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  1. Hallo to everyone. I would like to develop BW films at home myself. The formats
    which I use are 24*36 and 60*60. The question is if there are any real
    advantages why to use JOBO processor instead of manual development (just with
    conventional tanks and thermometer)? Does this processor allow, for example
    cycles of agitation of the solution for some certain period with some certain
    frequency? What this processor does what can not be done manually? Normally I
    develop 2-3 rolls per time.
    Thank you for your feedback.
  2. Hi
    If you use only classic emulsion B&W Films like Tri-x, hp5, fp4...etc. you don`t need any processor, manual development is the better choice, but with modern films like delta and t-max you need constant agitation and themperatur and the processor would be the better choice here.
  3. The Jobo rotary processing system is made for color processing, however B&W is possible but with some film developers you will have more disadvantages.

    The CPE2-plus is going to 30x40cm drums. For larger formats till 50x60cm (or 60x60cm) you need the CPP or CPA.
  4. Modern T_Max and Delta do not require constant agitation. They need sufficient agitation to
    keep uneven development from occuring as do all film.

    Don`t fall into the trap of lesss and less agitation to cure uneven development. That makes
    it worse. Internet baloney.
  5. If you like consistency, as to temperature and agitation, the Jobo is a fine, but expensive way to go. I use a CPP-2 for all my black & white. I especially like the Expert tanks for sheet film, but the 1500 series and stainless reels do quite well. I've used D-76, TMaxRS and XTOL developers, all with perfect, even results, once my times were established. When only doing small batches, I'll still process manually, and that also works. It really comes down to personal taste. Jim
  6. Dear all, thank you again for your feedback. Now the situation becomes clear to me.
  7. Vladislav,
    there is a point at which it isn't so fun to stand at the sink all of the time, agitating film by hand. I have a Unicolor drum and a Beseler drum that I use to develop my 4x5 negs in. It is not as nice as the Jobo by any means. But the nice thing is that you can set it and forget it--at least until it is time to get to your stop bath, fixer, etc. So, while that film is in the developer for 8 minutes, you can be sleeving negatives, setting up the enlarger, etc, not just waiting for that timer to tell you to agitate again. For me, it would be more of a convenience factor ( a welcome one, at times). If I had one, i would probably do my own color negs and slides too. The temperture control is much easier with one.
  8. ive used tmax and delta films alot and always did manual development and never had any problems.

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