Joe Buissink: New Canon's Explorer of Light

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by ruben leal, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. This Press Release may not be as spectacular as the new equipment anounced
    today by Canon, but we should celebrate a member of this forum for becoming an
    Explorer of Light.

    "Joining the Explorers of Light roster for the first time are celebrated
    photographers such as Joe Buissink..."
  2. If anyone is also a member of the digital wedding forum (DWF) there is an interesting story by Joe about his first shoot with the Canon 5D! Denis Regie locked his (Joe's) Nikons in his trunk ;-) Whata friend... Seriously it is a wonderful story and Joe loves the 5D..
  3. Mary, yeah thats a fun story hu. Joe as finally seen some light (in the form of useable high ISO's and wider glass). I also see that Dennis has just sold his 1DS2 in favor of the 5d's. I did so almost as soon as I received the 5D's too.

    Now, what else Canon can we sing about? ;-)

    Best, D.
  4. Er, how about the new 50mm 1.2L? Damn, where are you Nikon!
  5. Christiaan,
    I'll keep my 50mm f/1.4: $1000+ for half a stop is not that much for me. Anyway the 10 MP sensor with anti-dust system in an entry level camera should mean there's something very good to be anounced between the 30D and the 5D in the near future.
  6. OOOOoo! I quote, "Every aspect of this lens exudes professional quality from its wide
    72mm filter diameter.." 72mm for a freaking 50mm! What's next? "Professional looks and
    Quality from your new Canon 100mm f2 with its 122mm filter size and 250mm long
  7. uk


    A new Masters of Wedding Photography DVD is in final preparation for release.

    Be interested to discover who the phptographers are this time.
  8. Bet Joe wishes he had stayed with Nikon. You used to see his name everywhere with Nikon but he seems to have been lost in the melee with Canon.

    And now that the D3 is finally out.....................

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