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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by lmar, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Inspired by Kozma's post inquiring how many films shot per year, I've resolved to shoot at least one roll per year with each of my old classics. It had been years since I'd shot with this circa 1950 Bencini Koroll, a collapsible-lens take on a basic box camera (albeit with a cool aluminum shell). It cost all of $10 at a local thrift shop.
  2. Really cool camera. Show us some photos when you can.
  3. . . . so I went for a walk by a local river with the Koroll, loaded with expired Ilford Delta 100. There's been little snow this winter.
  4. At least part of the river hadn't frozen.
  5. The wind and weather had shaped this tree into a circle. I souped the negatives in Photographer's Formulary "Improved D-76" (1:1). Thanks for looking.
  6. Beautiful reflections and barks. Interesting camera. Thanks, sp.
  7. Those are really very good images; I've often wondered what one could expect from a Karoll, and I'm impressed. They seem to crop up quite regularly on the auctions, but usually in a somewhat battered state. I'm inspired; I'll pay them a little more attention. Nice post; many thanks.
  8. I am amazed at the camera and the images you pulled out of it.
    That is a serious bunch of aluminum, and it's amazing what the lens does. Cool.
  9. See, the Italians make even the basic cameras cool! Love the last shot of the knarled tree.
  10. I've had a number of these over a period, and got some quite sharp images from the simple meniscus lenses. It seems a pity that with the otherwise high standard of construction, they never fitted them with better quality lenses and shutters, which would have made them rather good cameras.
  11. Those are nice shots! I really like the first one a lot. That's a pretty cool looking camera too, by the way.

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