It's Official Kodak PLUS X is History

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by alex_carrillo, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. I work at a camera store in San Francisco, and I heard yesterday that Kodak has NOW Officially DISCONTINUED
    Plus X 125. I have 30 rolls of 35mm in Stock, and when that is sold it will be gone.
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    Saw this on the 1st of November
  3. Did you also see Elitechrome 100 is also discontinued? Also Nov 1st I believe.
  4. I've never used it and my initial thought is to buy a few rolls before it goes but could someone please tell me how it compares in terms of looks to other films of similar speed such as Tmax 100, Acros or Delta 100?
  5. Well those are T grain films. Think of it as a Tri-X with less grain,Speed and more traditional look. It had a look that was it's own.... Closest I can think of is A finer grained FP4+ with a cream look.
  6. It may be official now but it has been know for quite some time.
    There was also an older thread on APUG but I did not look for it.
    It is kind of sad that they took so long to announce it when they knew that they were going to do that.
    I also thought it was kind of funny (not haha funny) that they did not list Tmax as a direct replacement for it but state that it might be a reasonable alternative.
    I think those looking for a good replacement for it will probably like Foma/Arista.EDU Ultra 100 or Ilford's FP4+.
  7. Replacement? Well I would say Eastman 5222 in Xtol.. :) Also you can grab a little more speed. Kodak refuses to roll up the 5222 for the non bulk loading folks....
  8. SCL


