K series digital camera, and in some cases any camera, include:

    · A compact, magnesium alloy body that is one of the smallest in the advanced photo enthusiast category to reduce bulk and allow users to travel light while maintaining durability and build quality (seven percent smaller than the K20D and up to 25 percent smaller than other cameras in the same class).
    · A new 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor rebuilt from the ground up to minimize noise, adds four channel output for fast image capture, and the ability to capture HD quality movies. It is the ideal combination of resolution and file size, allowing very large (poster size and larger) prints and cropping flexibility.
    · A new 77-segment metering system quickly and accurately determines exposure for even the most complex and dynamic lighting situations.
    · HD Movie capture features adjustable quality and resolution settings, aperture control, as well as mechanical Shake Reduction, and an external microphone terminal for recording stereo sound.* The K-7 will capture video at the default standard of 1280x720 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio (equivalent to 720p), 1536x1024 resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio, or 640x416 resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio (equivalent to VGA quality), all shot at 30 frames per second.
    · An HDMI port with selectable output resolution (1080i, 720p, 480p, and auto) offers high resolution playback of images and video on modern high definition TV’s.
    · A Dedicated AF-assist lamp further improves autofocus response and accuracy in low light conditions.
    · An Electronic Level function ensures that images have truly level horizons to minimize post-capture editing.
    · An innovative in-camera Lens Correction function that electronically adjusts for Distortion and Lateral Chromatic Aberrations to maximize image quality with DA series lenses.
    · A dedicated Mirror Lock-up function eliminates image blur due to mirror movement during long exposures.
    · A High Dynamic Range (HDR) image capture mode captures three images then combines them in camera to widen the exposure gamut to bring out detail in all exposure areas of images.
    · A composition adjustment feature in Live View allows minor shifts in the framing and composition of images using the Shake Reduction mechanism without having to physically move the camera. This feature is ideal for tripod use.
    · A programmable embedded copyright function preserves artistic integrity and image ownership during capture via a keypad that may record ownership in metatag data.

    *Due to the compact size of the K-7 camera and the in-body Shake Reduction mechanism, a camera mounted microphone is a highly recommended accessory for optimal audio quality when capturing video.

    A variety of K series camera features that are significantly improved in the PENTAX K-7 include:

    · A striking 3 inch LCD with 921,000 dot resolution is perfect for detailed image or movie capture and review using the Live View function.
    · A weather, dust and cold resistant (to 14° F or -10° C) body makes the K-7 the perfect camera for use in any environment, inside the studio or when travelling in any weather.
    · Fast 5.2 frame-per-second shooting with a new PRIME II Image processing engine, which features fast circuitry and 4 channel output that is ideal for sporting events or any fast action situation.
    · A top shutter speed of 1/8000 sec freezes even the fastest action in well lit settings.
    · Live View mode, now with contrast AF, Face Detection, and optional histogram, grid, and bright/dark area display, allows you to quickly compose your images without having your eye against the viewfinder.
    · A 100 percent field-of-view viewfinder (92X magnification) and bright focusing screen are ideal for accurate image composition and accurate focus.
    · The PENTAX 11-point autofocus system features improved focus algorithms over previous generation K series DSLR cameras, providing faster, more responsive AF.
    · The PENTAX-original Shake Reduction system now compensates for rotational sensor movement improving the sharpness of your images at the moment of capture.
    · The K-7’s Dust Reduction system, improved over previous K series cameras, features a piezo-ceramic vibration action to the sensor’s low-pass filter for dust-fee image capture.
    · A new high capacity battery features extended battery life, ideal for travel photography or video work.
    · Advanced image capture settings, digital filters, and aspect ratio provide outstanding flexibility and creativity while minimizing the need for computer image manipulation.
    · Custom Image modes with advanced parameter settings including new Key adjustment allow users to customize the processing mode to suit personal creative style.

    Other K series innovations featured on the PENTAX K-7 include:
    · Multiple exposure settings, including Green, Program, Sv, Tv, Av, TAv, M, Bulb, X-sync, and USER modes, provide extensive creative control over the exposure for photographers of all experience levels.
    · Advanced white balance settings include highly customizable white balance fine tuning, color temperature adjustment, and post image capture manual white balance selection for perfect pictures in even the most difficult lighting.
    · Dynamic Range setting with adjustable shadow correction brings out hidden or lost details in both highlights and shadows for even the highest-contrast, dynamic lighting.
    · Dedicated PC socket for studio flash offers convenience for the studio photographer without adding hot shoe adapters.
    · Advanced capture options include multi-exposure and interval shooting for creative special effects and time-lapse photography.

