Just a bad scan? Or bad picture?

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  1. This is a shot I took with my OM-1 with Kodak 200 Gold last week at the beach. now, I had it processed at a local CVS. I realize that for a $3.49 fee(process and scan to CD) I shouldn't expect that much, but this just looks so bad and I don't know if it's the low resolution scan, the spots are from dirt during scanning or what. I would actually like to get a larger print of this, maybe 8x10 or 11x14 but not if it's just a bad picture period.
    My question is how do I know from this scan if it would look alright larger? Just get them(or someone else) to do a 4x6 print and see what an actual print looks like instead of low rez scan?
    As for the exposure itself like I said OM-1 with Kodak Gold 200, 28 3.5 Zuiko, if I remember I believe I was at f/16(maybe f/11 but most likely 16) and I always keep SS above focal length so I am thinking I was at at least 1/60(next drop is 1/30 and I wouldn't have gone there). Focus point is a little sketchy but it is a 28 lens and I am sure it was out close to infinity. I don't think these are issues but not 100% sure.
    The "tech" that did the processing was actually working on when I stopped and she said the film was sticky so I must have left it in the heat. Which I did have it at the beach. So could that be causing the graininess and overall "dirty" look?
    Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Here is a link to the full size pic.
  3. Brian, I like the shot, and it looks pretty sharp on my screen. It looks like they really have a cruddy (as in dirty) process for scanning. They should rescan the image, and probably clean the negatives. I've had the same problems with my local drug store. Sometimes I shoot cheap consumer C-41 film and have it developed locally, just to get a negative. They are just as bad, and don't care. They don't use cotton gloves, and they touch the film by putting their bare finger (fingerprints) in the middle of the film. I've come in to pick up my film, and often find it laying on the top of the processor, collecting dust. The one that kills me is they roll it up tightly and stuff it back in the plastic film container, causing scratches across the film. I don't know that drugstore labs care any more. I don't have a pro lab in my little town.
  4. It an adequate picture, but unless it means something really special to you, I wouldn't bother with a larger print myself. As to the technical and dust issues, any dust problem will become worse the more you enlarge it, so a bit of PS work will be necessary.
  5. It looks like classical dirt/crud/dust/lint on the negatives. On has white specs/marks because they are dark stuff on the negative.
    Many of these scans are in the 1300 dpi range and work well for good negatives; but poor with margin negatives.
    How well or clean a local C41 lab is varies just like burger joints do. It is the management and workers. I have had a local Walgreens turn out pro quality C41 stuff; it is the only place thus they get feedback from the Sheriffs dept and locals when work is poor. At a farther way Walmart; it usually is decent; sometimes poor with a few rolls. There are some places with the same store name that are dirty and have workers that get crap on negatives.
    Try another C41 place; how much dirt varies by each stores education and caring.
  6. There is a significant amount of dust in this scan, and it will be a mess if printed large. However, the color balance and contrast other problems. Here is a sample of what I think could be done with the pic with minor adjustment:[​IMG]

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