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  1. I see some absolutely beautiful work posted to the PN forums by several PN contributors, yet they do not have any photos in their portfolio. So, I am just curious about why some would share their work in the Forums and not maintain a portfolio.

    Still just curious…
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  2. Absolutely agree.
  3. Several possible reasons.
    1. Personal preference and they simply don’t want to and don’t really need another reason.
    2. Some people have joined but the sometimes unreliable PN site has never officially approved them or takes unreasonably long to do so, so they can post to forums but not create a gallery.
    3. They can create a gallery but get frustrated by the poor programming of the gallery software and don’t bother.
    4. Even if they were to master creating a gallery, they might not want to take the time to make such a coordinated effort and prefer the one-off nature of form posting.
    5. There seems to many to be much more forum than gallery activity, so why bother with a gallery?
    6. Creating a gallery is a more solitary and personal endeavor while participating in forums is a more group-oriented activity, possibly having more of that social networking aspect some people are drawn to.
    7. etc.
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  4. Prior to the current version of pnet I had many photos in my portfolio. After the change I removed all of them. Portfolio management in the new version, to me, is a big PITA. Maybe things are better now, but after the change it was more pain than pleasure and not worth the trouble.
  5. +1 for Laura’s comment.
  6. Mickey, You seem to be overly gushing in your praise of pnet photographers. There are good photographers but the best are hanging in art galleries.
  7. Having one's work hang in a gallery can be more a matter of personal connections than artistry. There are some very consistent and exceptional photographers here, which makes a visit worthwhile. For me, gallery visits are often disappointments, wretched attempts at the misunderstood.
  8. For those who don’t understand photos in galleries, try harder. It might not be the photos’ fault. Sometimes, especially these days, gallery viewing can be helped by familiarity with the overall conception of the photography, since a lot of contemporary work seems more concept-oriented than one-off. Also, a lack of understanding of gallery shows can be helped by reading local curators or critics who can help get past the surface and may offer perspectives that can aid the naive viewer to better understand.

    I live in San Francisco, where there’s a wealth of opportunity to be moved and challenged by going to galleries. I don’t always immediately understand, but that’s a challenge, not a turn-off.

    Most pleasing photography and a lot of the most liked and popular photography is relatively easy to understand. That’s often its main drawback.
  9. Hello Ludmilla.

    First, I wish to distinguish a PN portfolio from art galleries. My original post was about PN portfolios.

    Now, I respectfully disagree with you regarding the quality of PN photographers and my appreciation of their work. We all know that there are some very talented photographers that post to PN, and then there are some that leave you scratching your head wondering. You correctly note that there are many world class photographers that excel at producing masterpieces one after the other and we see their work in art galleries or for sale on their web sites.

    I put myself somewhere under average as for photographic talent, yet I do occasionally produce something that I truly like. While I am mediocre at best, I do take some pride in what I produce while also recognizing that I have some turkeys in my portfolio. I am an old buzzard in my 70’s that has become more serious about photography only in the last 3 to 4 years. I am trying to improve.

    I am reminded of an old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe that far too many people are far too quick to judge while never uttering positive feedback. I try to take the time to provide my honest feedback to my fellow PN photographers. I will always click on “Admire” if I like the shot. I will always leave a comment for those shots I think are amazing. When I see a photographer on PN that routinely produces good work, I follow them and draw inspiration from their work. I may also DM the photographer and leave a comment on their portfolio.

    By the way, you are one of the photographers whose photos I have admired.

    The point of my original post is that I was curious why a good photographer might participate in the PN forums yet not want to maintain a PN portfolio. Sam Stevens offered some good feedback on this as did Laura and Bill. I especially like Sam’s point about the socialization within the forums.

    Perhaps I am naïve, but my point of view is if you are pleased enough with your work to share it in a forum, why not have a portfolio of your best work.

    I think Sam came closest to a good answer.