    Along with the body, PENTAX announced a D-BG4 battery grip for exclusive use with the PENTAX K-7. This battery grip may be used in combination with the camera’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery to double camera’s battery life. The D-BG4 also accepts 6 AA batteries in a alternate battery tray for added freedom when shooting in the field. With a vertical shutter-release button, e-dials, AE-lock and a new focus button, the grip features the same weather-resistance, dustproof and coldproof construction as the PENTAX K-7.

    PENTAX also announced two weather-resistant lens models developed specifically for PENTAX digital SLRs. The smc DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR and the smc DA 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED WR kit lenses feature weather-resistant seals to handle damp, inclement conditions. Complementing K series camera bodies, both lenses blend versatility with affordability, giving the casual photographer a broader canvas without having to carry a multitude of lenses.

    The PENTAX K-7 body only will ship in July 2009 for $1,299.95 USD. The PENTAX D-BG4 battery grip also will ship in July 2009 for $229.95. The newest weather-resistant lenses will be priced at $199.95 for the DA 18-55mm and $249.95 for the DA 50-200mm. These products also will ship in July 2009.

    Every PENTAX K-7 purchased includes an exclusive coupon for up to 15 percent savings on a variety of PENTAX products. More information about all of these products is available at: https://paicmail.pentax.com/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.pentaximaging.com/ and preorders may be placed now at http://www.pentaxwebstore.com/.

