Just curious. What's the cutoff for "modern film camera" vs "classic manual"

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  1. I do now have a Beseler Auto 100, and it does work. I am not sure it works well, though.
    Last time I had it out, it seems that it overexposed the shots, which might be my fault, or
    the camera's fault. It seems that it has a CdS cell in the mirror, and might be the first
    TTL metering SLR.

    As with the Ricoh, it uses a leaf shutter.
  2. To my mind, 'classic' has dedicated dials and knobs, 'modern' has multifunction control wheels, PASM. Not a technological divide as such, but a user mindset divide.
  3. May I propose the following definition:

    Any camera you wanted as a kid but couldn't afford?

    -Unless you lusted for a digital camera, then you are too young to take part in this discussion.
  4. After my dad bought a Canon Pellix, I could borrow the Canon rangefinder
    from when I was about 10 years old. I took 7th and 8th grade yearbook pictures
    with that one.

    But about that time, he borrowed a Nikon F that we brought on one vacation trip.
    I might have wanted that one.

    I might have wanted the Beseler Topcon Auto 100 that I didn't inherit from
    my grandfather, but not so much.

    I might have wanted an Instamatic 804, just for the fun of it.

    I don't remember so much wanting a Canon Pellix, but maybe.

    I now have one of each of those, except the 814 instead of the 804.
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  5. I think I agree with you on this.

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