Jobo 2830 for 5x7 film processing?

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  1. I need a daylight tank for 5x7 film processing. I would do the trays but don't have access to a darkroom. I have been doing some research online and found some posts that suggest it is possible to process 5x7 film using a Jobo 2830 meant for prints. Is this correct and if so then what kind of mod do I need to do to make it work? Alternatively if I am willing to process one sheet at a time then can I just use a Paterson tank meant for roll film, just slide one sheet in there with the emulsion side in? If I develop by rolling it instead of inverting it then it would avoid the scratches, right?
  2. This is not exactly what you are asking, but I use the Jobo 3005 drum for my 5x7 sheets. It will take 5 sheets. It will also take 8x10 sheets. I use a Besler Unicolor motor base, It's continuous in one directiion. This set-up works perfectly everytime. I have developed sheets by hanger in tanks--a big mess and hard to get that volume up to temp. I have also used trays---a mess to handle.
    But in photo, there are people who get perfect results with each type of process. I would not do large format without the drum processing. Good luck.
  3. The Jobo 2500 series tanks are designed for film processing, the 2800 series for print processing.
    The 2500 has a funnel in the lid and a center column that mates with the bottom to form a light trap and allows chemicals to be poured into the tank with the lid on.
    The 2800 has a cup attached to the lid that only holds enough chemicals for the one or two sheets of paper in the drum and only empties the chemicals into the tank when the tank is laid on its side.
    To convert a 2800 for film processing the cup must be replaced with a funnel and a center column added. It is easier to replace the lid than to find a replacement funnel. The column comes in a base section and extension sections of about 5 or 6 inch length.
    The tanks are the same dimensions. It will cost less to just get a 2500 to start with. The parts can be ordered thru stores that carry Jobo.
  4. Raymond I have a 3 1/2 gallon daylight processing kit that will develop up to 12 5x7 or 8x10 negs, 36 35mm rolls, or 18 120 rolls. It includes 3 stainless steel tanks (3 1/2 gallon), daylight covers and floating lids, a wash tank. The hangers are custom made Lektra brand clip hangers that do not give edge development like the Kodak channel hangers and Calumet ss tanks. Also includes 2 racks (roll film and sheet film), a plenum for nitrogen burst agitation (optional).
    Please respond if interested. This equipment is in operational condition as I have used it for many years. Additional accessories available. Easy way to set yourself up in a small commercial operation.
    Respond if interested.

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