    Enjoy a preview of the PENTAX K-7 and the advanced features the camera offers on the PENTAX youtube.com channel
  11. Does anyone know the VF eyepoint distance in mm, I wear glasses and find its hard to see things on some finders.
  12. Not that it makes a huge difference, but the B&H price is $1300, not $1200.
  13. Not that it makes a huge difference, but the B&H price is $1300, not $1200.​
    It just went up. When I posted the price this morning I purposely copy+pasted the price from B&H so I wouldn't make a mistake.
  14. At the end of the day, I will only buy the K-7 in a moment of depression or something. The view finder pretty much kills it for me. They went backwards there...What a shame. I can't see anything else in the k-7 that will give me better pictures than the K20D. I am not even sure the AF speed is faster as it uses the same components, unless it is firmware...If it is firware, why can't I have that for the K20D???? In truth, the K-7 makes the K20D @$700.00 LOOK PRETTY GOOD and it will drop even more now. It seems to me that folks looking to spend $1300.00 (and it is a great price!) would be better off in getting a good lens and keeping their K10D,K20D's...my opinion of course, but the view finder has me depressed, though not enough to buy it...I will instead use that money to buy me a good wide angle lens for my D700 that I can actually see what I am shooting...
  15. It's the silent shutter that's selling me.
  16. javier, I have to agree with you on the viewfinder, I'm not sure why I'd want less magnification... so it seems like a bad move... I'm still gonna buy a k-7 though, small is beautiful.
  17. I think the pricing is very significant. Frankly, I haven't been paying much attention to the comparisons to other brand models but now we have a reference point: according to the pnet preview, "The US list price of $1299.95 would put it in the same price class as the Canon EOS 50D and slightly above the Nikon D90 ." Obviously, Pentax chose that match-up very deliberately.
  18. The site is up but slooow to load. The YouTube video was informative. Seems like they did a lot. No info on AF adjustment. I was hoping the Spritswasser mentioned in one of the jpegs posted was a sensor cleaning system, but no luck. The camera looked really small in the announcer's hand - a street camera?
  19. Javier,
    I must have missed something. What's wrong with the viewfinder?
  20. Howard, the preview on dpreview is up and there is AF adjustment.
  21. Javier,
    I must have missed something. What's wrong with the viewfinder?​
    It's not 1.5x magnification. Javier loves the view through his full-frame Nikon D700.
  22. The price is VERY VERY VERY VERY reasonable.
    Hmm, now if I can only get to B&H when I'm in Brooklyn for fathers day.
    Pretty sure they are closed saturday and open sunday, pretty sure the baseball game we are going to is Saturday. Had plans to go to manhattan anyway on Sunday. Definitely this is a camera I need to touch before buying since the layout is so different.
    This has similar features to the D90, but is WAY better built (metal and sealed). As I've always noted, I don't see Pentax stealing to many Canikon shooters, but they will pick up a few disgruntled people, with this offering, and a nice lens lineup.
  23. The K-7 looks like a nice camera. Makes me kinda glad I passed on the porky old K20D, TBH... But OK, if the K20D price gets attractive enough (500€ or less...?) it may be hard to resist its cheap, plastic, chubby charms... :)
    As for the new metal-bodied minx, I'm happy to let the early adopters shove their cash into Pentax's pockets... :) I'd rather wait for the inevitable price drop, myself. As always... :)
  24. "Expected release date: July."
    Umm.. this year?
  25. Oh, there's no AF adjustment on the k7????
    why the heck not? I'd gladly give up my "precious" raw button for that=)
  26. howard, I don't see why we'd want to give up magnification for 100% coverage... Magnification helps with manual focus and welll, seeing better. Also, I haven't seen the vf obviously, but I doubt many could tell the differnce between 95 and 100% coverage.... just doesn't seem worth anything, hope i'm wrong.
  27. Miserere,
    Thank you.
    The K10D (which I have) has .95x magnification, 95% field of view, the K7 has .92x magnification, 100% field of view. Is this a wash, better? worse?
  28. Russel, there is AF adjustment. You can adjust for one lens (up to 20 different lenses) or apply the adjustment to all lenses. See the "Custom Function menu" section on page 11 of the dpreview preview.
  29. Russell,
    How'd you do that? I hadn't asked the question yet!
  30. If it is firware, why can't I have that for the K20D​
    I feel for you....remember, I was asking the same thing for the K10D. Almost all the upgrades minus the sensor for the K20D over the K10D were firmware, including auto bracketing, and DR expansion, interval timer, focus adjust, etc.
    Unfortunately, while firmware was promised to eliminate premature obselesence of products, manufacturers forgot that they still needed to sell new products to stay in business, and thus firmware updates are not effectively implemented. I would have paid $100 for a K10D firmware upgrade that gave me all the possible features of the K20D in the K10D. They could have even included an extra year of basic warranty for the price to boost sales of firmware. Firmware has a minimal production cost to the company, so of that $100, I'm sure most of it is pure profit.
    BTW, I'm not advocating selling minor firmware upgrades but going from K10D 1.3 to 2.0 they could charge a fee and not feel bad about it.
  31. Howard, haha, actually, I'm asking the same question as you are, but making it sound like I know what I'm talking about... that's what I think about the new viewfinder, but I'm not sure.
    James, sorry, didn't get that far in the dpr and didn't see your other post. good to know!
  32. The K10D (which I have) has .95x magnification, 95% field of view, the K7 has .92x magnification, 100% field of view. Is this a wash, better? worse?
    Howard, this is worse for me because it means the picture you are seeing through the view finder will be eve smaller than what you have in the K10D.
