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    This guy and his work appeal to me on a bunch of levels. He's a photographer, testing some boundaries, and seems also a kind of performance artist. Not only are he and his work "performing," in many ways he's also inviting his viewers to "perform" as well.

    This is art with social consciousness even as it challenges some legal norms.

    It furthers the tradition of people like Basquiat and Haring, less graffiti, more art dominating the public square, in some instances daring the status quo to respond, be it governmental authorities or gangs in charge of neighborhoods.

    I've always been intrigued by the sharing aspect of photography and art, among individuals, communities, cultures, etc. So photography that expresses social and political commentary, engenders discussion and controversy, challenges norms, and invites active participation appeals to me. Some of his stuff, which is larger than life, suggests its global goals and reach. He's taking the bull by the horns. I admire a photographer willing to do that.

  2. He seems to me to be the photographic equivalent to Banksy's graffiti/wall art. Their methods and messages are very similar in my opinion. Their desire to keep their identity secret, placing their work in strategic yet often illegal locations, their political messages etc., etc. Both are interesting artists that push the boundaries of art and communication.
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