    Best wishes always. -- Mick
  10. I occasionally add to my portfolio but to be honest I doubt few if any even view them. My photography is now a hobby. I seldom if ever print anymore and prefer viewing my, ( and others) works on my iPad. I have more fun participating and posting photos in the forums.
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  11. I echo Laura's sentiments. I posted in my galleries much more under the previous application, but it has become such a painful and complicated process that I only rarely do so today, and then only for images of which I am particularly proud. I've left the previous posts in place more out of laziness than any particular intent. I do post actively in multiple forums, even hosting a couple, and I appreciate those who actively participate in any way. I'm very grateful to be a part of this community.
  12. Glad what I said helped answer your question.
    I’m more reserved in my descriptions. Most of the masterpieces I’ve run across are by masters whose work generally hangs in museums as opposed to galleries. And, as much as I love masterpieces, I find stuff in galleries interesting in a smaller, more personal, more experimental, less iconic way. The galleries I go to are of artists who haven’t necessarily “made it” and may never do so (they are often not trying to, which can help!), but they still have a voice to share and I often like listening on that less grand level.

    From the time I’ve been here, the most interesting activity I’ve engaged in is putting up photos for critique and critiquing the photos of others. Unfortunately, I find the site’s format for doing that unworkable. When it comes to critique, I don’t worry too much about masterpieces or who’s better than whom and try to take the photos and critiques at face value and with the recognition that learning and growing can be as or more important than being praised.
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  13. I totally agree. I was an active and very engaged critic on the prior format, but find the current format too unfriendly. Too bad. I thought the critique forum was one of the things that set PN widely apart from other platforms.
  14. I've been a paying PN user for just over a year and have not experienced the old PN format. Lately I have started exploring the forums more and thus my discoveries. I have noticed that there are sections of PN that seem, well deserted. Looks like the changing format has had an unfortunate impact.
  15. Hi Michael.

    Photography is a hobby for me as well. I try to add a few shots each week to my portfolio. I do try to explore the portfolios of photographers I follow and some that post photos that intrigue me. (I’m on your portfolio now.) Some portfolios have a substantial number of photos, so getting through them can take time. Since I have only recently – the last 3 to 4 years – been more active, I started printing more. I have about 70+ photos, canvases, and metal prints on my walls now. I periodically print more as I rotate them through the frames. I just ordered 12 more 11X14 prints. I’m always looking for more wall space LOL.

    Best wishes. Mick
  16. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I think that's part of the reason.

    The procedure for the change also contributed.

    Additionally, there are many "impacts" which have resulted in a decline in activity in on-line Forums, generally. Some (long time) members, notable amongst them, Jeff Spirer, (hello Jeff, I hope you and yours are well and safe), clearly and specifically articulated several times, prior to deciding to change the PN Format, the decline in the activity on Photo.net, and the several reasons for same.

  17. I definitely miss Jeff and a lot of the old crowd that use to hang in a couple of forums. Photo Net was a very different place in terms of energy. But It's still a nice to hang around and not nearly so brutal :)
  18. especially when someone makes a profit by showing photos of someone who suffers from misfortunes. If you report the misfortune of some, do not charge money for it
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  19. Much of the money exchanged in situations like this is done to support various community organizations and charities. Does that pass the Luis morality test?
  20. So is there something we can do as a PN community to address the issues highlighted here? I see the following issues that I would label as critical:
    1) Addressing the creation; adding and enhancing portfolio features and portfolio maintenance. For example, an improved image database that supports PN with a single copy of a photo that is used in all PN references, i.e. a photo in a portfolio is the same one used in forums.
    2) The process for updating a photo in a portfolio does not always work and said updates are not reflected in any forum posts. A photo should have a single copy whereby it is THE source for all PN links. That is to say that a photo in the portfolio must equal a photo posted to a forum. This does not preclude a photographer from posting 2 or more versions of a photo.
    2) Addressing the processes for posting photos for critique. Right now I believe that there are at least 2 ways to post a photo for critique, neither of which appear to be reliable or functional as needed.
    3) Do we see room to improve the user interface for browsing, clarity of function, etc,..?
    4) Does anyone else see the need to make the DM function better without drawing PN into the email business?
    5) Does the PN community see opportunities for adding or improving socialization features or social networking capabilities?

    Open for ideas here to make PN easier to use and more functional for the PN community.

    I may be howling at the moon, but I welcome any and all feedback. Maybe we can get some of the notable users that bailed to contribute their thoughts and support.

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