It's a New York thing!

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  1. more random NYC images
    Coney Island

    Little Italy

    4th Street, LES

    Sixth Street Specials

    welcome to NYC where we're tolerant of your religion but will judge you by your shoes (once seen on a billboard in The City

    Manhattan Bridge

    Obligatory subway platform pic

    ground zero 9/11 memorial

    Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bowl's Splittin Lanes & Dodgin gutters MC show

    A view no longer possible; a new and massive building has gone up, blocking this look at the Empire State Building


  2. Shot on what?
  3. if you are referring to my shots, the post directly above yours is a mix of film & digital- recents all film, digital from past years. I would guess without looking back that all my NYC street shots are much the same- as I've been hanging out or working in the city for many years. More recent digital pix would also perhaps have been shot with a phone (although none of the immediate above were)?

    I notice you don't post many -if any- photos tho. Why not share some of your work?
  4. I don't post, so I don't critique. Easy.
  5. Yet you do put considerable effort into posting, you're all over the place on Just an observation.
    Curious is all, I mean if "easy" is your optimal or targeted participation level, your constant posts appear to override that benchmark by a long shot.

    As much energy as you put into it all, why wouldn't you post some of your work?
  6. I'll try again. No critiques=no image posts. Hypocritical? Hardly. Energy? You're joking, surely. Find a new chew toy.
  7. Chew toy? You give yourself too much credit.
    Straight to attack mode in 2 posts, tho. Consistent, if nothing else.
    See you around, have a lovely day.
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  8. All true, with one addition. When you manage to get Rico to call you out, you’ve probably outdone yourself. Even I’ve been able to avoid that! :)
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