Just got a 5D. Do I need a second body?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by shaun_martin|2, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. It seems I never have enough toys! I recently upgraded from a 30D to the 5D and (foolishly) got rid of the 30D. I
    got the 5D for all the reasons that a full-frame brings, but now I find myself missing the crop factor
    particularly since I shoot wildlife. I am going to Africa in November and I am contemplating getting a second
    body to take along. I don't want to spend a lot of money - so I am thinking of getting a 40D or even an Rebel Xsi
    (or another 30D!) to use for wildlife shots with my 70-200 f/2.8 lens and 2x extender. This will give me an
    effective 640mm over just 400mm with the 5D and the same equipment. I'll use the 5D for landscapes and low light
    shots. I don't want to invest in (or carry) a longer lens for the 5D. But not so psyched about getting a second
    camera to lug around either. And ow the 50D is coming out, making the decision even more difficult!

    Am I crazy for even thinking about this? Any advice?

  2. For a once in a life time trip, I would not want to depend on a single body. I am sure weight is a concern. If were me and just me, I would look at one of the rebels and I would take a hard look at the new 1000D. It would be a cheap option that should produce fairly good IQ. If you are willing to spend the money the XSi would be better. If you are not concerned with weight or money, then the 40D would be a killer combo with the 5D. At that point it is no longer a main body with a back up, but rather a dual format camera system. Just my thoughts.

  3. BTW, go do some test shots with that 70-200 and 2x extender. I find stopping down to f11 produces decent results with some sharpening.

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    No, you're not crazy. I agree with Jason: for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, don't depend on a single body. I'd get the best body I
    could afford. I'd also look for a used 300mm lens, perhaps an f4. Also, I'd consider the 1.4 extender rather than the 2x
    (quality considerations).
  5. I would never depends on a single body for any important photographic event. Nor would I depend on a single lens. Stuff breaks, even the best and most expensive stuff. you always need a backup unless you don't mind not getting any images. At the very, very least, you need a P&S with a decent zoom, but for a few hundred dollars you can certainly find a used Digital Rebel if money is tight. An XSi would be just fine.
  6. If you do not want to carry 40D or new 50D then I suggest G9 as your back up camera. Sandy
  7. At the least consider either one of the X Rebel series or a used x0D body. I've been in a situation years ago
    when my Nikon camera packed up and I finished off the trip with a Rollei 35 - thank goodness I had it along, and
    now it's hard for me to tell where one left off and the other started. Get it soon so you can make sure it's OK,
  8. "If were me and just me, I would look at one of the rebels and I would take a hard look at the new 1000D. It would be a
    cheap option that should produce fairly good IQ. If you are willing to spend the money the XSi would be better. "

    The Rebel XS and XSi are currently priced the same, $699.95 with kit lens.
  9. You can always sell it on return. The 50d will probably sell on ebay used for the same price as new (without tax) for while
    after in comes out.
  10. Thanks everyone for the good advice. This is not a once in a lifetime trip for me. I do these kinds of trips 2 or 3 times a year. (I work for a nature conservation organization.) Which is probably even a greater reason why I should get a second body (and why returning it isn't really something I would want to do.) While I don't have tons of money, I could spend up to $1000 for the 40D if it were going to make that much of a difference over the Xsi. Shooting wildlife, I'd like to have the 6 fps that the 40D offers, but I also rarely used the 5fps on the 30D so not sure if that is really that important. Sleeping lions don't move all that fast!
  11. If you really want the biggest zoom take the one with the smallest pixels. (No, I don't mean a crappy P&S, I mean the EOS with the smallest pixels so you can crop the most.)

    At the moment that's the 450D but in a very short while that would be the 50D.

    Have a nice trip! Matthijs.
  12. If you do these kinds of trips 2-3 times a year, a 5D is bought for something else then. You've gotta buy a Rebel XSI with 12mp and using the crop factor, you'll have a decent telephoto machinery for an incredibly low price.
  13. X0D and 5D share the same type of battery. This saves on the number of batteries/chargers. Not a big issue but something to consider.
  14. Sure, get a second body! :)
  15. 30D for $699. Might be just what you need. http://www.ritzcamera.com/product/541162384.htm Sale ends sept. 13th. It would be shame to settle for a XSI or XS.
  16. > For a once in a life time trip, I would not want to depend on a single body.

