Just purchased a Canon 6D with 24-70 2.8L Advice please

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  1. Hi all.
    After a long hiatus from shooting due to work I decided to get back into photo.
    I just purchased a Canon 6d (my previous camera was the Canon 5D m1 so I wanted a full frame body). It was the adorama camera package deal with the printer, bag and 32GB memory card. I also picked up an extra battery, a backpack and LCD screen protector.
    For the lens I purchased the 24-70 2.8L Mark 1 from KEH.
    I mainly shoot street, more reportage, landscape, live music and the occasional impromptu portrait. Nothing with strobes.
    Is there anything else I should consider picking up that is essential. I also thought about picking up the 50mm STM 1.8. Is it worth having in my bag?
    Any advice is appreciated.
  2. I would suggest that a fast prime or two is an excellent idea, though personally, if you are only adding one, I might add one that's a bit longer than the FL of your 24-70. Something like a 100/2 or 85/1.8 adds a bit of length and makes an excellent portrait lens - further, both are fairly inexpensive (though obviously not in the 50/1.8 category). I know I often wished that the 24-70 had just a smidge more reach, but wasn't willing to suffer the penalties required to switch to a 24-105L or 28-135 as a mainstay lens.
  3. My standard zoom on my 6D is the Canon 24-105 f4L. I find the extra range at the long end very useful.
  4. I think you made an excellent purchase in the Canon 6D. I use one and like it very much. It gives me great results. Enjoy your new camera for a while. Don't succumb to lens lust. Remember simple is best and too many lenses can often get in your way. Of course the 50mm STM lens is a very good little lens and if you think you'll get much use out of it the price is right. Mainly shoot with your new kit for a while and see what you are 'reaching' for before you get caught up in lens lust. Good Luck!
  5. As you describe your shooting, I see no need for a fast prime. You've already got an excellent fast zoom and the 6D performs exceptionally well at high ISO. Go out and start shooting. If you're missing a piece of equipment that's essential to your type of shooting, you'll quickly become aware.
  6. If you feel like a fast prime lens then it is difficult to go wrong with the 50/1.8 STM: it is a real bargain and a pretty good performer - as good as anything at f4 and higher.
  7. The 24-70mm f2.8 mark 1 is an excellent lens in every way, just a bit heavy. If you like wide angle like I do, then the 16-35mm mark 1 is also a very good lens. Two of its better characteristics are great good color rendition and lack of distortion.
  8. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Any advice is appreciated.​

    Don't buy anything else - yet.
    Use the camera and the 24 to 70/2.8 for three months.
    In three months of use you'll have a much better idea of what, if any, other lenses you will need.
    I bet a Mars bar that in three months, no lenses will have sky-rocketed in price.
    In that three months of shooting, I suggest you record (i.e. keep a list) of the times you needed/desired:
    > Wider Focal Length
    > Longer Focal Length
    > Faster Aperture
    > Image Stabilization
  9. BTW, you've got a great zoom, so get the most out of it by shooting Raw and using Digital Lens Optimization to correct for geometric distortion, chromatic aberration, vignetting, etc. at every focal length and every aperture. You will not miss primes if you use DLO. DLO is part of Digital Photo Professional, which ships with your camera. It's also part of Lightroom, Adobe Raw and DxO Optics Pro. If you really care about your image quality, you'll want to use DLO on all images.
  10. One big advantage with the 6D is low light performance at high ISOs. With the F2.8 lens you can capture action in very low light. It amazed me when I got mine; how I could shoot at musicians on stage at 6400ISO or sometimes more and get surprisingly good results.
    I've added this shot of a guitarist shot with 6D at 25600 ISO 1/125th sec at F4 using a 24-105 F4 lens. its a little grainy in the background but its clear on the guitar and strings.
    So it you are shooting street shots at night 6D is excellent and the centre focus is very sensitive too. The outer Focus Points are not so good so be aware of that in low light.
  11. Image from 6D at 25600 ISO
  12. I have the same combo for 3 years, it is excellent, but heavy. I have 50/1.8 and don't use it really often. Thinking about getting 40/2.8 pancake, when I want go lighter.

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