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  1. Model rockets move pretty quick, so I was luck to catch this launch at just the right time!

    vacation_pa_aug_20200005 copy.jpg

    Bronica SQ/250mm/TriX
  2. Great catch, especially with a medium format camera.
  3. They move fast, but start slow. I find that it isn't hard at all to get pictures close to the launch.

    Now all I have to do is get my Camroc working again.

    I also have an AstroCam100 and AstroVision.
  4. Great shot, but more importantly, were both stages successfully retrieved? :)
  5. Even more important, was staging successful?
  6. DCC_2192bw.jpeg

    Converted to black and white so I could post here.
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  7. @tomspielman @glen_h

    Staging and recovery were both successful, although recovery DID involve a slightly hairy tree climb while wearing jeans/long sleeves/gloves for protection from poison ivy. :)
  8. About 10 years ago, my son had just finished building one of his rockets and wanted to launch it. We walked down to the local baseball fields where we had launched rockets before but some kids had the nerve to be actually playing baseball there so it was a no go. My son was determined though and not far from us is a small clearing with a smattering of trees.

    I warned him that it there was a good chance a tree might snag his rocket on the way down but he really wanted to launch it so we did. And of course the chute just barely caught the last tree branch it had to clear to make it down. It was about 40 feet up. We spent about 2 hours trying to throw stuff at it to knock it loose. Dejected we went home but I was sure that a strong wind would be all it took for it to come down.

    So for the next couple of weeks I'd make extra trips by there to see if it was still in the tree. And one night it wasn't. I found it in the grass and it was it pretty good shape. The shock cord had broke so the nose cone and chute were still in the tree. A new nose cone and chute were purchased but he decided the rocket was cursed and never launched that one one again. :)

    One of the best places around us to launch rockets is a frozen lake. No trees.
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  9. The picture above is at sixty acres park. Sometimes used for soccer or ultimate, but when not used is available for rockets.

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