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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by lutz, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Hi, I've auctioned a Jupiter 9 with a variety of adapters. At its core appears to be a 39mm thread mount (as added to the description further down by the seller). An LTM to M adapter fits just fine - but when trying to mount the lens on an M body the bottom of the barrel would interfere with both, bayonet lock and preview lever, being of 58mm in diameter. Now, has anybody successfully mounted this lens on an M body - and if so, how? Additionally, I wonder whether the focus cam would work correctly....? Thanks for your input.
  2. Lutz,

    This does not appear to me to be a "normal" Jupiter 9 in LTM. At least mine doesn't look
    like this. Specifically, mine (which mounts and focuses fine on all my M cameras) doesn't
    have that big knurled focusing ring. If you do a google image search on "Jupiter 9 lens"
    you'll get a number of pictures that show what I mean.
  3. That looks (sounds) like the version for the Zenit SLR. <p><img src = http://www.rus-camera.com/camera/zenit31.jpg>
  4. " It came with an internal- and external-thread adapter ring, the female (inside) fitting the 39mm lens mount, the outer (male) us 42mm. " <p> Yeah, that's a dead give away that it's for the SLR - how many M42 rangefinders do you know of?
  5. None, Sheldon. Nor do I know of an SLR in 39mm thread mount. But I'd say the description is more than misleading: The basic lens mount is a 39mm screw that fits my Canon rangefinders, so it is the same as a Leica screw mount... or don't you think?
    So, I guess this sample here will never be of any use on anything but an SLR, right?
  6. Lutz,

    Don't feel bad. I bought an R lens that was described as 3 cam and when it arrived I found it to be an R lens that would not fit an SL.
    It only fit R series cameras. I now ask a lot of questions.

  7. Lutz, the lens probably is native M39 mount for the Zenit SLR which is not compatible with LTM: http://www.xs4all.nl/~tomtiger/Zenit3m.html

    Even it was the LTM version, I doubt it will focus correctly on a Leica: http://www.dantestella.com/technical/compat.html
  8. Our buddies on the Russian camera board of www.beststuff.com live and breath Jupiter; Industar; Orion; and are experts in this area. I have owned 5 Jupiter-9's in LTM for screw mount zorki and Leica bodies. This auction item sure looks like the slr version; and doesnt look like any of mine. Tom Tiger on the Russian board would know; I think he is the zenit guru; or one of them.
  9. Russian Camera boards on Best stuff dot com

    The old Yahoo Groups Russian camera board moved there about 2002; after the dot com bubble radically increased the darn advertising one had to click thru; to view each message. Russiancamera-user is the current active board. The old Yahoo board is closed; but used for reference.
  10. I just realized that crafty Andrew here referenced Tom Tigers web site..
  11. (M42 rangefinders) "None, Sheldon. Nor do I know of an SLR in 39mm thread mount."

    Both exist.

    But first, I agree with some others that this item obviously is designed for the (early) Zenit SLRs. These actually have M39 mount. It was changed later to the more common M42 mount.

    But of course the lenses do not have any kind of rangefinder coupling. They will fit on M39 rangefinders mechanically, but the lens register is completely different. Even if you set the lens by scale focussing you will never get a sharp image. Also, the focussing ring looks completely different from any chrome J9-LTM lens I have seen. I am almost sure it is a Zenit M39 lens.

    There was a M42 mount rangefinder, the strange hungarian Mometta camera. But there is little risk to run across one of them.
  12. As others have noted, this lens was almost certainly produced originally for use on the Zenit 3m (or similar). The 3m was my first "real" camera, so I'm familiar with it's foibles ;-) The back register on the 3m is the same as a "normal" M42 SLR, so one can easily adapt 3m lenses for use on a Pentax/Praktica etc with a threaded collar, 39mm on the inside, 42mm on the outside ... I've got one. One can also adapt 42mm lenses for use on a 39mm "Leica-type" r/f camera, by use of a suitable adaptor, as I'm sure most of you are aware ... I've got one of those as well ;-) So I can use the Industar-50 from my 3m on my Zorki, albeit without r/f coupling, though I prefer my collapsible Industar.
  13. Thanks everybody for your most knowledgeable input. I've learned something about this otherwise very nice looking lens - and so has the seller who kindly offered to take it back as unfortunately it won't fit my needs. Cheers.

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