Jimmy Li Minox 8x11 format film slitter for sale

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  1. For some reasons I produced 10 sets of the roller blade type film slitter.And need to sale it to cover my spent.
    Format:slitting 35mm 135film to 2 strips(4 sets 8x11mm Minox film) 9.20-9.30mm films.
    Materials:Stainless steel,Steel 45(Roller blades set been to quench processing)
    Anyo ne interesting in this item all welcome to question me for the further details and the quotation ,i will email you the using instruction.
    Thanks for your notice
    Jimmy Li

  2. Roller blades,Flat type and concave type
  3. For the roller blades supplying service
  4. leh


    You have made some very nice looking slitters. What is your price?
    Lars-Eric Häggman
  5. Hi Jimmy
    Very interested in purchasing one of your devices. Please e_mail me back with a price.
  6. Hi Jimmy,
    please let me know your price of this fine device. Many thanks in advance,
  7. Hi Jimmy,
    I'm a new one on that forum and i'm a Minox 8X11 user for decades. I'm interested by your slitter that seems very well made.
    I'm in Europe, in France, and want to know what is the price for one of your slitters and if you have an idea of the shipping cost.
  8. I'm interested. Kindly write to me edubarca1946@gmail.com with price. Thanks
  9. Hi Jimmy Li, I am interested in your minox 8x11 film slitter . please let me know the price and shipping charges .Kindly email to h.parzykowski1@verizon.net . Thank you, Hank.
  10. Are you still around Jimmy Li? I have seen no responses from you.
  11. [​IMG]Newly revised roller cutter with crank handle

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