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  1. Last month Nikon announced Z mirorless a marvel of technology poised to have us all drooling and anxiously contemplating/ irrationally justifying an upgrade - we have come a long way since the days of fuzzy JPEGS and sensor banding at iso 250000000 - or have we?

    This morning, I dig out my old D70 buried deep beneath a heap of forgotten old lenses - a long abandoned sad lump of plastic, clunky dials and dusty recesses, yes I have gone through endless upgrade cycles since. I take it on on an autumn morning stroll to realise, indeed, I am missing nothing - the absurdity of it all!

    DSC_0261-2.png DSC_0269.png DSC_0280.png DSC_0281.png DSC_0290.png
  2. Yup, as long as nothing moves quickly and you've got good light, it will AF and expose correctly. And make nice pictures...:)

    Afterall, they were good enough for English speed cameras...!
  3. Funny you mentioned - mine was bought off ebay as a converted speedcam!
  4. So was mine! I got it to try and remove the bayer layer to make a mono camera, but haven't been brave enough yet.

    The card slot was welded shut as-it-were, so full spectrum tethering was it's aim.
  5. Not for the fainthearted but if you were to succeed let me know your secret :)
  6. - Ah, but then you wouldn't be able to make pictures as different as these without carrying a shedload of filters around.

    Apologies to Bitphotospace for messing with their picture.
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  7. "carrying a shedload of filters"

    3 seems OK for astronomers with B/W CCDs, and maybe an IR Cut...:)

    RJ, Which one's the IR or maybe the UV.......;)?

    Might be a bit messy if there was much breeze though!

    My main use is fine art and document photography, so how the UV or IR 'photons' impinge on the sensor is important regarding colour channels etc

    Removing the filterstack only gets you to Full Spectrum onto a bayered sensor, so RGB 'creation' can be unhelpful.
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  8. DSC_0201.png
    No worries - in fact D70 CCD RAWs do nicely for BW conversion in post -

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