issues with batch processing in digital photo professional its converting color photos to black and white

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by susannah_masarie, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. I am having trouble with batch processing in digital photo professional version 3.12.52 the camera I shoot with is a Canon D Mark iii. I am wanting to convert raw files to tiff files. When it is batch converting the files it is making them black and white but it says the images are rgb. The conversions are also poorly exposed black and white images while the original raw files are in color with good exposure. I can't figure out why it is doing this or how to change it. Does anyone know why this might be happening or how to fix the issue?
  2. Check your preferences.
  3. What should i be looking for in the preferences? I don't see anything in the program preferences or any of the menus in the program that I think would cause the images to convert to black and white.
    Also another thing that is odd about digital photo professional related to my issue is I always shoot jpeg and raw. I shot one series of photos as black and white jpegs but the raw files should still be in color. Those raw files are in color if you look at them on the computer but when viewed in digital photo professional they are black and white.
  4. I can't offer specific help on this software. However in the example, the people are heavily underexposed, probably because the metering has taken too much account of the large area of bright sky. Also it isn't actually black and white, there is limited colour in it.
  5. The software is creating the problem it's not working as it should and I don't know why it was originally a color image and I want to make it a color tiff file and the software is creating the drastic underexposure and black and white appearance the original image needs a little exposure work but it was not this underexposed.
  6. I figured it out it turns out that I thought I had the current version of digital photo professional on my computer but I had an outdated version. I found a newer version online, I downloaded it and it is processing the files as it should. Thank you for the suggestions.

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