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  1. I saw on J&C's website their Classic Pan film in 4x5 for almost $10
    US. That's pretty darn cheap. Anyone used this film in 4x5 and how
    do you like it? I've used Forte 400 in 35mm once and didn't mind the
    look, but didn't test it enough to know it well. How is the grain in
    4x5? Does it have that old Tri-X look? Im getting the store that
    orders from them to try and bring some in for me- if their order
    placed it can be added or not. Anyone?
  2. This film is discussed at length here: http://michaelandpaula.com/mp/AzoForum/one.asp?ID=4048&PgNo=&GID=4048&CID=2 I have some in 8x10 that I haven't used yet, but I've been using some of it in 120 and like it so far, although I haven't used enough to provide any really useful information regarding exposure and development. The acompanying image is scanned from an 8x10 print from a 6x7 Edu. 400 (same film as J&C 400) developed in Gainer's vitamin C developer. It's one of the first rolls I've processed, and I still have some testing to do to fine tune my exposure and development, but it gives a general indication if the look of the film.
  3. EDU 400 = Forte

    Is J&C forte too? I though it was FOMA
  4. Yes, J&C=Forte/Bergger BPF 200=Edu.200=J&C 200 etc. Foma is a different film, and I'm not aware of anyone repackaging the Foma films, although I'd like to know if someone does.I've read reports that the Foma folms are flat chrystal films like Tmax and Delta, and I'm interested to know how it compares to those films.
  5. I checked J&C's website for developing times for the new version of Classic Pan. First off who makes this film- the new version? Secondly they listed for Xtol a time of 8 minutes which seems awfully low. D76 was between 8 and 9 minutes. Also does this film need to be pre-wet for 1 minute like the Efke films? That link provided says this film has a similar toe of Tri-X 320.

    The photo below was a test of Bergger 200 in 35mm done in Xtol and I found the grain to be quite pronounced. Forte 400's grain was very similar in size, if maybe ever so slightly smaller. I'm wondering how the new and improved Classic 400 fairs as I'm told the old stuff was the same film as Forte 400.
  6. Here's a shot I took on mid 80s Tri-X. I loved the luminous look it gave with flash on skin tones giving a silvery quality to pictures. You can really see that glow on his face on the picture to the left. What I'm wondering- can I achieve this look with these old Classic films? What is the trick to getting that glowing luminecent (sp?) look that was achieved in these pics? Is this what older tech films do?
  7. I don't know how or when the J&C/Forte film was improved, but I assume that an improvement means that it is the same manufacturer, and not an entirely new film. I bought a bunch of repackaged/house brand films from the major sellers, and in my experience there is absolutely no difference in J&C 200, Arista Edu. 200, Forte Pan 200, and Bergger BRF 200. The example that you posted does indeed look very grainy. I get grain too, but I shoot MF and usually only print 8x10, but I love the skin tones I get with Edu 200. I'll include an example.
  8. Anyone else use this film? Is HP5+ a closer look to TX Tri-X? It seems this classic film closely resembles current TXT, but maybe grainier.
  9. Scott, HP5+ is similar enough to Tri-X in most cases that it'd fool many people. At or below EI 400 I can't see any difference. If anything HP5+ is slightly smoother in midtone gradation, at least with ID-11. Above that the differences become apparent to me - HP5+ becomes grainy faster and responds differently to the developers I've tried compared with Tri-X.
  10. Old J&C Classic 400/ClassicPan 400 was the same as Forte. The New version is made in the same plant, but is not the same formulation as Fortepan 400, I gather from John at J&C and Mirko at Fotoimpex. The old version was kind of flat, in my opinion, but the new version is a big improvement. I've been testing it in 120, and here are some sample shots, scanned from the negs:<P>

    <img src="http://www.echonyc.com/~goldfarb/temp/cp400/floral.jpg"><P>

    <img src="http://www.echonyc.com/~goldfarb/temp/cp400/wedding--pmk.jpg"><P>

    ABC pyro targeted for Azo (these look very promising)--<P>
    <img src="http://www.echonyc.com/~goldfarb/temp/ChelseaPiers,July2004.jpg"><P>
  11. I am interested in the J&C Classic 400 because of its spectral response. I have been trying to get this film in 4X5 since early Spring from J&C.

    It appears that this might be the same film as several other films from other sources. Most of the discussion on this link deals with the 200 films like Bergger 200. What films are the same as J&C Classic 400 ?

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