It's time to say goodby.

Discussion in 'Seeking Critique' started by pavel_l., May 14, 2020.

  1. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. I'm almost afraid to comment, because there seems to be a joke here, but I'm totally missing it. All I see is a sharp, in-focus picture of a clock and an sharp picture of an out-of-focus picture of a waving hand. Without the title, I wouldn't see any point at all. It's stark and somewhat puzzling. Anyway, I'm guessing that I'm missing an obvious pun, so I'll be watching to see how big a fool I am. ;-)
  3. This is right out of The Far Side. If you don't find those cartoons bizarrely comic, no amount of explanation will suffice. That's the whole thing about a visual non sequitur, it neatly side steps the rational mind. Tick-tock and bye-bye.
  4. I see more Man Ray than Far Side.


    Pavel, do you know the origin of the sculpture in your photo?

    Maybe 'hand' is a little obvious with clock?
    Could the point be the counterpoint?
  5. Thank you dcstep.
    Of course, you can see it as a joke/caricature, there is no restrictions. I considering the name of this thread as a title.
    p.s.: This is not a contest, no judging of replies

    Thank you Jack.
    I try to add a drop of meaning when capturing moving object.

    Thank you Sam.
    I should admit that I was inspired by work of the Man Ray you've mentioned.
    I did not draw this interesting parallel between the sharp/still clock hand and the moving photo of my hand as representation of it. I like your "angle".
  6. I like this. In the photo, time seems to stop while motion continues elsewhere.
    The shadows provide additional dimension & depth. Can't tell if it's an illusion or not but everything appears to be ever so slightly off kilter.
  7. Thank you Ricochetrider.
    The light was a reflection of sun off the hardwood floor.
  8. Given my penchant for abstract images, I found myself gazing at this one for quite a while. Well done, Pavel.
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  9. I've loved Far Side for decades.
  10. Thank you Michael.
    I glad you find it interesting.

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