    It depends. Maybe you could save the money and make it a "twice in a life time trip" . In this case if something breaks, you would have another chance. And if nothing breaks you would have twice the fun.
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    If you shoot for money you need backup.
  18. If you buy used, you can always sell when you get back and pretty much break even on the deal. Think of it as insurance.
  19. great idea, Bob!
  20. Get a 40D, it will supply what you feel is missing. The end.
  21. I keep the XSi for telephoto. I'm happy. Full-frame is great, but not for wildlife, in my opinion--unless you can afford the really long IS lenses, which I cannot.

  22. Although I love my 5D, I still use my 20D for sports and wildlife. The autofocus and frame rate on the 5D is inferior to
    the 20-30-40-50D line, not to mention the crop factor which saves you money on the long side. You might be able to
    rent or borrow a 40D. I'm not sure the new 50D will be available in stores for you before you go.

    I know, it seems like a lot of money. But remember that the price of a combined 5D plus 50D is still lower than a top
    line MKIII, and you share batteries and have much more secure backup. And, when you consider the cost of long
    lenses, you are still ahead of the game by having two midrange bodies, each used in specific situations.
  23. Either go back to your 30D or 40D is better joice , so you can use is for wildlife, and 5D for the landscape
    good luck
  24. I have been traveling alot with my camera gear and found the xxD series to be a bit heavy to be lugging around as an
    extra, at least for me. I agree with everyone you should get a back up, I would look at an XSI (3.5 fps). Just keep in
    mind there will be times on safari when animals will run and your 5D (3 fps)will take great shots but with its slow
    frame rate can miss the money shot.

    Just got back from China yesterday now off to Bali nexted Sunday and I will be packing two, plus some odds and
    ends film cameras.
  25. If weight is not an issue (and in trips, it mostly is) then by all means, bring a second body. That said, do remember that the only benefit of 1.6X on FF when used as a telephoto is more pixels on the subject.

    OP: Have you tested your 70-200/2.8 with 2X? My 70-200/2.8 IS is not at it's best at the long end when wide open and putting a 2X produce unacceptable results for me. I suspect that a 100-400 will be better for this task.

    Happy shooting,
  26. I always take my D60 as a backup to my 5D!
  27. I have a 40D and a 5D. They compliment themselves perfectly for me because I like to shoot sports, wildlife with
    the 40D. It's nice to have 6fps for those shots. I use the 5D for weddings, portraits, and with a 24-105 f/4L
    walk around lens, I feel like I have most shots covered. If you are used to the 30D you will love the
    enhancements made to the 40 or 50D. 6fps not 3fps is a nice advantage. Yes it costs more but you won't have to
    buy anything else for a long time. I would not go on any trip without a second body/lens. No way, no how!
  28. >>>"The Rebel XS and XSi are currently priced the same, $699.95 with kit lens."<<<

    That just seems silly doesn't it? Oh well, supply and demand I am sure.

    The 30D for $699.00 is a great deal. I will also say that Bob's logic on used sounds very logical.

  29. Buy a used one and sell it when you get back, its almost like your just borrowing it. That is logical.

    XSi @ 3.5 fps vs 5D @ 3 fps vs 30D @ 5 fps, 30D still wins out, XSi and 5D arent very far apart. A Rebel doesnt have the weather sealing that a 30D and 5D have. The XS and XSi both use SD cards, where as the 30D uses CF cards, if your 5D went down and your SD cards were full from use with 3 or 4 CF cards sitting there unused you'd be cursing your bad luck. 30D ISO 3200, XSi 1600. 5D and 30D take the same battery, one more thing you can swap back and forth. Not trying to put down XSi owners, just pointing out the reasons to get a 30D, or even a used 20D.
  30. I'd vote a refurb 40D. That's what I went with, at $870 and change. Not much more than the 30D and will retain a bit more value since the 30D is quite old now. I like it much more than the 30D, but it is different and you would have to get used to it before your trip in order to get all your shots, as compared to using the familiar 30D. I like the 40D's menu much more than the 30D. Some people don't like the 40D's menu.
  31. As an amateur I just can't justify a second 5D. (Or rather I can't justify it to my wife!).

    Current 5D would stay if and when I get a new 5D Mk II/3D/4D/7D. Until then a G9 doubles as emergency back-up (so far never needed) and lazy camera.

    For you, crop factor second body sounds perfect for wildlife. In the UK there seem to be tons of 20D and 30Ds floating around secondhand - I guess these are people who skipped the 40D and are now moving to 50D. My guess is that there will be even more (with a smattering of 5Ds) once the new photographic messiah finally breaks cover (I think there will be weeping from here to DPR via all points South if it is anything less than stellar).
  32. The XSi is currently $630 on Amazon. Pretty cheap for a fine camera that produces great images...

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