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  1. I have a wedding coming up shortly on the 7th Jan. It will be a dawn wedding.
    The Bride and Groom advised that they want some of their photos on a Jetty
    which is at the back of their house. The jetty is old and about 5M long. The
    Bride has requested photos that are humorous 'not rude', story telling,
    candid, expressive photos that are funky and not posed.

    I am ticking my brain cells over to try and get some 'out of the box' ideas
    with the Photo shoot. I can easily do the normal poses but I just want to
    achieve something a little different.

    I have a few idea's in terms of story lines, maybe having a chair at the end
    of the jetty and put them in such a position that they are waiting for a
    boat. Or meeting each other on the jetty. hmmm still thinking

    Would be good if I could get onto the water so that I could look back on them
    on the jetty but that depends on the day.

    Was wandering if anyone had done any photos on a jetty before or have any

    Appreciate your assistance and will let you know how I go

  2. Will they be seeing each other before the ceremony? You could have the groom at the end with his back to the bride. Have the bride walk down, tap him on the shoulder so he turns around to see her for the first time. Snap photos as it all happens.

    Get a boat for the groom and have him row to his bride, bring a stereo (with batteries) and get them to dance- probably easier if you have an assistance, bring fishing rod....chances are if you mset something up, they'll run with it if they have asked for "humorous" photos.

    Post some when you're done!
  3. Sounds like fun - perhaps you can get them throwing themselves into the water?

    Hopefully your jetty will have a paved top as jetty rocks are notoriously slippery, even when dry.

    This will need to planned well and scripted to get a series of shots they really want. I would insist on posed images that do not look posed. IF you don't, you can't really guarantee the results. I like all of the ideas mentioned above but they all require posing, atleast situationally. You will be working from a distance so you may want to wire the bride or groom with a walkie talkie so you can communcate without having to walk back and forth, and bring a long lens. A fill flash will also be helpful. You will also have to work quickly as Sunrises are not forever.
  4. What is a 5M?
  5. This is a good opportunity to undertake a technique that every pro photog should
    practice, that is, the pre-sketching of ideas. Brain-storming ideas of composition, light,
    and theme. A creative person should be able to come up with at least a dozen good ideas
    in any given situation. Commit them to paper, edit, and then run through them on the

    I thought of this immediately because that's what I did for an image taken on a jetty, seen
    here at:

    The finished image is almost exactly what I had previously sketched out on paper.

    The pre-sketching process is important to photography because it unites the two basic
    points of any photograph. "Photo" + "Graphics".

    Photo is the capturing of light, which goes without saying, and "Graphics" is the layout on
    the page. You can't have a great photograph without good graphics. The best way to take
    our mind past the viewfinder is to first, visualize the viewfinder as the flat image, and two,
    to pre-sketch your ideas beforehand so that they conform to your sound compositional
    and thematic intentions.

    I don't know whether you have ever seen this jetty before, or whether you know where the
    sun rises, but what may really help you is to brainstorm it for yourself and present those
    sketches on this thread to see what anybody else thinks will work well.

    Good luck!
  6. Conrad: I am assuming he ment the jetty is 5 Meters long.
  7. Thanks to everyone for their response so far. I have taken a photo of the jetty to look at. Unedited and strait from the camera. This was about 9.30 in the morning. The Jetty is quite old but still has potential. I think that there are some really good ideas; I will try doing a couple of sketches in the next day or two as suggested . I like the idea about the fishing rods and the expression of the bride seeing the groom for the first time. They could work. 5M does stand for meters, I really shouldn't abbreviate. The wedding is taking place at sunrise and the shoot will take place at the jetty after this. I would say it will be about 7am by the time that we get to the jetty so lets hope that the sun isn't to harsh by then.
  8. Sorry, Out here we call that a pier or dock.
    Check the tide tables as it might make sense to shoot from the beach. Bring sombreros or other woven hats, shoot up, with them sitting legs crossed and hanging over the pier. Hats can be on or off, as can sun glasses. A picnic basket or toasting wine goblets/champagne flutes would also be a nice touch. Also check to see if you can use the neighbors pier and know which side the sun is coming up from.
  9. maybe a version of the image below facing camera or facing out to the water. This couple was asked to express gratitude above and it might look interesting with them standing on the end of the jetty.

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