[Junk]Zorki 2c & [Bad]N 50 f/3.5

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  1. I bought this Zorki 2c body a couple of weeks ago from Russia. The seller said it was “Not Work” in machine translation. So I went back and forth with questions at him and got some answers; (1) that all the parts were intact; (2) the shutter was “extracting” only at 1/125 sec. [I wonder how he arrived at that as the dial has only 1/100 sec. He admitted though that he did not know how to fix it.]

    It was priced at BP6.00. I thought that it would be a good sample to learn some more about the Zorkis. It is the same as the Zorki C except that it has a self-timer added. I went through the usual cleaning, lube, etc. Then found that the screw on top middle of the shutter speed dial was sticking up by a few millimetres. That was loose.

    Remembered good old Ed Romney’s Thumb Rule on Knobs; “if the knob has one set screw then it would be threaded; if it had two set screws then you simply lift it after loosening the screws.” I lifted the knob and found a hole in the stem of the screw. Inserted a stiff wire through it, tightened the screw and fixed the knob back. That was it; all the speeds started working. I may have to give this body a good work out to make it smooth running.

    The lens is another sample I bought from Alex of Ukraine in a batch of “6 Bad lenses”. Cost less than $2 per piece. Had to dismantle the lens fully and clean and lube and adjust the infinity focus. Some of these lenses, especially the N50 f/3.5 and the N26 series, have peculiar threads. They fit some Feds but don’t fit the Zorkis and vice versa. It pays to be gentle with the Russ! I took some random sample shots today, fairly cloudy and dark.

  2. Neat little camera, though a bottom loading one. One has to be a little precise in loading.
  3. A fairly neat arrangement of controls. The knobs rotate easily. I don't know why the sync has so many settings. Perhaps the flash bulbs in those days were not standardized.
  4. The body is in good shape; even the vulcanite covering is good after some cleaning and waxing with KIWI polish.
  5. Some pictures.
  6. The Industar 50 is quite sharp. I think it lacks the rendering characteristics. The Industar 61 seems better built and my samples seem to produce more consistent results.
  7. this restaurant had quite few senior citizen customers, who were regular diners there. Poor management caused the place to close down. The China Bazaar has nothing to do with China; just a fancy name!
  8. Still going strong; there is plenty of empty sites around this neighborhood.
  9. I used the same film ORWO UN54 today. But I did not use my brew. I bought this brew from a rare dealer who had this Universal Developer, made by Allied Photographics. I think this is okay; but not as good as mine! :)
  10. Thanks for viewing and your comments. Regards, sp.
  11. If you put up with a seperate rangefinder window and bottom loading IMO the Zorki 1 is more cute but thanks for showing the details of the 2c.
    After looking at your interesting pictures I have not seen a 100 Rupee store yet ,perhaps that will come later.
  12. Yes Alan, I will have a Zorki 1 coming soon with an authentic retractable lens! I need to tune it a bit more and give it some exercise. The 100 Rupee racket hasn't started yet; as you expect, it might soon be there. sp.
  13. Congratulations on the resurrection and on the nice pictures.
    I agree that the new version of your developer brew is better than this, but these are still nice.
    Keep 'em coming. :)
  14. Nice work. I'm in envy of your mechanical abilities with old cameras.
  15. Great reconstruction, SP, and the pics are as interesting as ever. I'm not a fan of the Industar 50, in that it seems to produce "lifeless' images and doesn't handle contre-jour situations at all well, but you seemed to keep it under control. Your own "brew" does seem to produce fuller tones than this Universal Developer. However, another fine post; many thanks.
  16. Nice, sharp photos, Subbarayan. And as always I enjoy getting a glimpse of your country. I really liked the results of your latest "home brew" developer, but your skill at setting the optimum exposure probably brought out the best in the Universal Developer. Thanks for posting.
  17. Subbarayan, I am admiring your mechanical talents. What do you mean regarding lenses though. Fir FEDs but does not fit Zorki. That is strange since 1946 they unified the standard for both cameras. Before the War, however FEDs used to have individually adjusted lenses. They also had a hole in the back. But prewar lenses no matter are collectible items.
  18. Thanks JDM, Craig; Yes Rick, I found the N50 flares now and then in unpredictable ways. I prefer the N61 that seems better built and provides better tonal gradation. KP, I have a few Industar 26s and 26Ms [marked Fed] that fit the Fed but the threads do not fit the Zorki 4s or the 2c. Similarly, a couple of the N50s fit the Zorkis do not thread into the Fed2s. I don't know if that is a manufacturing problem with quality control or due to misuse later by owners. Visually, the threads do not seem to be damaged. They seem okay. I have no other explanation. I shall read up some more from Maizenberg's book; I recall that he mentioned some similar problems. sp.
  19. I agree your developer is more even. These whites are a little too bright The restaurant turned grocery store is very good.
    Amazing work to get the Zorki working! now all speeds work!! On my Kiev the 1/25th is the only speed not working. I think though the gear was shorn off through abuse... You are always learning more and that's excellent!

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