It Seems Philosophical & Oh So Photographical

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by wonner, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. The subject of this thread is a video of and perhaps by the photographer Platon.
    I can never remember any video or other type of media having such a profound effect on me as a photographer.
    It is 45 minutes long, so buckle up, find a quiet spot, and enjoy the ride. Best viewed on a large screen if you have one.

    If you find it worthy of further discussion, we can proceed as you like.


    Here is the YouTube link:
  2. Inspiring! I really enjoyed watching this - thanks for sharing!

    I looked up Platon's website and this interview made a huge impression on me too.
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  3. Very inspirational. Meaning and simplicity. I didn't recognize his name but certainly have seen his photographs. The essay about him was done very well.

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