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  1. been asked to do a shoot for a few jewelry pieces - to be honest, my field has always been portraits,
    babies and so on. but would not mind learning more about jewelry photography. does anyone have any
    tips? do i need any specific lighting equipment, or light boxes etc? can i get away with normal elinchrom
    Style RX headlights (600).. with softboxes and so on? or is it best to shoot wtih natural daylight? any tips
    would be great... and any books on the subject would be appreciated. thank you.
  2. One way I've heard of doing it is to make yourself a "light tent" over the jewelry, with a single
    opening for the camera lens. Use a translucent white material and light it from the outside--
    just place your own studio lights around the tent to give the most even coverage possible
    over the whole tent. This way the jewelry will have lots of shine and no dark spots.

    have fun!
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    I read /">this article a while ago which may be useful.
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    err... this article:
  5. Hi, There is a company called TableTop Studio with some information that you may find useful, specifically the page on Jewelry Photography.

    I have no connection with the company and simply found it on the web a while ago.

  6. A light tent or shooting box will let you control reflections, plus it will diffuse the lighting coming thru it so a softbox is generally unnecessary. However, you may want to let one or two small sources in thru one of the tent openings to give specular reflections and make the jewelry sparkle. (the lighting in most jewelry store displays consists of many small sources, which makes the jewelry look very appealing.)
  7. Hi,
    I've been taking photos of jewelry for several years. I use a simple light box made from white plexiglass using daylight flourescent bulbs and no flash. Here are a few links and examples of images I've done. I have other items not posted to the site with fancy backgrounds that I can forward to you if you like.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Porters offers a "Studio In A Box" That sells for 89.99. This kit is very quick and easy to set up and includes everything you need to get you started to shoot in about 1 minute
    The part number is 450675 and you can see this at

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