Issue Nikon Capture NX2 - Auto Retouch Brush Mapping Inaccuracies

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  1. Hello, I am having issue with Nikon Capture Auto Retouch brush. I using a quad core 2.3 ghz processor and 8 GB RAM and 500MB dedicated graphics card, running 64bit Vista Home Premium and Nikon Capture NX2 version 2.3.2 (the latest).

    There seems to be a malfunction in the software. It occurs about 20-30 minutes into an extensive spotting session on large Nikon 9000 scan (550MB image + 600MB Cache) : where by spotting of large expanse of uniform tone results in blotchy areas in the saved file, although a perfectly smooth blothless portrayal of all previous spotting effort will show up temporarily for about 1 second on monitor) - the image then shifts to this blotchy rendition of all previous spotting effort.
    Unfortunately this blothchey version is what the program saves in NEF and/ or JPEG. It won't save the temporarily good/accurate image of all previous spotting effort.

    I suspect its due to huge cache size issue and/or mapping issues of the program trying to keep track of hundreds of spot removal processes of such a large file??
    (I usually use ICE dust removal in Nikon scan and haven't used such extensive spotting in past). So using ICE next time is immediate work around, nevertheless I like my $300 Nikon software to work correctly.

    It is not an issue of my spotting technique - let's not waste time there - but an issue in the software.
    Anyone else have this issue, figured out a fix or setting adjustment to solve similar problem?
  2. And here is blotchy version that Capture NX2 actually saves:
  3. Did you clean the cache, and set a larger amount of hard disk space for the cache in the CNX2 preferences?
    And on a side note, if you wan't people to help, a remark like "It is not an issue of my spotting technique - let's not waste time there" is not going to do much good. There is absolutely no joy in helping people who think they can't be wrong.
  4. FWIW, in PS5, I can induce artifacts very similar to the ones you show by repeatedly using the patch tool on partially overlapping selections in relatively featureless areas like this sky. I realize, of course, that this is a completely different tool in a completely different program.
    I don't tend to save these sorts of things, so if I get a chance, I'll generate some artifacts from the PS patch tool and post them. My theory (although I've done absolutely nothing to validate it) has been that the patch tool is picking up and exaggerating tiny variations in relatively smooth areas. Perhaps something similar is happening with the NX2 tool?
    Tom M
  5. Thank you Wouter and Tom for your contributions. I'll see what I can figure out. I hope Nikon continues to improve Capture NX2. It does some really nice things.
  6. It is great for smaller jobs but it does have its limitations as you have found out.

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