  33. I am keen for one single thing on K-7. It is not the video, not the fps, and not many of the wonderful new features but the improvement on AF responsiveness especially for AF.C and improvement on response time to get to first focus lock. K20D fell short on AF improvements and I sure hope that k-7 can deliver. I can say that I love everything in K10D or K20D except the AF not responsive to tracking fast moving objects and slow to respond to first focus lock.
    One surprising feature that homes in for me is the electronic level indicator . Whatever that is, I sure it can help me to have perfectly aligned pictures out of camera. It is a shame to adjust every single pictures that I have tilted from 2 to 3 degrees, more on the portrait orientation. I have tilting problems that I am convinced coming mostly from user errors. This is a good feature to me to say the least.
  34. Subconsciously I am realizing I use my film cameras more than my K20D because of the view finder.
    Looking at what I have in my truck at the moment...
    1)spotmatic SP2, 2 ME SUPERS and 1 canon point and shoot. No DSLR...TISK, TISK TISK...
  35. The K10D (which I have) has .95x magnification, 95% field of view, the K7 has .92x magnification, 100% field of view. Is this a wash, better? worse?
    Howard, this is worse for me because it means the picture you are seeing through the view finder will be eve smaller than what you have in the K10D.​
    It does feature a new "Natural-Bright-Matte III". Maybe this can compensate for the lower magnification. But yeah, like you said, it really boils down to our own personal tastes and needs.
    I wonder how long it'll be till the "Should I get a K20 or K-7" threads start appearing.
  36. So I just had a thought....
    Electronic Level Indicator + Rotational SR motors == Self Leveling sensor?
    How great would it be if you could just get close to level and let the camera fine-tune the leveling for you?
    I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the reviews, but if they have that option I'm leaving it on all the time.
  37. Believe me, you will not notice any difference between the magnification of 92% vs 95%. You do notice some difference between the 85% of the mirror prism K200D (rated very good) and the 95% of the pentaprism K20D (rated excellent).
    I read a very good article in Pop Photo some years back by Herbert Keppler on VF design. The question then was- why are even the better AF SLR VFs not as high in magnification as many of the old MF SLR designs. BTW, the Pentax ME Super at 95% has one of the highest. The later PZ-1p was tested as 86% for an excellent rating. Keppler explained that with more technology having come into play, there is much more info to be displayed along with the image in the VF. Too much magnification cuts into the available border space for displaying this info, and requiring moving the eye side-to-side for the user to see all of it. Especially true for those wearing glasses. The ME Super's VF could not accommodate all the info of later SLRs without this problem. Now we have the necessarily smaller VFs that fit the APS sensor, so it would take about 145% to equal the FF ME Super's 95% VF, or more than 130% to equal that of the also FF PZ-1p SLR. This could pose more problems than is solved, being the space to work with is very limited. You just cannot fully compensate for a FF VF on an APS design. I believe the slight reduction in the K7's VF was to work in some additional info for display in the new VF, and/or make it more visible.
    Many pro photographers have for a long time sought a 100% coverage VF. This is for exact framing, so that doing a lot of cropping later is unnecessary. But in the days of using frame mounts for prints, or slide mounts, that 5%-10% short of accurate coverage left some extraneous border material that fit under the mount anyway. So 100% was of less importance for most people. But now, frequent cropping-out of extraneous material to compensate for inaccurate VF coverage means more processing time, and more throwing away of pixels. That said, 95% coverage is considered very high grade. The better Pentax film models were an exceptably high 92% coverage.
  38. Gonna steal this now, since we're on the topic of viewfinders, any ideas on the coverage and mag an original SP had?
  39. I am glad for 100% viewfinder coverage, but do not want to give up magnification. That will really screw with manual focusing. And because I am not afraid to MF when things get tough, improvements to AF are not as big a deal for me. I do realise others have different priorities. I was hoping this would be the killer camera for old-timers and new-timers like myself who prefer the manual way. But it isn't and I guess we won't ever get one now.
    The new screen might help focus at wider apertures. That would be good. Unfortunately I will never get a hands-on of the camera so will wait 6 months and debate everyone's opinions and save up and wait for the price to drop.... same as usual. I was rather hoping for something more compelling. Something that screamed "BUY ME NOW!"
    One thing I am good at is holding the k20D level, so the electronic indicator is not a compelling sell. I hate tripods so won't use the sensor tilt thing, but I do commend Pentax on that piece of innovation -- very cool!
    So basically I'm with Javier on this one -- you might even see me on other forums looking at the FF offerings. There. I've said it. If only Nikon had these cool FA Limited lenses. But even Pentax doesn't design anything that nice any more.
    But back to the positive. I do like the focal plane marker. And a quieter shutter is great news for some of the art events I frequent.
  40. Many pro photographers have for a long time sought a 100% coverage VF. This is for exact framing, so that doing a lot of cropping later is unnecessary. But in the days of using frame mounts for prints, or slide mounts, that 5%-10% short of accurate coverage left some extraneous border material that fit under the mount anyway. So 100% was of less importance for most people. But now, frequent cropping-out of extraneous material to compensate for inaccurate VF coverage means more processing time, and more throwing away of pixels. That said, 95% coverage is considered very high grade. The better Pentax film models were an exceptably high 92% coverage.​