    No great surprises here. I bought a bulk roll a year or so ago and put it in the freezer for future use. My local shops haven't had individual rolls available for at least 6 months. This was the first 35mm film I learned to shoot and process after graduating from Verichrome Pan as a kid over half a century ago. Tri-x was more expensive in the day, so I had to wait a while before learning how to take advantage of its unique characteristics. Pretty sad, IMHO, but these days most people shoot in color (and digital) so I sort of knew the direction things were going. With EK's financial difficulties it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that there would be increasing attrition among their older emulsions (sob...I still miss Kodachrome).
  9. Kodak said to use Elitechrome100 for Kodachrome 64 as a replacement then cut it... the same day as Plus-X. LOL I have to laugh.. George is rolling over in his grave. Sigh.
  10. So Larry, where are we now? Ilford is still available, Fuji Acros, TMAX. Yes, no, maybe... not sure what to do. I guess as long as I can get film period I'll be happy. How about chemicals? Geeez I'm getting confused.
  11. LOL Do what you like with what is lef. remember I am the guy who tried urine as a developer.... I used to use Plus-X in diluted Dektol at times.. We will always have B&W film by someone.. the thing is we just cant put it in a bath. No even if we have only things from the rug store or the grocery store We can develop film.. If they quit making it I too quit. The thing is
    Fp4+ is a great film. It can never be made to look like Plus-X All the Kodachrome fakes prove that. But as with any film if yoy can tame it and make it your own then you are on the right road.
  12. Well, that's my main film FP4+ in HC110, I think I want to get another setup going. Maybe TMAX in something, not sure what yet. That way I'm buying an Ilford film and a Kodak film to boost sales, hehehehe.
  13. Re: Kodachrome, a tribute. :)
  14. Dave Change to Xtol... :) I use HC-110 and Z and Rodinal... I have to say situations and feeling decides. ... Remember I am am the strange guy here ... Z is Whatever I feel like using..... Caffeinol is good. Urine is not. ):
  15. If you drink as much coffee as some of us do, there may not be much difference between Caffeinol and Urinol. :)
    I just use D-76.
  16. Larry, I will try the Xtol. I have used Rodinal some, my good friend who was a black and white "super guru" got me to use it and it worked great. There was another I liked, Ethol Blue? that was very smooth with TMAX, brought out nice tonal ranges etc. I don't think that exists anymore. I will openly admit that I have no mind when it comes to film and developing. I read Adams, Schaeffer and Weston and listen to Larry hahahaha. They're all always right.
  17. I saw it coming. When the last few rolls (over nearly a year) had the same emulsion numbers and expiry dates (even from different vendors) I was suspicious. Even the Arista Premium had the same emulsion number and expiration (0711 # and 7/2012). Glad I stocked up.
    Before Tri-X became as fine-grained as it is today, Plus-X was often the general purpose film that many reached for. Back in the 50's (after Plus-X was improved from ISO 50 to 80) many even used it for available light. After safety factor was reduced it was ISO 160 (eventually ISO 125). Under flat lighting many users often went as high as E.I. 320.
    My favorite developer for Plus-X is HC110 dilution B.
  18. I didn't see anything coming, but I wasn't looking either. I've been using Plus X exclusively for the last few months along with HC110 dilution H....thanks to Larry, Mike, Et Al. who had recommended it way back in the B&W archives. I like Plus X a lot, and I'm more than a little disappointed. Guess I'll order a few rolls, then switch to something else when it runs out....
    I hit the 'Edit' button just in time: On second thought....I might just switch completely over to Ilford products purely out of frustration. I've been using Kodak films for two good reasons: I like the products and it's a US company. But, I don't think Ilford cancels their major product lines. So this leaves film photographers with a choice of TMax and....Tmax from Kodak. That's ridiculous
  19. Well, the Elite Chrome 100 discontinuance is really a price increase. Now you have to pay $2 a roll more for the same film as Ektachrome Professional E100G, but it has the advantage of being cold-shipped.
    The Plus-X demise was no surprise to me.
    Ilford has the advantage over Kodak of having already been through bankruptcy. Kodak (like GM did until their bankruptcy) has huge "defined benefit" pension liabilities, which don't work financially when your primary market is shrinking. Kodak and GM are are both old oligopolists and/or monopolists, who could once set their product prices to cover generous labor wage and benefit settlements to avoid strikes. Kodak also has very high property tax rates to contend with in Rochester, even a half-idle factory is a huge cost due to those taxes.
  20. Where Plus-X really shone was in 4x5. I shot literally thousands of 4x5 Plus-X images in film packs (not the best way, but a lot quicker in the field). Later, had to switch to a much improved Tri-X. Then gradually the film packs went the way of all human things, "saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity"
    The left over Plus-X pack below would best be used before January, 1973. The Tri-X is much fresher, it should ideally be used before June, 1990.
    But Panatomic-X - there was a film in 4x5 format!
  21. This film is about to become short lived - as is ALL Kodak materials. Now this does not mean that B&W film and processing will become a thing of the past - but it does mean that this company has made some very very porry decisions with this portion of their company. Expect Kodak (as strange as it might seem) to be completely gone from traditional photographic film and processing within a year.
  22. Jim I pray you are wrong but if you are right I have a backup plan.
    about 2 Kilometers of PolypanF in the freezer and 10 liters of generic Xtol all in the packages.
  23. E. Short says:
    But, I don't think Ilford cancels their major product lines.​
    This is because ILFORD is a B&W photography supplies industry. B&W film is not just a sideline, and never has been. Kodak got so big, growing as a multifaceted company, it's a simple accounting decision to axe a product, especially one that is not a an integral component of the new direction. When you sweep the cursor over this page, it's a wonder they still bother with film at all.
    And for us it comes down to Use it or lose it.
    I certainly pays to stock up on a favourite film product these days, but then keep recycling the store with new fresh stock, and keep it moving. In addition, be mindful and familiar with alternatives.
  24. 2km of Polypan F: ouch! - "Slowest Holga film ever!" (to text for once like Stephen Gandy).
    I prefer hoarding Acros-by-Freestyle... now that's a film! Creamier than PanFplus (mind you!) at 50. Almost as much latitude at 100 as Plus-X (no other film of 100 class even close), weirdly attractive at 400 (if you previsualize in that direction). Oh, sharp as hell, too!
    I 'discovered' a very potent remedy against whining (both psychologically and economically): buying in bulk and shooting a lot.
    Cheers, Pete
  25. Ok I also have a few hundred feet of the Legacy Pro 100 and 400 too. Every day is different so everyday I decide what film to use. :)
  26. The only Kodak product I'll be truly heartbroken over losing is TMY-2. I haven't relied on packaged chemicals in many moons, and don't miss them at all.
  27. So in the freezer today I pulled out a roll of Plus-X just because I have some to use. Old times sake I figure.
  28. "The only Kodak product I'll be truly heartbroken over losing is TMY-2."​
    TMX here. But I'll confess to having a weakness for drama queens, and TMX is the drama queen of b&w films. Nothing else looks like it and it's not afraid to tell you so. I'm gonna stock up on 35mm and 120.
  29. Lex:
    TMX is the drama queen of b&w films. Nothing else looks like it and it's not afraid to tell you so.​
    I would really love to see what you are referring to in it's "drama queen" character. I'm not doubting you, but am intrigued by the metaphor.
    I once had a real "drama queen" of a girlfriend. With a smile I'm trying think of anything about her personality that could be likened to the performance of TMX. Hmm .. on a bad day, T.Rex, yes :)
  30. LOL Ohh I read between too many lines..... I just got the first joke..... A little faster but not as refined.. A little sharper but not as usable.. :)
  31. well,i have about 300 or 400 feet of plus x rebadged as arista in the freezer, another 300 feet of fuji also rebadged as arista, and i dunno how much tri-x rebadged as arista, so I'm good for a while. I also have a darkroom dataguide so I can make D-76 out of raw chemicals if push comes to shove, but I doubt that will be for a while yet.
    I AM glad to see that Ilford is holding firm. Kodak's problems may take it down, but film will not die for a little while yet.
  32. IMHO, Ilford has surpassed Kodak in film and paper for years. 4x5 Delta 100 is my mainstay film developed in DiXactol (not Ultra).
    When Kodak did away with Panatomic X, the old Tri-X, Super-XX, and Ektapan (which is superb with Pyro), then ditched their paper, some of which was superb, I knew they were out of the game.

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