Just Downloaded Firmware version 1.102 to M8. One Tip

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by alex_es, May 7, 2007.

  1. I did it a few minutes ago and boy am I glad. I have one tip--which might be old news by now.

    In the "Instructions for updating the Leica M8 Firmware" under item 6. it says: "Confirm the prompt that
    appears in the monitor as to whether you want to update the Firmware on the camera to version 1.xx."

    This is not quite enough.

    After following instructions 1 to 5, the question as to whether you want to update appears in the monitor.
    One box says "No" and the other box says "Yes" Do this: On the disk to the right of the monitor press
    the arrow that is furthest right. This will move you from "No" to "Yes." Next press "Set" (to the left of the
    monitor). A bar will appear at the bottom of the monitor that will show the progress of your download.

    When it is finished, turn off your camera and then turn it back on as directed in item 7.
  2. a timely tip!
  3. Thanks, Albert.
  4. Alex you say you are glad you updated...<p>How many firmware updates have you guys made since you bought your M8? I have an M8 and haven't bothered to do any firmware updates as yet. Could you list any real benefits so far from these updates - or a place to go and check out what these benefits are/
  5. Peter, one cool thing is that the camera records the shutter and film speed with each frame. Also, the upgrade seems to have improved color rendition under tungsten light. It was also cool to get something for free from Leica.
  6. It seems to me that jpegs made under tungsten light come out with less sensitivity to IR radiation, thus black tissues will appear black instead of magenta (if you use no IR filter)
  7. Sorry, wrong size! Now is the JPEG:
  8. First was DNG processed in PS, second JPEG. You can see the black shirt is blacker in Jpeg.
  9. We have had 2 official updates from 1.06 1.092 and 1.102 and each upgrade many fixes have
    been worked on plus some added options like shutter and ISO on LCD review. There are
    about 4 very minor bugs currently , none of them affect image quailty but more viewing
    issues. They have been reported to leica by beta testers (me for one) and are being worked
    on. But lately things have settled down very much and there seems to be some happy
    campers out there. Also some feature improvemnets have been asked for , so hopefully Leica
    will work on some of them to make the M8 just a little bit more user friendly. leica has been
    pretty responsive in working on all the issues and also has communicated them pretty well.
    There not perfect but they are trying and that is at least a good sign
  10. Also it has gotten a little better without the IR filters with regards to tungsten and synthetics
    but you still should use the IR filters and really that is the bottom line on it. Mine are pretty
    much glued on and never shoot without them in any light. But that's me and i never know
    what i will run into on a paying gig so i just leave them on
  11. thanks all - I might get around to doing the update and registering so that I get a couple of IR filters - I just use an old version 50 summilux on the body - it is a fun camera to walk around with or slip into an overnight bag when travelling.
  12. Peter you should registar and update , been a lot of color improvement in 1.102 that is worth
    upgrading for.

    I agree it is a great camera for walk around , it has become my primary working tool. Love it

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