    On film 100% was sort of over rated since the film scan is less than 100%, so was the area of the frame after slide mounting. On digital you will be more likely to use the whole frame....HOWEVER, on digital you can instantly review your edges on the LCD.
    So 100% is a push to me if I have it tripod mounted, I can simply check the edges on the LCD. If it's action, I'd probably be fine cropping a little off in post.
    So this is a feature that can be looked at either way. You could just add a magnifying eye piece to make up for this as well.
  41. Tried a magnifying eyepiece but it cuts off field of view, esp. as I wear glasses.
    P.S. Pentax cameras still rock. And are great value for money.
  42. Gotta admit I like what I see. This is pretty much the camera I want Canon to make. Unofrtunately I am too heavily invested in Canon glass to switch, but I might pick up one of these when they drop to run-out prices.
  43. C'mon Geoff, join the Dark Side :)
  44. Dark side? Trust me, being with Canon makes me feel like I've sold myself to an evil empire.
    From where I stand, Pentax looks positively like a small and courageous bunch of rebels.
  45. Just to prove to myself that I'm not crazy, today when I got home I looked at the B&H page for the K-7, which was still open in my browser from this morning. Here's a screen grab showing the price I quoted at the beginning of the thread. I wonder why B&H made this mistake? It doesn't seem like them to do that.
  46. I think this looks like a good move for Pentax.
    I see the K-7 listed at about $1300. Now, this is still a big price jump from the K20D. With this higher price, I hope Pentax will continue to market other cameras near the $500 mark.
    That said, the thing is a portable TV station compatible with any Pentax lens ever made. Add in one of those newfangled autofocus DA* lenses, and I think it would give any "multi-thousands" of dollar camera a run for its money. Anyone inclined to talking down Pentax over the lower pricetags would have to seriously consider this camera.
    I haven't used one of these, and y'all know I'm going to stick to my film equipment; but, I think this one looks like it might be a good deal. I think one of the deciding factors is going to lie with its video output; major feature-wise, the capability that's going to get consumer attention will be with the addition of the video. It's going to need to be good, and easy to use with common laptops. A video-Bozo is going to need to be able to fall backwards into success with this camera.
    I'm glad to see this camera come out. For $2000 to $3000, you could have a 100% automatic, DA* star system that will also do video and audio. It's a TV station in your backpack. Add in a laptop, and you could broadcast from just about anywhere. This type of thing could be the freelancer's dreamboat.
    I also like it that the other companies went first on the pricier DSLR cameras. There's something to be said for something done right at a more modest pace. Someone is going to turn up with one of these in a press pool somewhere, and others will gasp.
    I feel good mojo for this camera. It will have a good future.
    Imagine what it would be like to see some of those video features in a 645 DSLR. Holy crap!
  47. ". . . From where I stand, Pentax looks positively like a small and courageous bunch of rebels."
    Obi-Wan O'Keefe-Odom says, Use the force, Geoff. Calculate flash exposure with guide numbers. Put away your targeting computer. Switch over to manual focus. Feel the ambient light all around you. Sunny Sixteen. f/8 and Be There is a Master Photographer's Primary Weapon. Once you go down the path to the dark side, you'll be forever consumed by histograms.
    I hope there's a liberal amount of manual overrides in this new camera.
  48. John O'Keefe-Odom wrote:
    Imagine what it would be like to see some of those video features in a 645 DSLR.​
    Imagine what it would be like to see a 645 DSLR. ;-)
  49. I've been rereading this thread and I realize that the magnification difference between the K10D and the K7 is .03x. This is probably not enough to make a fuss about. Looking through the VF will be the true test for each individual.
  50. If there are any early adopters among us, Pentax is taking preorders here . Admission price (as Lindy would say): $1,300 (+ $15 S&H within the US).
  51. Mis, I saw the $1,199 price too. Nice you grabbed the screen. I doubt B&H made a mistake, I'd rather guess pentax is getting more aggressive in enforcing MAP:
    Minimum Advertised Price
    The Canadians are now paying the penalty due to stores like prodigital2000 selling under MAP. Canada had some aggressive price increases recently. Some lenses doubled in:
    admission price
    I look foward to seeing the hands on reviews of K-7 production samples. I still wish it had articulated viewscreen so I'll wait for the ergonomically perfect HD Dslr in whatever mount wins the race.
    I wonder who will offer it first, then second? Doesn't Pentax have another dslr due out this year? Or was K-7 the last of their predicted cameras due for 2009?
  52. Articulated screen: I would like to think that Pentax didn't include due to size, but even a partial articulation (along the vertical axis, like some Sonys) would have been nice for those close-to-the-ground shots or shooting from the waist.
    Pentax DSLRs this year: Rumours abound that another one will be announced by the end of the Summer or in the Autumn (by Northern hemisphere standards). I don't know if this is official news. If true, I imagine it would be the K200D succesor that gets announced.
  53. The follow-up to the K200D is due around New Year, according to the last actual report from Pentax Japan. Sometime after that, maybe a year from now, the succesor to the K20D is to be launched. Not sure what they think the K-7 is if it's not an improved K20D.
  54. The K7 is a compact concept camera combining advanced factors in a unique way.
    It is possible that there will be a K30D, which will have additional features, such as a swing-out screen and 1/250 sec standard flash sync. That would be the primary studio and location camera, where the K7 will be the advanced tekking model, and designed with the Limited lenses in mind.

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