IV &1N-RS better than EOS3 for wedding?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by derek_c., Jan 19, 2005.

  1. I do weddings with eos-3.<br>
    I have a friend who can sell her 1v cheap (around $400.00 or
    She also has 1N-RS (?) for $200.00 or less<br>
    So, money is not that important, also I am not going digital anytime
    My question.<br>
    Will 1v give me any kind of edge as a wedding equipment?<br>
    Will there be time where I say to myself "Hm.. that 1V really came in
    handy" or "That's a little difference but it's worth of having 1v" ?
    How about EOS 1N-RS, Is that better than my EOS-3 as a wedding
    Or.. are they all same-o, same-o?
  2. Will there be time where I say to myself "Hm.. that 1V really came in handy" or "That's a little difference but it's worth of having 1v" ?

    If your wedding parties tend to wind up as brawls in the rain, then a 1v will be nice to have. Otherwise IMO, a -3 will handle the job just as well.
  3. Hi Derek, The only instances I can think of offhand where a 1V would come in handy are 1) If you're shooting a wedding in the rain (it's largely water resistant with the right lenses) and 2) If you feel you might need 9 frames per second to catch that wedding bouquet ;-)
  4. 1nrs has a pellicule mirror so you will lose 2/3 of a stop and there is no mirror blackout. you probably won't need 10 fps for a wedding
  5. Derek, can your friend sell me her 1V or 1n, if you don't want to take it? :) I need a better back up..
  6. Derek,

    I shoot a 1V-HS as main body with color and a 3 w/PB as backup or with B&W. There maybe many differences but the only one that comes to my mind, which I miss on the 3, is the ability to register a focus point on the 1V. I manully select my focus point, with CF13 set to 1. So, with camera vertical, FP would be the center/top point, which I place on bride's face/eye. If I change to horizontal, I just hit Assist button and FP jumps to center/top point.

    $400 sounds like a good price for a 1V is it is not used up.

    Good luck.

  7. WHy would any one *need* an RS or HS camera for weddings? I mean...really...even a fast, drunk in the night weeding in Vegas ain't that fast ;)

    In any case, $400.00 for a 1V is good deal, depending on wear of course.

    You don't really *need* a 1v for weddings but, if you only have ONE EOS3 it would be a a good idea to have two bodies.
  8. Giampiero,

    You're right, I don't think anyone "needs" a 1V-HS for weddings - it's overkill and very heavy after a six hour wedding. I use my 1V & 3 with PB's not for the speed but because I use *heavy* L lenses, flash and flash bracket and the PB gives the camera a better balance. Additionally, I can also use rechargable batteries in PB which are cheaper and last longer than the 2CR5. Also, I shoot 75% vertical and the controls on the PB are easier to use than breaking my hand and arm shooting without it.

  9. I shoot a 1N RS and the 2/3 stop lose never bothers me. Seeing the exact
    exposure moment , seeing the flash go off and seeing the possible blink or
    open mouth because you actually SEE the shot with the fixed mirror are well
    worth it.
  10. It's nice to have a 1v just because it still is the best its category and certainly an historical camera as well, much like the EOS 3.
  11. There are more differences than just a pellicle mirror separating these bodies. Are weddings the *only* thing you will ever photograph? This link compares some of the mentioned cameras:

  12. I shot a wedding last weekend and I used an EOS 1n and an EOS 3 (I borrowed the 3). I found that the 1n focused my 85mm f/1.2L MUCH better than the EOS 3 because it has fewer focusing points. But with my old 80-200mm f/2.8L, they both were about the same. The bottom line is, I think, unless you're using a unique lens the two cameras will be indistinguishable as far as performance is concerned. I've never used a 1V, but I imagine it's similar to the 3 ... which is similar to the 1n ... which is similar to the 1 ... etc. They're all great!
  13. The RS is likely to be less intrusive than the 3 noise-wise; in an enclosed space the 3 sounds like a gun going off!
  14. I agree with Guy about the sound! I have a 1N RS and I like this camera but I wish it had the same autofocus capability as the 1V or EOS 3. I guess the 1N RS has more problems with autofocus since you need a fast lense to have both vertical and horizontal autofocus sensors. If you use a 70-200 f4 like I do, then you only have the vertical sensors. If you really want to change, then I would probably go for the 1V. But the EOS 3 for wedding should do the job I think even if I never tried this one.

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