Just need an opinion about my wedding photos and prices

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  1. Hallo,

    From time to time I read on different forums complaints how hard it
    is to be a wedding photographer, how low it is payed, etc...
    I belive the situation is similair all over the world. But things in
    Slovenia are a bit worse, I belive. Most of photographers charge
    about 300 US$ for service, which consists of 80-100 prints of
    different size (most of them are 15x21cm), inserted in premium album,
    which costs alone more than 50$. Events covered: civil wedding,
    church wedding and studio outdoor 'romantic' photos, group photos,
    etc. Price also includes all films + processing (usually about 15),
    all prints and all travel costs (usually 100-200km).
    I was among those photographers for about 10 weddings, then I raised
    my price to 400$. I am now obviously too expensive. Or am I not good
    enough fot this price? Here is the link to some of my wedding photos:


    OK, I scanned prints and most scans are terrible. But I hope you got
    the feeling.
  2. fju


    i like the pictures. the shot of the couple drinking champagne would have worked better as a vertical, and i think your use of very wide lenses is bit distracting in 2 of the shots. overall it's good work in my opinion.
  3. You are certainly good enough for the price of $400... Your problem must be what the market currently is where you are. I always found whenever I raised my price, I experienced a little bit of a lull. Then, it picked up in the next season. I suggest offering the $300 package but for less hours or number of prints...Offering a $350 price for a bit more and a $400 price for what you mention above (what you used to offer for $300). I think you will find you will have takers in the $350 price. People tend to go for the middle price. Next season take it up a notch.
  4. Janez, Don't ever sell yourself short. It doesn't matter what anyone else is charging. I have a friend in town who is $400 above anyone else, he's always booked. He says he has seperated himself from the rest because (he can sell)he provides a quality product that is different than everyone else. People want him because he isn't cheap. Some clients want the best for there little girl and don't want a cheap job. A lot of couples can't afford photos, and some spend 20K on the wedding but want to barter with the photograper over $100. It's a tough market but stick to your guns. I was at his office on Monday talking over coffee and he said to me," If I were to hire you to work 2 hours to make the sale, a day at the wedding, trips to labs, proofs to the couple, put the book together etc, What would you charge"? A lot more than the guys down the street who is spending $800 to make $800 in time and materials.While it's nice to help someone who can't afford photos,your in business. Hope this helped.

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