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  1. You expect us to take seriously a guy who appears to have a pork-pie hat welded to his head? Even indoors.
  2. Like one of our moderators ;) For some a hat is a trademark. What did you think of the review, appearances aside?

    This is not the most informative review I've seen, but he does cover the key points. Focus tracking a model walking forwards and back is not a challenge for a camera that can track a thrown frisbee. Eye focus at 25+ feet is good. I'm inclined to agree that 24 MP is a sweet spot between resolution and speed, but I would prefer to have no anti-aliasing filter. Perhaps Sony thinks Moire would be a problem at this resolution, but I find otherwise. My Leica M9 has no AA filter and no noticeable Moire, and it's only 18 MP. Battery life is consistent with what I experience with an A9. I recently shot group portraits for a chamber music competition. After 9 hours and 33 groups, the battery stood at 50%.

    I am disappointed that the EVF resolution is the same as the model 2 version, rather than the A9 and A7R3. Nor does it seem free of blackout. Hey! For the price it has a lot to offer, perhaps as a backup camera.
  3. Yeah, I think for most people, and situations it'll be plenty of camera. Jason Lanier is a Sony Artisan so he may not be completely objective although I've found him to be pretty honest. This camera is certainly light years ahead of the A7mk2 overall , and appears to be a fantastic value for what you get. It'll be interesting to see how the noise, and dynamic range test out on the various sites. I was actually waiting for this camera, but got impatient, and got the A7R3, although I'm glad I did at this point.
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  4. I've met and spoken with a couple of "Artisans,". One was for Canon (ex parte Nikon) and the other for Sony (ex parte Nikon). They are both working photographers, one well known for NGS wildlife programs. They were genuinely enthusiastic about their choice of equipment, and as a result, drawn to the respective Artisan program, rather than the other way around.

    I/m curious about Sony's marketing strategy. Why the A7R3 before the A7m3? The traditional Sony route is "good-better-best." Perhaps they took a cue from Leica in the 60's, offering up the M2, which proved to be the most popular model for nearly two decades.
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  5. I read somewhere they released the A7R3 to help take some of the wind out of the Nikon D850's sails, and that they actually did originally intend it the other way around.
  6. a sony "artisan" shill
    horrors !!

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